The Hamilton hype-ometer strikes back

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Lewis Hamilton has been welcomed to the world of Papperazi scum squatting by his front door and rubbish nicknames for him in the tabloid papers.

What’s next? Well, his friends, family and partner (if applicable – I honestly couldn’t give a damn) will be hounded for any titbit of gossip about him. Just look at the trash that was written about his team mate this week.

With the rookie sensation leading the world championship after his fourth race the media machine has ramped up a gear. Here’s just a selection of the gushing quotes from the last two days:

“Lewis Hamilton gave pal Fernando Alonso a lesson in his own Spanish backyard – then saw his team mate blow his top” The Sun
“Lewis Hamilton has been dubbed ‘Tiger of the Track'” Daily Mail
“Second to none” Daily Mail (where did he finish? – ed.)
“It is all developing nicely for Hamilton” Daily Express
“You will rewrite history” Daily Mirror
“Genius” The Sun
“Lewis soars, Alonso’s sore” Daily Mirror
“King of Spain” The Sun
“Massa hot stuff but Lewis tops the world” Daily Star

I’d like to say that, given how meagre much of the F1 coverage in the newspapers was last year (particularly the tabloids), that it’s great to see the sport finally getting more column space.

But are really they covering the sport, or just The Lewis Hamilton show? The Hamilton hype-ometer has reached a new high…

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2 comments on “The Hamilton hype-ometer strikes back”

  1. Hamilton hype ….. good for F1?
    I’m as hardcore as they come and this guy (or more correctly the hype around him) is driving me to NASCAR! He’s a good driver, I’m not disputing that but he’s getting a boost from the rejuvenated McLaren, a boost few other rookies ever had. I’d like to see him in a Spyker or STR and see if he can earn a point, or replace Webber and see if he can put a Red Bull on the podium. Frankly I’m so sick of him I rarely read any story with his name in the title, although in this case I am giving my friend Keith the benefit for bringing the hype issue to the fore. Another thing that drives me mad……all the stinking kids that are infiltrating F1 and now Williams is fooling with a 14 year old …… gimme a break, this in NOT F1, not as it should be. I don’t pay a ticket price to see “kids in training”
    Just because daddy was a race driver doesn’t mean little tike is going to be also. Awww, gees, don’t get me started! I want Schumacher and Montoya back, some drivers that never made the top of the list ….. Pizzonia or Alan McNish …… or some ancient ones that ADDED to the sport like Irvine or even Villeneuve (excuse me for that!). You can dislike any of these names but they are still better than what’s coming!

  2. All the hype is no major surprise. It’s why he’ll end up living abroad.
    I wonder what the papers will do when he wins a race. The British Grand Prix will be a major media frenzy this year.

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