McLaren MP4-29 (2014) pictures

Kevin Magnussen, McLaren, Bahrain, 2014

The McLaren MP4-29 was revealed to the world on January 24th 2014, five days before its first run in testing at Jerez. It was due to be the team’s last Mercedes-engined car before its switch to Honda power in 2015.

The design of the car’s rear suspension immediately became a focus of attention. A change in the regulations had forced teams to remove the lower beam from their rear wings which served to increase the power of the diffuser beneath. The shape of McLaren’s suspension indicated they were using it to recover some of the downforce-generating effect of that wing.

The new car failed to emerge from the garage on the first day of testing at Jerez, but the team quickly racked up mileage once they had it running.

3 comments on “McLaren MP4-29 (2014) pictures”

  1. McLaren changed the right rear of their new mystery wishbone on day 4 of the Bahrain test. The left side still had the two bulges seen since Jerez. However, the right side had 2 rows of 4 “hockey pucks” that gently descend in size from by the rear crash structure toward the rear-wing end-plate. Hmmm……..any ideas?

    ps…..the one photo I’ve seen is at: Planet F1, Bahrain Test, Day 4 photos.

    1. Or is it a trick of the light???

    2. Have seen another image. It actually appears to be a trick of the light!!!

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