Timo Glock loses point after penalty

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Timo Glock was judged to have overtaken Mark Webber illegally under yellow flags

Timo Glock has been relegated from eighth to ninth place in the Belgian Grand Prix after passing Mark Webber under yellow flags in the vicinity of Kimi Raikkonen’s crashed Ferrari.

Glock had finished eighth, but was given a 25-second penalty by the stewards, dropping him to ninth. No word yet on any penalty for Lewis Hamilton or Kimi Raikkonen.

The updated championship positions are here.

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8 comments on “Timo Glock loses point after penalty”

  1. Hamilton stripped of win, according to BBC News 24 ticker.

  2. 25 second penalty, hamilton demoted to 3rd.

  3. Autosport also confirming this.

    What a joke the FIA are, if there is any doubt they are bias to Ferrari – we now have it.

  4. This is a complete joke. FIArri are a joke. Next they’ll penalise any McLaren overtaking move!!! FIA are killing F1

  5. Didn’t Pantano get disqualified from two races for overtaking under yellow just yesterday? Presumably the incidents were difference – but there’s one heckuva difference between 25 seconds and a double disqualification…

  6. michael counsell
    7th September 2008, 23:35

    Where they waved yellows?

    Didn’t see any footage of this. What happened?

  7. Andy, I think Pantano was involved in two incidents in Saturday’s feature race. He crashed into someone at La Source – which got him an initial penalty and shortly after committed the yellow flag incident, so I think they told him his double fine was for below part standards. But I am just guessing.

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