The new DW12 IndyCar in team liveries

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    Here’s our first look at the new-shape IndyCar in some of the teams’ liveries. It is a weird-looking beast:

    2012 IndyCar Sebring Testing


    Am I right in thinking there’s a different chassis / design for the ovals?


    I like. Except for the National Guard livery, too much orange.


    Very odd looking indeed. Mind you so was the last generation Dallara and thet grew on me…so let’s wait and see.

    Fer no.65

    It’s very weird. Without those bits on the sidepod, it’d look better!

    But I guess it’s only time before we get used to it. Like @geemac says, the old Dallara was weird too, and it looked normal as years went by. Same with the post-2009 F1 cars


    @fer-no65 I still think the post-2009 F1 cars look terrible. And I fear with the new nose regulations this year they’re going to be worse.


    Yeh, the new nose regulations look absolutely appauling. All chassis must sport a ‘broken nose’ look :(

    I actually thought the 2009 F1 cars had it right (as far as modern day F1 chassis go…).

    Now, on to Indy Car. Afterall, that’s what the topic’s about, I suppose!

    I actually like these. I know i’m pretty much alone on that one as they’ve already received alot of criticism, but I quite like them!

    Fer no.65

    @keithcollantine I don’t mind now, I think the 2009 cars looked horrible, but after that it grew on me. The F10 was really pretty…

    After reading Scarbs’ post about the new regulations, I guess you’re right, the 2012 cars will be worse!!


    The rear looks really bulky with that bodywork in front of the rear tyres (even more so when you compare current coke-bottle shape F1 rear ends). But the front does looks nice and real race car. From the front it looks miles better than the last Dallarra.

    The Penske livery breaks up the proportions nicely, the National Guard one looks OK from the side but its too many different patches. Lotus should put more contrast in, this looks like a bulky undertakers car (guess its the tar from the J&P’s).

    As for the 2012 F1 cars, I am afraid it will do nothing to improve their looks.


    Looks like it’s getting quicker too:

    A two-day wind tunnel test last week proved that the Dallara DW12 chassis is now up to the task on ovals, according to IndyCar vice president of technology Will Phillips.


    It’s growing on me, but I agree that the bits coming out of the side pod in front of the rear tires look too cartoony for my tastes. If they flattened that bit, I think it’d be a pretty mean looking car.


    i really like the lotus!


    I like that the rear wing is high and wide (makes it look less stupid than F1’s narrow wings)- shame it looks like a plow though. If it has to look like that around the rear, then I suppose it’s about as good as we could hope for, and I do like the nose.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 67 total)
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