Have you been to the Belgian GP?

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Mark Webber, Williams-BMW, Spa-Francorchamps, 2005 | BMW MediaIt’s the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps this weekend and we’re looking for F1 fans who’ve been to the circuit to tell us about their experiences.

The popular Spa circuit returns to the calendar after a one year break and is much revised.

Photo: BMW Media

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  • 4 comments on “Have you been to the Belgian GP?”

    1. No, i nearly went this year but couldnt. My uncles have been though they went to Spa in 1998 and were by ‘the’ crash

    2. I went for all three days a few years back. Superb in every respect bar the weather!

      Friday was wet and we walked the entire track and through the forests in the infield, scouting out the best places and making sure that we saw F1 cars in action at all of the “major” sports. Saturday much the same, but watched Quali from Eau Rouge and up the hill. Sunday was gloriously hot. We got there early and set up camp on the small hill overlooking the Bus Stop. With the perfecft position you can just about see the exit of Blanchemont, obviously all of the bus stop and the start/finish straight. Plus we were bang opposite a big screen for keeping up with the action (pre Kangaroo days).

      Highlight of the week was going crazy when JPM nailed MS into the Bus Stop despite being surrounded by about 50 drunk Germans.

      Top tips:
      1. Try the the ham/cheese baguettues sold at various outlets in Spa itself. Delicious.
      2. Only ask for mustard on your hot dogs if you really, really like mustard.

    3. I went in 1994 as a personal guest of Ken Tyrell, spent the whole motorhome in the Tyrell motorhome and watched Qualifying from the garage, and the race with some Goodyear technicians from the inside of La Source.

      Amazing how much the paddock has changed since then (we were able to walk through most teams garages), but even so it was still very fenced off.

      I got to meet all the drivers, Michael Schumacher was particularly friendly as was Phillipe Alliot.

    4. I went in 2001 and did the whole camping thing. It was an intense experience, amazing track, unlike any other. Crap race that year though, aside from a near- to retirement Alesi holding off a determined Ralph for the final point.

      By the way, enjoyed the sentance ‘spent the whole motorhome in the Tyrell motorhome’ from the previous post from Ben…….:)

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