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Silverstone 2007, Hamilton & marshalA final set of my pictures from the British Grand Prix – this time looking at the action and the massive crowd on race day.

Silverstone 2007, traffic

Taking the quick way in.

Silverstone 2007 weather

The rain went away and the weather was glorious.

Silverstone 2007, helicopter

A better way to dodge the traffic.

Silverstone 2007, Red Arrows

The Red Arrows arrived even quicker.

Silverstone 2007 crowd

85,000 packed Silverstone on Sunday – the weekend total was a whopping 207,000.

Silverstone 2007, Hamilton & marshal

Hamilton motored slowly to the grid.

Silverstone 2007 race start

The race gets going.

Silverstone 2007, Hamilton and Raikkonen

Raikkonen chases Hamilton.

Silverstone 2007, Massa and Kubica

Kubica fends off Massa.

Silverstone 2007, track invasion

With Hamilton finishing third a track invasion wasn’t all that likely.

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