Lotus 100T (1988) pictures

Lotus acquired the services of world champion Nelson Piquet for 1988.

But despite having the same engines as world champions McLaren, they failed to win a single race. Honda ceased supplying the team at the end of the year.

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4 comments on “Lotus 100T (1988) pictures”

  1. A beautiful looking car (IMO at least) and with Honda power should have been at least ‘best of the rest’ behind the McLarens. But with Satoru Nakajima not being a top rated driver, Nelson Piquet never been quite right after his Imola crash in 1987, and a chassis that was quoted by Nigel Roebuck as being like jelly on springs, they were never really in the hunt……

    Until a certain J.Y. Stewart test drove the car at Snetterton for an article and identified its problems. Lotus apparently took his advice and come the final race of 1988 in Australia, Piquet finally had a car he didn’t mind driving.

  2. l was one of satorus’ mechanics that year

    1. I’m sorry for you mate.

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  3. Nakajima … the Kamakizie .. the most useless man to get an F1 drive

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