Spa acts to stop corner-cutting

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Earlier this week I wrote about the problems Spa-Francorchamps were having stopping drivers from cutting corners on its revised track.

Happily now the track has installed strips of grass between the track and the run-off at the new chicane in an attempt to stop drivers cutting it.

They will be tested out at this weekend’s World Series by Renault round. Links below.

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4 comments on “Spa acts to stop corner-cutting”

  1. They must be reading your blog, Keith! :D

  2. If that’s true, Clive, there’s hope Bernie will get round to that to-do list yet!

  3. Nikos Darzentas
    16th August 2007, 21:29


  4. Oh God, the internet just did something.

    No one make any sudden moves, it might do it again.

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