Indianapolis to axe banking from F1 circuit?

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Changes to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road circuit to make it suitable for Moto GP could see the removal of the famous banked final turn.

The Speedway has proposed changes to the latter part of the road track, currently only used by Formula One for racing, so that motorbike racers would not have to negotiate the banked turn at speed.

According to a report on Speed TV’s website, this would also be used for F1.

The corner was at the centre of controversy in 2005 when it emerged that F1 cars on Michelin tyres could not negotiate it safely. But the fine sight of seeing F1 cars on the world-famous banked curve, coupled with the opportunities for racing the long, flat-out section provides, makes it one of the highlights of the F1 calendar.

If it were lost, and the entire circuit became as slow and twisty as its notoriously flat and unimaginative infield, would the resulting track be fit to carry the historic name of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

The F1 race is already under threat following the 2005 debacle and Ferrari’s ‘dead heat’ farce in 2002. Owner Tony George only negotiated a one-year contract extension with Bernie Ecclestone last year.

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  1. it would be a joke!

  2. Give us back Long Beach!

  3. agreed
    the 70’s-80’s version

  4. I don’t see the point of flattening the banking, just so motorbikes can ride the final turn. The AMA superbikes run the daytona banking, so I don’t see why they should flatten the Indy banking.

  5. i could design somthing better than that!

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