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WRC in radical power stage decider proposal

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    Fer no.65

    World Rally Championship officials will meet later this month to discuss plans to change the way events at the highest level are won, including a proposal that the power stage should decide the outright results.

    WRC manager Michele Mouton stressed that no decisions had been taken and that there were numerous options on the table.

    The most eye-catching is the possibility of the power stage becoming a position-deciding shoot-out.

    Ummmmm… this doesn’t sound right !

    When motorsport starts to mess up with the way the races are decided…


    That doesn’t make any sense at all.


    Do they mean using a power stage to decide the order for subsequent stages?


    Sounds like one of those intentionally terrible ideas designed to make another less palatable idea seem more reasonable.


    WRC lowering the sport’s quality to make it more appealing for live broadcasting – sounds familiar … *cough F1 *cough

    Fer no.65

    It’s so sad to see rallying going so wrong after years and years of excellence.


    I can’t be believe this. Why don’t they just turn it into demolition derby?

    Pre 2005 it used to be 2nd most important motorsport championship after F1 and look at it now. But the real question is why is FIA trading proper racing in favour of MTV style rubbish entertainment (most recent example – WEC qualifying nonsense that all of the teams instaltly hated).

    R.J. O’Connell

    Curious to read David Evans’ article arguing in favor of this proposal but, lolAutosport paywall.

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