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    The Imperial March intensifies..


    Sean & Antonio have a nearly same KFC livery despite in the different teams..


    What a shame..


    That typo..

    BTW, to make it even better (from

    The Japanese manufacturer alerted employees via e-mail Tuesday morning the Indianapolis-based front-engine GT-R LM NISMO P1 hybrid program has been shuttered. Most employees were on holiday at the time, and according to one team source, those attempting to enter the building found access codes had changed and were locked out.

    Program leaders Ben Bowlby and Chris Mower were then tasked with calling each employee directly as many, according to a source, were not monitoring work email and learned about their firings via the Internet.


    Well, FF is only works in rally & touring car series.
    I wonder if this is related with Renault returns to F1..?


    Oh look, Jaguar Petronas FE Team..xD


    But in VW’s case, Polo WRC isn’t available for the privateers, so when they pull the plug, many of the Polos would be in museum.

    And I wouldn’t mind if Citroen still supporting the privateers.


    I was watching The Day documentary about that race and it was epic. I’ve a plan to download the full race.
    It should have the film version like Rush.

    PS: Alan was killed before Food City 500 (Bristol), while Davey was killed at Talladega (watching the test).
    Even better, in 1993 Hooters 500, Rusty Wallace & Dale Sr were doing Polish victory lap for them.


    Dang, the races are so good.


    How about Manor JB03B/04..?


    How about a parade lap with his MR03 & his uncle’s 1968 GT40 at Spa..?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)