UK Strikes 30th November

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    Hi All,

    I’ll fire in my response/opinion later, but I was just wondering what everyone’s opinions/views/feelings are on the strikes which occurred today in the UK in protest against reforms/changes to pensions?

    It would be interesting to get opinions from others on this matter, from other countries.

    Furthermore, feel free to expand onto general social/economic/political views (within reason).


    Does utter disinterest count? Just some *$£&^ looking after their own bank balance at everyone else’s expense.


    To be honest, I’m not sure what it’s about, something to do with pensions I think. I’m just an ignorant college student who is just happy to have the day off. Sorry, but politics is like a drug which sends me to sleep.


    Well I generally don’t like politics and I don’t know much about the social reforms in the UK so I cannot involve myself in advanced discussions. All I can say is a couple of things – 1) There are a lot of countries in the EU let alone Europe or the rest of the world where people need to work more to get smaller salaries and pensions than the UK citizens. 2) Strikes generally ain’t a good thing for the economy as they don’t add any value to it. Almost no country is isolated in the world today, all of them compete with each other and a lot of striking makes a country less competitive.

    I cannot judge whether the reforms to pensions in the UK are socially justified but similar reforms now inevitably need to be made in the whole Western world as the current systems are not sustainable anymore, productivity is often not good enough to cover spending and both private and public debts have become too large, too. All these things should certainly be taken into account when judging protests against any reforms made by governments.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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