Going to the Vietnam Grand Prix at Hanoi

Going to the 2020 Vietnam Grand Prix at Hanoi

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    We’ve got a new round on the world championship schedule!

    Hanoi has been added to the 2020 F1 calendar and will hold its first grand prix in April.

    Will you be going? Let us know here and find out if any other RaceFans are heading to Hanoi.

    Martyn Massop

    Yep! I’m planning on going. Have booked flights and accomodation in Hanoi already. Where are people thinking of sitting? I’m thinking turn 7-8.


    I am thinking of going to this race. I was hoping that either F2 or F3 would be one of the support races. They usually back the supports heavy for new races, bit of a missed opportunity. Would have come down to costs etc, which I understand.

    Has anyone heard any information or rumours around which categories will be supporting the race?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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