Four-car teams from 2016

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    GP3 will allow four-car teams from next year. However the total number of teams will fall from eight to seven next year, with Carlin and Status departing as DAMS arrive.

    It appears only one of the teams will run four cars, as a press release from GP3 today said there will be a maximum of 22 cars next year in 2016:

    Following a request from the teams, GP3 Series organisers have decided to allow them to line up a maximum of four cars per squad instead of the three that is currently authorised. Therefore, the 2016 GP3 grid will be made of a maximum 22 cars. The new GP3/16 car will be delivered early next year to the teams given an entry for the next three year cycle.

    GP3 Series CEO Bruno Michel said, “I am pleased to announce that our GP3 teams will be allowed to line up a fourth car next season: it is something that has been discussed between us and the teams this year and I feel that it will give them an even stronger financial base for the season to come.”

    The following teams have received an entry for the 2016-18 GP3 Series

    Arden International
    ART Grand Prix
    Campos Racing
    Jenzer Motorsport
    Koiranen GP

    Bradley Downton

    @keithcollantine – No prizes for guessing which teAm it is running fouR cars. To me iT seems pretty obvious.

    Iestyn Davies

    Interesting, I guess it shows what happens when team numbers and consequently driver numbers decline. I’m surprised they capped it at 22; 24 makes more sense, allowing DAMS or another team to run an extra driver, but most likely only ART wishes to.

    It’s probably better to have a full grid at all times, rather than entries showing up some weeks and not others, e.g. FR3.5 2015, although that’s arguably an easier option for teams struggling to enter.

    PS. I wonder if Kirchhoefer will be in that seat, if he can’t advance to GP2. He’s in danger of becoming the Rosenqvist of GP3!


    PaddockScout said that

    The additional permitted entry per outfit, which the series said follows a request from the teams themselves, will now mean up to 28 cars could be fielded.

    So 28 drivers is good for c’ship. Moreover, I wanna do a silly season now, but we have 2 events left.

    Iestyn Davies

    Fair enough, 8×3 would be preferable, but they’ve been pragmatic and allowed 7×4. Considering the strength and momentum of FIA F3, GP3 must be riskier for new teams to join.

    An extra seat for all teams will also give a possible outlet for any progressing FIA F3 pay drivers, if they bring in a car limit for 2016.


    The GP3 official press release now also says 28 cars is the maximum. Must’ve been a typo.

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