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I’ve been back on Sky News tonight talking about the fall-out from Honda’s F1 withdrawal:

This video was very kindly encoded and uploaded by the Sidepodcast team (subscribe here) so big thanks to them.

‘Me’ did say he thought the video encoding hadn’t come out very well but as far as I’m concerned that’s just fine because it makes it harder to see what a mess the back of my hair is (don’t know what happened there!)

The discussion covered how much money Honda had spent on their F1 effort, where I referred to some figures quotes in this earlier post.

I was also asked about Jenson Button’s salary and a topic was also picked up from the comments threads here suggesting that this could be the beginning of a crisis for Formula 1.

This is the second time I’ve been on Sky News – I was on last month for a discussion about Lewis Hamilton winning the world championship.

Please post any thoughts on what was said below and do remember we all have bad hair days once in a while…

More on Honda’s withdrawal from F1: How will Honda quitting affect F1?

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38 comments on “Sky news interview with me on Honda”

  1. Hi Keith

    What I spotted is that you look different on TV compared to the picture on the bottom of this web and it is not due to the “hair day” ;)


  2. …and by the way…it’s good to see you beeing noticed…your hard work seems to be starting paying off…great job

  3. Thanks Koper!

  4. Good Job Keith .. and finally F1fanatic gets good recognition. Cheers!!!

  5. Are you Sky Sport’s F1 correspondant yet Keith? Seems like you’re heading that way, you certainly made a good job of that chat.

    Nice to see the questions were relevant as well, compaired to what I’ve heard about the last interview you did on Sky News.

  6. very nicely done!

  7. I think you got thrice the air time you’d gotten last time! Congratulations Keith and keep up the good work! :D

  8. Congrats Keith! :)

  9. Did they make you wear make-up?


  10. Good job Keith! Nice to see you have a proper discussion this time. Your responses were spot on.

    Funny I was wondering why there weren’t as many updates on the site today…guess you were preoccupied.

  11. Keith – slick as always mate. Well done.

    Not sure I’d be as keen to do it myself – those occasional back-of-head shots would show off the growing “solar panel” my the top of me bonce ;)

  12. Nice job Keith!

  13. Nice to see you there Keith, Looks like your site and the way you run it shows a lot of credibility for you.

  14. Congrats on the exposure, well earned, best yet, your answers were flawless.
    Please keep it up!
    i always come here first when i want to catch up on the latest.

  15. Nice work

  16. congrats keith!
    your blog is making waves all around the friends here in India look for your blog for updates,not mine :(

    u get the best coverage of f1 events.hope to catch u up someday

  17. Congratulations. You’re now officially THE expert in my view. ;)

    By the way, to fix the hair, just wear it a bit longer. Works fine for me. :)

  18. Very professional, Keith. You’re a natural. The BBC are foolish to have overlooked you for their F1 team.

  19. Nice work, Keith.

    If F1 is short of money could Max Moseley organise a whip round?

    Har Har.

  20. I found f1fanatic on thursday and spent much of my afternoon in the office reading back a few months worth of blog-posts :-)

  21. Well done Keith, good job. It is a frightening time for us F1 fans, just where is it going to end?? An international World Indy Car type series with one engine supplier and three chassis manufactures to blend from.

  22. Nice interview. Good Job, Keith.

  23. Really please for you, Keith.

    Your website is a fantastic source of information and the recognition is truly deserved.

    Keep up the good work.

  24. Your blog is now getting the recognition it deserved since long. Good on yaah Keith.

  25. Congrats Keith!!! your answers were spot on! and by the way you look much better in sky news than in the pic below! lol

  26. I just thought of a very good idea, why don’t we as a fans buy the team, divide it into shares just like the any other company, by doing this we will have a share in the team. and the team will survive… very optimistic idea…. lol

  27. Great job, Keith, congratulations.

  28. How ironic it is that your “f1 2009” banner contains a Honda!

  29. Well Martin Stanford gave you a much better interview that time!

  30. So quick with the response and very professional….I am proud to be a part of the best F1 blog around.

    Congrats Keith!

  31. Thanks for all your comments and encouragement everyone!

    Chris Y – I was worried I was going to get cut, actually, because the OJ Simpson verdict story was breaking at the time.

    Muckymuck – Thanks! I’ve tried not to put too many new posts up because then all the conversations get buried. Besides which, some new details are still coming out. I do have to go work during the day too! As well as appearing on Sky I did a radio interview in the morning as well (which I’m trying to get a copy of).

    Rob (#20) – Glad you’re enjoying the site – you might enjoy the ‘best of’ section here: Best of F1 Fanatic

    Striay – A new pic in the new year, I think :-)

  32. Glad to see they actually let you do a real interview this time Keith. Top notch and cool responses – hope the interviews continue and lead to something big for you !

  33. Very good job Keith- you’re becoming a regular on the network. Hopefully you’ll be a regular guest- let’s just hope the topics are due to more positive developments.

  34. Well done keith! my brother wants your autograph! your a proper celebrity now in his eyes!

    I think you did fantastic! Keep up the hard work!

  35. First class really, such fun to see the little photo at the bottom of the page come to life; and you can’t beat expertise, nice to see it recognized.

    Also, you seem to be building a bit of a fan club, and except for me they seem to be a fairly sophisticated bunch, so don’t run off and leave us for the first pretty face; we would hate to have to break in someone new.

  36. well done Keith
    Nice to see you on TV

  37. Congrats Keith!

    Wooow…. do have to agree you look better on TV than the pic at the bottom of the site Keith!
    Loosing weight?

    You a celebrity now bro..!! well done!

  38. Nice interview Keith !

    And I do agree with Oricon that you do look better on TV than in the pic on the blog !!


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