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Searching for presents for your Christmas wish list? Need a present for a Formula 1 fan?

Over the next five days I’ll be picking out some of the best F1 videos, books, toys, collectibles and more to give you some great gift ideas – starting off with the best in F1 video.

Kimi Made It At Last: Official 2007 F1 season review DVD

The official F1 season review DVDs are the only official video accounts of each season, and as a result are highly collectible. The 2007 DVD will include all the highlights from a dramatic season that saw Kimi Raikkonen’s first world championship and a stunning debut performance from Lewis Hamilton. It is due out on December 10th.

Classic F1 season reviews

The official F1 reviews collection stretches back to 1981, but only the years from 2003 and onwards are available on DVD. But you can pick up copies of the video tapes at bargain prices and a few of them are definitely worth hunting down:

Michael & Co. – The Dream Team (2003) (DVD)

Michael Schumacher wins his sixth world championship title in a year that featured some memorable races, particularly at Melbourne, Interlagos, Nurburgring and Silverstone. Read the full review…

Senna Fights Back (1993) (VHS)

Alain Prost won his final world championship for Williams-Renault. But Ayrton Senna, in his final full season of Grand Prix racing, often stole the show with some excellent wins for McLaren-Ford, including his celebrated triumph at Donington Park. Read the full review…

How to win a World Championship (1989) (VHS)

Another of the classic Senna vs Prost years. This was when the rivalry between the two really turned nasty, with Prost hitting his team mate in the penultimate race to claim a controversial crown. Read the full review…

All Over Down Under (1986) (VHS)

We saw a three-way fight for the title this year – 1986 was the last time that happened. Nigel Mansell lost the title at the final round when his tyre burst dramatically. It capped a year of exciting racing from the time when turbo power was at its peak. Read the full review…

The Official End Of Season Review (1982) (VHS)

A tragic a controversial year for the sport, brilliantly told by Clive James in this excellent film. Probably the best of the F1 season videos. Read the full review…

1970 F1 seasons box set

If you’re looking for a great present for a fan of earlier F1 seasons, this ten-disc set covering the 1970-1979 championships is an excellent idea. The vivid colour footage is brilliantly narrated.

More videos

Life in the Fast Lane

I’ve not had a review copy of this DVD but I’ve not heard anything good about it. I’d be amazed if it has any actual race footage. (If you’re festive shopping for a Hamilton fan you’ll find plenty of alternatives later in this series).

Grand Prix (2 Disc Special Edition)

You can’t beat John Frankenheimer’s classic “Grand Prix”. Yes, it’s hardly a cinematic tour de force, the plot is barely existent and the dialogue is awful. But the lingering shots of stacks of gorgeous sixties F1 racers plus cameos from the like of Graham Hill make this essential viewing for F1 fans – and it’s family-friendly too.

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  1. Grand Prix – family-friendly? Not quite, Keith. Yves Montand and Eva Marie Saint had a nice, discreet make out scene there, if slightly hidden in between film transitions.

    But that aside, the film’s alright, just skip that part.

  2. Well, it’s not as if they do the horizontal monster mash.

  3. Heck, the kids’ll have seen worse in Friends or Grange Hill probably :-D

  4. Hey Keith,
    Here’s an odd one probably only for the REAL hardcore F1 fan, a model of Franck Montagny’s Super Aguri!!!!!

    I guess there’s something for everyone if you really look.

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