1 World Drivers’ Championship – All drivers

World Drivers' Championship - All drivers

Nigel Mansell won by a country mile – but it was his domination of team-mate Patrese that was most impressive. Mansell won nine Grands Prix – a new record at the time – to the Italian’s one.

2 World Drivers’ Championship – Battle for the title

World Drivers' Championship - Battle for the title

Ayrton Senna had little hope of defending his title against the superior Williamses – and even lost third in the championship at the final round to Michael Schumacher.

3 World Drivers’ Championship – Points systems 1981-present

World Drivers' Championship - Points systems 1981-present

Michael Schumacher’s first season was so impressive that, had the 2003-specification points system been used that year, he would have tied for second with Patrese.

4 World Constructors’ Championships – All constructors

World Constructors' Championships - All constructors

Williams, McLaren and Benetton dominated the constructors’ championship, making it very difficult for other teams to break into the six points-scoring positions.

5 World Constructors’ Championships – Battle for the title

World Constructors' Championships - Battle for the title

Although Williams’ dominance of the constructors’ title was never threatened, McLaren abd Benetton fought tooth and nail for runner-up.

6 Drivers’ Average Start Positions

Drivers' Average Start Positions

Giovanna Amati (Brabham) and Perry McCarthy (Andrea Moda) never qualified once all season long. Somehow, Roberto Moreno managed to drag the hopeless Andrea Moda (ex-Coloni) chassis onto the starting grid at Monaco.

7 Drivers’ Top 3 Qualifying Positions

Drivers' Top 3 Qualifying Positions

Senna, despite a considerable car disadvantage, started more races from the top thee than Patrese did. Mansell was only off the front row of the grid in Canada.

8 Drivers’ Average Position Changes and Participations

Drivers' Average Position Changes and Participations

Mansell, Senna and Patrese’s very high average starting positions force their ‘positions gained’ average into negative figures – reflecting the lack of overtaking in what was quite a dull season.

9 Drivers’ Points per Round and per Finish

Drivers' Points per Round and per Finish

Michael Schumacher’s extremely consistent points-scoring was a feature of his championship campaigns right from the beginning of his career.

10 Drivers’ DNFs (totals)

Drivers' DNFs (totals)

With a smaller field than in the three previous seasons, but still more drivers than there were slots on the grid at most races, 1992 saw fewer DNFs due to failure to qualify (or pre-qualify).

11 Drivers’ DNFs (by driver)

Drivers' DNFs (by driver)

In their final season the Brabham team had become so uncompetitive that their drivers (Giovanna Amati, Eric van de Poele, Damon Hill) regularly failed to qualify. Even champion Mansell was not immune to car failure and twice ground to a halt with mechanical problems – as well as being stymied by engine problems in Belgium, where he nonetheless finished second.

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