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Ferrari scored their 200th Grand Prix win in China – check back later for a comprehensive look at their career history.

Here are the rest of the facts and statistics from the Chinese Grand Prix.

Kimi Raikkonen scored his 14th career win. He’s now won as many races as Jack Brabham (three world championships), Graham Hill (three world championships) and Emerson Fittipaldi (two world championships) but is yet to win a title himself. The only driver to have won more races without a title is Stirling Moss (16).

Raikkonen is also the fourth different driver to win at Shanghai since the race was first held in 2004, though it was Ferrari’s third win at the track.

Lewis Hamilton scored his sixth pole position, the same number as Ralf Schumacher, but also posted his first DNF. Until this race he had completed every lap of every race this year bar won, at the N????rburgring, where he also failed to score.

Heikki Kovalainen is now the only driver to have finished every race this year.

For the second year in a row the championship leader failed to score in the penultimate round of the championship. Last year co-leader Michael Schumacher retired from the Japanese GP with engine failure.

Three drivers will go into the final round able to win the championship for the first time since 1986, when Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet and Alain Prost fought for the title at Adelaide. The last time it happened before that was 1983, when Prost, Piquet and Rene Arnoux were the contenders at Kyalami.

Toro Rosso drivers Sebastian Vettel and Vitantonio Liuzzi scored their best ever finishes, fourth and sixth in their seventh and 38th Grands Prix respectively. Fourth is the highest the team have finished in a race since 1993 when they were Minardi, and eight points is the most they have ever scored in one round. It lifted them from tenth in the constructors’ championship to seventh, passing Super Aguri, Honda and Spyker.

Jenson Button scored his best result of the year but Rubens Barrichello must finish in the top eight at his home race in two weeks to avoid finishing a season without scoring for the first time in his career.

Renault failed to score for the first time since last year’s Hungarian Grand Prix, 20 races ago.

Had McLaren still been scoring points they would won the constructors’ championship at this race, with 210 points to Ferrari’s 186.

Having announced his retirement Alexander Wurz beat Nico Rosberg in a race where both finished for the first time since the Canadian Grand Prix.

Robert Kubica led a Grand Prix for the second time – the first being at Italy last year – but retired while leading.

Heading into the final round the first three drivers are the closest they’ve been to one another since the Monaco Grand Prix, after which Hamilton and Alonso had 38 points and Felipe Massa 33.

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12 comments on “Chinese GP 2007 facts and statistics”

  1. I think it’s also the first time a steward tries to put a car back on the track by first trying to push the rear wheel, and then the front wheel. Poor guy.

  2. It would be interesting to know the last time that four Ferrari engined cars fnished in the points. Spa 1961 perhaps?

  3. Surely Ferrari engines (badged Petronus) would have powered Sauber to something similar more recently? Or perhaps not. Interesting question.

  4. Ivan, after watching it again, the fact that the wheels spun so freely when the marshals pushed them, shows how badly the car was beached.

    the most ironic thing, is that it was Hamilton’s “pick-up” from the tractor in Nürburgring that prompted calls to prevent drivers being lifted back on the track.

    had Lewis simply got out of his car back then, the tractor may have still been able to help him yesterday.

    at the time the situation didn’t actually benefit Hamilton as he still finished outside the points. of course, no-one could’ve known all this at the time.

  5. The race also ended Heikki’s streak of finishing in the points.
    It was a bad race for the super Rookies of the last race both Lewis and Heikki finished without any points

    It also probably was the first time a combination of prime and option tyres was seen on the cars (have to check this though) I think the ferrari’s were running on 3 hard tyres and one soft(front-right) in the last stint!

    Ironically last year Alonso might have won this race had he not changed his intermediates in the race, this year the only switch was from intermediates to dry!

  6. Haas, if Ferrari had being doing that I’m sure they would have been disqualified by now! I think in both cases they were soft option tyres where one tyre had picked up a lot of rubber, obscuring the white line.

  7. Well noted Alex. I wasn’t too sure if Sauber had ever managed to get both cars into the points at the same time as both Ferrari’s, but a bit more curios research reveals they did exactly that on four seperate occasions between 2001 and 2004. I clearly jumped the gun going all the way back to the sixties :)

  8. Just a question… is it the first time three drivers surpass or acheive the 100 points mark at the same season?

  9. Indeed it is! Excellent spot.

  10. Over 30hrs since the race ended and still nowhere I can find the full press conference.

  11. This was also the first race that Alonso smiled since Monaco.

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