Video: Crazy 1951 Langhorne crash

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    I came across this crazy video of a pre-NASCAR stock car racing crash at Langhorne in 1951. It’s a good example of why we should be grateful for pretty much every safety innovation which has been made in the past six decades, not least the Safety Car…

    Astonishingly no one was killed although there were quite a few injuries.


    Small nitpick: NASCAR was formed in 1948, so this wasn’t pre-NASCAR. Unless you mean before NASCAR had sanctioned this specific race?


    @joey-poey What I meant was this wasn’t a NASCAR race.


    *Jannis’ voice from Friends: “OH…MY…GOD!” *

    Seriously, there’s even a line of FIRE all cars drive through it. There’s no single warning flag, the driver’s have absolutely run-off to escape, and the only thing that can save them is a do-or-die manouver across the track. The spectators are litterally next to the track, with only a small, probably plastic fench “protecting” them. Look at 00:01. The car which crashes on the left climbs a ledge no more than half a meter tall.

    This is.. nuts. Simply nuts. Have no reason not to belive that no one was hurt if Keith says so, but there was definetely some Angels there guarding the drivers, marshalls (if there were any, btw) and the spectators.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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