2014 Grand Prix of Long Beach

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    That was shaping up to be am interesting race but was spoiled by some silliness and, I’m sorry to say, weak stewarding calls.

    Power took Pagenaud out with a speculative lunge which wasn’t even a half-move and should’ve been penalised. Then Hunter-Reay did the same to Newgarden.

    It’s disappointing because that means the highlights video turns into a crash feel on a day when there was some really good racing.


    I was confused by the non-call on Power. Unfortunately RHR’s mistake collected cars behind them due to the nature of turns 4 and 5 (low visibility, barriers all the way round). Though Sato seemed make zero effort to avoid the wreck… I think he’s going to be out of a seat next year if he continues to produce poor results.

    R.J. O’Connell

    Death, taxes, questionable stewarding at IndyCar.

    Good result for Mike Conway. He could be a bonafide title contender if he hadn’t sworn off ovals.


    Some great onboard footage from the race:


    Montoya looked a lot better in traffic this time. Plenty of action through the field despite the tight track, especially on the first lap.


    I’m just watching the race and was just about to write my humble opinion on Hunter-Reay’s move on Newgarden and what must have been some ridiculously sluggish flag marshalling that enabled the field the halve itself, but I mostly just wanted to emphasize the latter point, otherwise I’m completely with Keith’s #256852 post.


    I don’t know about Sato, but Kanaan was aware of the local yellow condition but still put himself out. By the way, 5 cars retired (Hunter-Reay, Newgarden, Hinchcliffe, Kanaan, Sato) and 1 lost a few laps in the pits (Hawksworth). 23 started the race. More like one-quarter.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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