Schumacher on fitness and rivals (video)

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Shell and Ferrari have put out this short video interview with Michael Schumacher ahead of this weekend’s German Grand Prix.

Schumacher talks about how punishing his F1 fitness regime was, which were his favourite tracks – and the rival he rated above all the others.

Not as much fun as his appearance on Top Gear, of course, but still not a bad interview for a PR effort and worth a look for Schumacher fans.

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9 comments on “Schumacher on fitness and rivals (video)”

  1. Is it just me, or am I starting to see some hints of white hair…?

    1. Well he is 41 so that’s not a massive surprise. Indeed myself and Schuey are a couple of months apart age wise and I too have the odd white or two…

      1. He’s not 41 until January. ;) But yeah, I get ya.

  2. spa and suzuka? thought it wld have been fuji and the hungry :)

  3. Just received my August issue of Road&Track with a nice article by Schumi in which he discusses his new found love for two wheel racing.

    If you go to the site be sure to check out the new Aston Martin One-77. Fabulous!!

    I am surprised there is no mention of his stint as The Stig in either.

    Ah, the good old days, where the only controversies were on the track and competition based as opposed to behind the scenes politics!

  4. 4-5 hours a day workout… epic… i struggle to reach 2 hrs…

    1. LOL! I struggle to manage 2 minutes!

  5. yeh the good old days, no controversies about illegal software or traction control, no points deducted after the races, no industrial espionage, no squabbling amongst the drivers, ahh it was all so different then.

    the only thing that has really changed is the media, we all get suckered into the 24 hr rolling news believing it all of equal worth, and of course theres the interweb. You can always say theres more controversy now but only looking back can you really tell.

  6. Good point antonyob. It just seems the controversies of yore are meaningless compared to the current potential implosion of the entire sport.

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