Poll: Who should be Lewis Hamilton’s team mate in 2008?

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Fernando Alonso has left McLaren in need of a new team mate for Lewis Hamilton for 2008.

Several potential drivers have been linked with the seat including several who have a contract and at least one who’s retired.

But who would you most like to see alongside Hamilton next year? Cast your vote and have your say below.

This poll is closed. The results are as follows:

Heikki Kovalainen: 64 (44%)
Michael Schumacher: 18 (12%)
Nico Rosberg: 17 (12%)
Pedro de la Rosa: 14 (10%)
Someone else: 10 (7%)
Adrian Sutil: 9 (6%)
Nick Heidfeld: 6 (4%)
Gary Paffett: 6 (4%)
Vitantonio Liuzzi: 3 (2%)
Bruno Spengler: 0 (0%)

Total votes: 147

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22 comments on “Poll: Who should be Lewis Hamilton’s team mate in 2008?”

  1. Nico Rosberg

  2. I voted for Liuzzi, but even he himself probably does not believe that will happen. He is aiming at test driver role with Force India, he probably knows what his chances elsewhere are.

    Sutil, Rosberg or Kovalainen will likely land there, but it will not be easy for any of them to get used to the rules of the Hamilton Castle …

  3. Rubens Barichello. Okay, he is not that fast all the times, but, on his days, he can be very very quick! Also, lets not forget, he is good at car development. Those Ferrari years could come handy. He is an experienced hand and has nothing to do, considering state of affairs at Honda, as of year 2007. He could be lured easily. Ross Brawn is there, but, positives will take another 2 years to show.

    Other drivers, they would not have that experience or would be too proud(may i say, rightly so!), to live in Lewis’s shadow. So i would think, Rubens is the man for the job.

  4. Sri has a point; someone experienced with ability to set up the car and take the beating Hamilton would give him on race day. Coulthard is unlikely to return but would be a good man for the job if he did; Ralf is free and has proved to be not too bad if the car is half decent, and he is German which is a plus for M-B. Rubens isnt going anywhere now that Brawn is at Honda, likewise i had hoped that Jenson would get it as it would be great to see him in a good car at last; it either makes or breaks a driver and you only have to look at Fisi to see how a career can be wrecked by a good car!! (or in Masa’s case rescued!)

  5. Schumi!! :-)

  6. Hey nellyweb, am a big fan of Schumi and i would love to see him in action, nothing like it. However, if he were only to be racing freely as he does, not to be a clear number two at Macca. It would not do justice to a man of such superlative talent. Would you not think so?

  7. Schumi would be fantastic, but is as likely as me getting a call from NASA to walk on the moon.

    Therefore it must be Nico Rosberg, the 2005 GP2 champion against the 2006 champion. If they were to get totally equal cars it would be a great spectacle, and I think he is probably one of very few drivers that could expect the same support as Lewis at McLaren. A lot of the other candidates would be expected to be little more than good number two’s.

  8. Sean, you are right. All things said and done, Ralf could drive fast when he has a fast car and now that his chips are down could be had for cheap as chips(well was tempted to use this phrase). Not to forget, he is a proven race winner. Again, he is a plus for germany’s mc-merc fans. Let’s see what they conjure up.

  9. I can see Heikki Kovalainen being the most likely person, but I want Nico Rosberg to get that seat.

  10. I agree with M Smith, it would be ace to see how well Rosberg would do against Lewis in the same team, but I reckon the drive will go to Kovy.

    It’s a crime if Liuzzi doesn’t have a drive next season, all he needs is a decent car.


  11. Mclaren should go for Dela Rosa. He is a born number 2 and would not rock the boat and would not challenge Lewis for confidence or pace. This would allow Mclaren to adopt a number 1 and number 2 approach while publicly claiming equality to both. I think Heikki could put some pressure on Lewis and after last season, that is not what Mclaren need.

  12. I want Heikki Kovalainen to get the seat. If Adrian Sutil leaves Force India, it’ll weaken their line-up, Nico Rosberg looks like he belongs at Williams, but Heikki has said on the record that he doesn’t want to be Alonso’s No. 2. At least if he becomes Hamilton’s No. 2, McLaren won’t make him feel like a spare part…

  13. I think De La Rosa could incite the Spanish media a bit more as it’s more likely Hamilton will trounce him.

    Kovalainen’s most likely to get the seat given the remaining options, I guess I have no real argument with it – maybe we can see just how much potential he really has.

  14. I think Nigel Roebuck’s perspective in his ‘Ask Nigel’ column on Autosport.com today is interesting:

    [Ron] Dennis’s watchword has always been to provide the drivers with equal equipment, and then leave them to sort it out on the race track. If you don’t like the terms and conditions, then don’t apply.

    Autosport – Ask Nigel (external, registration required)

  15. if it is a young guy, and i think it will be despite my prev suggestion about Ralf; options are diasppearing as Rosberg today says he will be staying at Williams. This leaves Sutil who is apparently contracted to F-India and Heikki who apparently has no current seat so has got to be cheaper than buying out Rosberg from Williams. As a longshot for a complete novice, would anyone be willing to take a punt on Nico Hülkenberg ?? gotta be at least as inexperienced as Nakajima!!
    (ref above comment about PDLR; he is not a no.2, at best he is a number 8 or 9 and no good to help with points for constructors championship )

  16. Heidfeld would be the best for McLaren: experienced, good to fill Alonso’s void in the car development program, and fast enough to give Hamilton a run for his place as recently-promoted nº 1 driver.

  17. I wish Rosberg could join Mclaren. Doubt it will happen, cause his dad just keeps adding fuel to the myth that Hamilton is the number one driver there. In my opinnion, Hamilton just benefited from familiarity with the team, and nothing to do with getting prefarential treatment.

    The reason Alonso suffered at Mclaren, especially durning qualifying, was because he was so used to getting prefarential treatment as number one, thus he would tend to go for his Q1 and Q2 runs when he was ready, and quite often this meant later during the session. Unfortunately, Hamilton would set his times much earlier and thus have his car ready for Q3 first.

  18. I’ve to agree with Sri. RB has lots of F1 experience in his CV. He’s self-confident. He takes no **** from anybody. He’s unlikely to be disturbed by all the hype around LH.

  19. AmericanTifosi
    23rd November 2007, 4:20

    Nico. I’d love to see someone rock Lewis’s boat.

  20. There isn’t anyone out there to compete with Ron’s favorite son Hamilton, thus it has to be de la Rosa. He has development skills, he will gather points, but most importantly will be a bone McLaren can toss to placate the Spanish sponsors. McLaren will need as much outside cash as they can lay their hands on to offset the FIA theft of their resources.

    No young driver will go “race” against Lewis, it would be a death sentence on their careers. Now if Sebastien Bourdais took the ride, it could prove interesting, as Seabass will take no crap from any other driver. It would also be telling to see how well he did in a top car, as opposed to the Toro Rosso.

  21. if seb needs to prove himself, i think mark webber can prove himself also, though chances of a macca seat are all but nothing

  22. Paul Di Resta could be a serious option for McLaren.

    He outperformed Gary Paffet and Bruno Spengler in the DTM this season (often racing ahead of them despite having a two year old car). He also won the same Formula 3 championship as Lewis Hamilton and beat his team-mate, Sebastien Vettel, in the process.

    He is a major talent, so McLaren might be willing to take a risk and sign up another youngster.

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