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    Cannot wait for the Daytona 500, if the Budweiser Shootout was anything to go by, the 500 should be a great race. The Cup Series is on Premier Sports (subscription required).

    Before the 500 are both Gatorade Duals tomorrow, and the Nationwide race on Saturday – televised live on Motors TV.

    Kyle Busch was epic in the Shooutout last Saturday, the tank slappers he saved was super driving.


    Hopefully Jeff Gordon can win this one. Fingers crossed he gets his 5th championship this year.


    uggghhh typical. I really wanted to watch it again this year but made the stupid error of trying to improve my love life and taking a lady bowling at the time this all starts.

    Im not a NASCAR fan, but it can be entertaining stuff and I did enjoy last years ‘500, and along with the Indy 500 & Le Man 24hrs, one of those races outside of F1 that I try to watch.


    Yeah I might have this on in the background this weekend. I’m recording this weekend and it can be a little slow, so this will hopefully provide me with some entertainment


    Wow, Montoya’s suspension (possibly?) just broke and turned him straight into one of the jet dryer trucks while under caution. Huge ensuing fire. Never seen that before. Thankfully both he and the driver of the truck appear to be ok.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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