Who will launch Racing Against Racism?

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As Max Mosley clings desperately to power while the FIA waits for the chance to have its say on June 3rd, there are three more Grands Prix to run in the meantime.

And the next one is the Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya, at which we are expecting to see the launch of Racing Against Racism. The initiative was Mosley’s response to the racist abuse targeted at Lewis Hamilton in testing at the venue in February (and apparently also at Shanghai during last year’s Grand Prix).

Given the nature of the charges against Mosley, and however strongly he refutes them, it is inconceivable that he would take it upon himself to launch the campaign. So who will? One of these potential candidates? What might it tell us about who the next President of the FIA could be?

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13 comments on “Who will launch Racing Against Racism?”

  1. There really is no need for a Racing against Racism movement in F1.  Just initiating such a program spotlights an issue which is hardly visible. The Hamilton "racism" episode in Spain was caused by a few demented Spaniards and was totally overblown by the media, as usual.  Lewis is highly respected by most F1 fans for his ability, and will suffer fewer insults in Spain – and those because he drives for McLaren, not because of his race – than Alonso will in the UK. Leave the F1 racism issue alone and it will disappear.

  2. Michael Counsell
    11th April 2008, 3:08

    Michael Schumacher I’d of thought would be the obvious choice to launch this.

  3. This is an important question, nonetheless, because, in addition to the McLaren affair, this is the "moral high ground" that Max claims for himself, which now lies in tatters.

  4. I’m thinking it may not be launched at all.  If it does, though, expect Donnelly to do it for the FIA.

  5. Scrub the whoole foolish idea, it just brings attention to a small one-time incident that was not representative of F1 anyway.

  6. Michael – that’s actually a really good idea.

    And those of you who are saying it shouldn’t be launched are wrong, but that’s something I’ve said before and you can read more on that here if you want to.

  7. Schumacher does indeed seem like an inspired suggestion – but perhaps it should be some ceremony where all the drivers were present.

    With Alonso strategically placed beside Hamilon no doubt…

  8. Pitpass is reporting that the Anti Racist campaign launch has been dropped – not because of the current saga, but because the Spanish authorities feel it is not needed.

  9. Thanks for that D Winn here’s a link to the story for everyone else. That has the potential to be quite embarassing if it’s true.

  10. Highlights how stupid a move it was to make the movement purely about racism in the first place. That said, "Racing for Ethics" couldn’t have been opened credibly by Max Mosley either!

  11. i’m with you alianora.  i always thought this was a completely empty gesture even at the time.  there just didn’t really seem to be an agenda-what were they going to actually do  about it? much better if they’d just pick a good solid organization that’s already up and running to support and run with that. it would accomplish a whole lot more than any home grown effort because any organized charity or non profit group would love the attention f1 could throw their way.

  12. The Racing Against Racism idea is a misguided, knee-jerk reaction to foolish and unseemly fan behavior.  The racism that needs to be stamped out involves discriminatory practices that actually cause harm. F1, thankfully, has not experienced that.

  13. The Spanish authorities are right,  Green Flag is right,
    Alianora is right , Number 38 is right , most of F1 fans are right, Keith …………………………………………… well most of the
    time he’s right. This was a non-issue from the first word. A small incident not worthy of the NEGATIVE attention a public campaign would bring. PERIOD.  Furthermore,
    suppose we have some ‘holier-than-thou’ campaign and those few hooligans act up again, the campaign will have no effect on them but we look more like fools.  This reeks of "gun control",
    take guns away from good people and expect crime to end.
    Dump the foolishness, let’s get back to racing. 

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