F1 blogs review: Schumacher vs Massa in karts

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In the F1 blogs this week watch Michael Schumacher take victory in charity kart race organised by Felipe Massa and featuring top Brazilian talent such as Lucas di Grassi and Nelson Piquet Jnr.

Plsu thoughts on the years McLaren Autosport BRDC award, the top teams in 2007, and more of those F1 drivers in one word…

“I’m just a little bit talented” – Video of Michael Schumacher wins Felipe Massa’s charity kart race. Schumacher started fourth with Massa third, and Lucas di Grassi took the lead at the start as Schumacher took polesitter Nelson Piquet Jnr for second. Schumacher then muscled past di Grassi and disappeared off to victory… Essential viewing.

Formula One – An American fan is unhappy with the loss of the United States Grand Prix.

First Facebook spoils Christmas, now Vodafone
– Xmas spoiled for Lewis Hamilton.

A bad year for McLarens – And not just Ron Dennis’s team.

McLaren Autosport BRDC Award: The contenders – Brits on Pole profile the young British drivers hoping to win.

Lewis Hamilton and the Golden Compass
– No it’s not an unlikely new film – ITV local news blog on Hamilton.

Narain Karthikeyan to leave Williams job, no invitation from Force India – Where next for F1’s first Indian driver?

Biological fuel
– What will the impact of F1’s switch to a biofuel mix next year be?

The Audi Dream – This excellent image shows what an Audi F1 car could look like, if Volkswagen ever committed the premium German brand to the sport.

A beer and a couple of crab cakes – Regular F1Faantic commenters Clive and Number 38 meet up to discuss the state of motor racing.

May the force be with them – Thoughts from the late Ken Tyrrell about why drivers like Ralf Schumacher and Giancarlo Fisichella cling to their place in Formula 1.

Mosley eyes F1 future for Serbia – next location for a Formula One Grand Prix
– Max Mosley’s trip to the former Yugoslavian country has raised speculation that a race might be held there in the future.

Formula One, Inc. The Selling of Motorsport’s Soul
– Has advertising ruined Formula 1?

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Lewis Hamilton vs The Stig
– Lewis Hamilton will appear on BBC’s top motoring programme Top Gear and attempt to lap the track faster than the infamous Stig.

F1 season review: The constructors (11th-6th) – Doctorvee looks at how the teams performed in 2007.

F1 drivers in one word – Another stab at the describe an F1 driver in one word debate started here recently.

The cocky corporation – Why Lewis Hamilton is like Apple.

Don’t despair Ron – Words of advice for McLaren boss Ron Dennis.

Espionage is not the problem – Spying nothing new in Formula 1?

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  1. Cheers for the viewing link (I’m only catching up on all the news just now), it’s great to see top leagues battle it out in Karts, it’s a much different style, but it’s much more essence of driving and racing.

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