What Dennis’s remark to Alonso really meant

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Since the espionage hearing details came to light we know just how bad things have been between Ron Dennis and Fernando Alonso since the Hungarian Grand Prix.

It makes it very interesting to look back on some of their remarks made between Hungary and the World Motor Sports Council Announcement.

Here’s what Dennis said to Alonso when Mercedes presented him with a trophy commemorating his 100th Grand Prix participation at the Turkish round:

We thought we would give you something heavy to throw at us

It seemed like a strange quote at the time.

But knowing now that Alonso had threatened Dennis that he would reveal evidence against McLaren to the FIA at the Hungarian Grand Prix, and that Dennis had told Max Mosley about the evidence, we can understand Dennis’s words for what they really meant.

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5 comments on “What Dennis’s remark to Alonso really meant”

  1. If recent press stories are to be believed, i.e. he wasn’t quoted out of context, Hamilton seems to be doing his utmost to widen that rift.

    Perhaps he does just believe in being honest, but he seems like someone who would follow the corporate line if told to, so I can only assume he said the things he has about Alonso for tactical reasons.

  2. What proof is there that Alonso actually threatened or tried to blackmail McLaren? Only the hints of Ron Dennis. Also, what proof is there that Alonso demanded to made the number one driver?

  3. I agree with Andrew and Jonov – the picture isn’t exactly clear. With so many tabloid-like reports, along with speculation and rumours, coming from the sensationalists, it’s difficult to determine the truth.

    I personally believe that Hamilton’s attempt to widen the rift may backfire. Alonso has been under pressure before – ala “reports” that Renault wanted to give Schumacher his final title – he may come back stronger.

    And to be honest, the third crown, and to me this is where it counts, will determine Alonso’s strength as a true F1 Champion. I will probably see him in less light if he were not to win the championship.

    I disregard nationality in F1, thats for A1 GP (I am British but I don’t see that as a reason to support McLaren or Hamilton), so what I’m looking for is a marque in F1 for which there’s a vacancy in Schumacher’s retirement.

    That said, I don’t write off Hamilton, although his recent words have undermined the only reasoning for respect for McLaren. But he still has a lot to prove in my eyes.

  4. the picture may not be clear, but:
    a) Dennis made it clear that Alonso does not speak with him
    b) The threats about disclosing the “info” to FIA were made in Hungary
    c) Alonso denies not talking Dennis
    d) Alonso did not travel to Paris, unlike de la Rosa and Hamilton
    e) Hamilton is doing lots of “Alonso not nice to McLaren” PR talk…
    f) Alonso saying he has no problem staying in McLaren

    Whatever is the real story, one thing is clear to me. There is something rotten inside the team, in the relationship between Alonso and the team (team meaning Dennis, Hamilton). Otherwise how to explain all of this sudden fury of badmouthing Alonso.

    The f) point draws my attention – Is Alonso trying to make it clear he would not go away himself, but would have to be fired and handsomly compensated ? Is all the bad PR supposed to convince him to give up and go ?

    Just my speculation …

  5. AmericanTifosi
    28th October 2007, 4:12

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Fernando does chuck his trophy at Ron before walking out.

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