Who’s going to win the Brazilian GP? Make your podium and pole predictions

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Can Rubens Barrichello win at home?
Can Rubens Barrichello win at home?

With the field covered by less than a second in practice for the Brazilian Grand Prix it’s going to be harder than ever to predict the result of this race.

But that won’t stop us trying! Name who you think will be on pole position, and who will be the top three in the race, below:

The prizes

First place prize

  • An original F1 painting by Rob Ijbema
  • Five F1 DVDs from Duke Video: “Formula One 1970: The uncrowned champion”, “Formula Villeneuve: A tribute to Gilles Villeneuve”, “The World’s Greatest F1 Cars”, “Champion: Hill” and “Nine Days in Summer”
  • ??60 to spend on F1 merchandise at Onpole.com

3x Runners-up prizes

Here?s how the game works:

1. Predictions have to be made before the beginning of final practice on Saturday.
2. Only one set of predictions per person.
3. You have to predict (a) Who will be on pole position and (b) What the top three finishers (three different drivers) will be.
4. Players score:
a. ten points for correctly guessing the pole sitter
b. ten points for naming one of the top three in their correct position, 25 for naming two of the top three and 50 for naming the whole top three correctly
c. five points for correctly naming any other driver in the top three (but not in the correct position)
5. Predictions must be entered as described below and either posted in a comment below or emailled to competition-at-f1fanatic.co.uk
6. Whoever scores the most points over the 15 races from round three (China) to 17 (Abu Dhabi) wins the grand prize.
7. In the event of a tie the winner will be determined by who picked to most race winners correctly, then second places finishers and so on.
8. In the event of a dispute the editor’s decision is final.
9. For the purposes of the competition the pole sitter is the driver who starts the original race from pole position. The race classification is that issued by the FIA.

This competition has closed

See the current predictions championship scores

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59 comments on “Who’s going to win the Brazilian GP? Make your podium and pole predictions”

  1. I’ve taken a slight gamble. May as well, not in the hunt. Maybe should have put Webber there…

  2. there isnt a gamble in the sport that can help me now….i just want to see if i can finaly get a prediction right… 2 chances to go and i dont feel the best about this on either :S

    1. its becoming increasingly dificult to seperate my ‘wants’ from my ‘probably’s

      i can wait for the mercedes powerplant to finaly fail…let the conspiracy theories roll!

  3. Want Webber to win… but went with Vettel cos i think he’s gonna go for broke. Button for the title :)

    1. I think Mark will move aside for Vettel if it comes down to it….

  4. Who’s leading? Saloolas or Dougie? And I’m out of the hunt :(

    1. SaloolaS isn’t it?

  5. I think Vettel wins at Interlagos. Barrichello is not very good at home, but he should go to the podium too.

  6. I predict,

    6 ‘That will do’
    4 ‘Has he done enough’
    4 ‘Here he comes’

    and a couple of ‘Will this be OK’ (possibly rhetorical)

    1. 3 ‘That’s not what he wanted’
      25 ‘…From…From…’
      3 ‘He’s lighting up the timing screens’
      100 ‘Jenson Button is world champion’

      1. I feel a bit sorry for Legard now, but you did miss ‘on a charge’ and ‘never mind that’.

        1. Someone should write an automated “Legard commentator”.

          Or maybe they already did … *hums twilight zone theme*

          1. It will be easy for the game makers to do the commentary and make it realistic. Just get Legard to do his 7 phrases and add in the driver/constructors name.

          2. More than one “Trulli train” is probably at about evens.

        2. ‘the Brawns out in the sunshine.’

      2. This is key!

      3. And:

        4 ‘But what about this now!?’
        7 Interruptions of Brundle

        1. it’s a real frustration

    2. What about “… is making a move.”

      1. and why does he say “yesterDAY”, not ‘yesterday’ like all other english speakers.

        and why is he a f1 commentator when he has no clue about either F1 or commentating?

        1. Is this gonna be good enough?

  7. I’ve made a prediction, but Christ, I have no idea who will grab it. Closest race weekend in a very long time here!

    Just for laughs I was tempted to put Badoer on Pole, with Badoer 1st, Piquet 2nd and Bourdais 3rd. Stranger things have happened, havent they? ;)

    1. Yes, the sky may fall on your head :D

      1. Not something to say whilst I’m watching FlashForward =| lol

        1. My friend is on that show! Nice to see it mentioned here. Are you in the states? Europe?

          1. Europe, streaming the latest episode. But shhhhh… I didnt tell you that!

          2. Nice!!! It’s a pretty good show. Glad to see it’s making a presence over there.

        2. Great series :)

  8. Haytham Hawamdeh
    16th October 2009, 21:20

    button will win, even though vittel have the pole
    i think his engine will blow up
    hamilton will be 2nd or 3rd
    and long live mercedes
    viva hamilton

  9. Haytham Hawamdeh
    16th October 2009, 21:25

    something fishy is out there
    some prediction is odd
    even mine

  10. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
    16th October 2009, 21:45

    Why has Vettel done 27 and 45 laps in the practises with no more engines left?

    1. It was wet, high altitude and he may feel an attacking philosophy is what will keep him in the hunt.

    2. He has plenty engines left. Most of them are just not very new anymore.

  11. “If I can help Red Bull, of course I will,” said Webber. “I was asked what would happen in a certain situation and what I could have said is that I will do whatever to help the team. But what I actually said was that I doubt the situation would arise – and I still do now.

    “The race is long and to do a perfect grand prix for the right situation is not that straightforward. I that does happen, then we will do what we can do.

    “But I am getting out of bed thinking about getting the best result for me because that’s what I’ve got to do. If I can help Red Bull, I can do it.”

    From autosport.com

    1. Interesting. I wonder if Mark would pull over for Seb if the call came? Or, perhaps this is comment is in light of his future with Red Bull – perhaps he has been bought out of his contract, with Kimi taking his place?

      It’s gonna be an epic race… and I’ll be missing it as I’ll be working :'(

      1. Yes, he will.

  12. Ehh whats happened to the table… i’m seeing:

    mmck BUT
    Steve_P BAR
    mmck BAR
    Steve_P BAR
    mmck BUT
    Steve_P HAM
    mmck HAM
    Steve_P BUT
    Lenny VET VET HAM BAR 2009-10-16 22:48:37

    Based on my prediction I’m Presuming it should be:

    mmck BUT BAR BUT HAM
    Lenny VET VET HAM BAR 2009-10-16 22:48:37

    1. I think its happened as we have identical times stamps – so it’s got confused (what are the chances!?)

      2009-10-16 22:49:34

      1. If this is running off a MySQL database – simply going into the database (using something like phpmyadmin) and changing the date should fix the problem.

        Presuming this is a bug, the code amendment needed is either on submit it should check pre-existing time stamps and if already existing add a second to the submitted time and recheck – or give all submissions a unique reference no/code – or ideally it just finish listing all user content before grabbing the next set of info. It’s most likely being caused by some sloppy loops being used in the code – where instead “foreach” in php is probably a better solution for what is trying to be achieved.

        1. It’s a known bug, fixed in the latest version.

          The problem was a missing ORDER BY field to order entry id’s before the timestamp.

      2. That actually happened to me last week, wow the odds on that happening 2 races in a row P

    2. Should be fixed now, sorry about that!

  13. The RBR is again the fastest car here. Whoever said they are lacking mechanical grip … well, not any more. They were flying today in sector-2.

    I see several people have picked Webber to win this. It’s not happening. Vettel should win the race, Webber **should** come in 2nd, that is if he doesn’t crash again, then I like Lewis to get 3rd. I think the Brawns will struggle in Q and will have to come from behing at the start. Don’t see the latter happening.

    I think we are going to Abu-Dabbi w/ the WDC still undecided.

    1. You are assuming it wil be an easy 1-2 for Red Bull and then indeed Webber won’t be allowed to win.

      Webber can win if Vettel is not right behind him.

  14. StrFerrari4Ever
    17th October 2009, 3:08

    I’m choosing an unlikely one but i feel Vettel will win it and Buemi if he can stay out of trouble and continue his strong place can get on the podium aswell as Webber an all Red Bull podium :D

    1. All Red Bull podium would be great! I’m worried for Webber, He may be on for a good race and he won’t let Vettel go for his title :(

  15. Must be wrong, nobody has the same score ! Ha !

  16. I haven’t been participating in this for a long time, but I’ll still see if I can get this one right. Vettel will put himself on pole, his engine will fail, since it is a wet-race HAM is going to charge for the win, Alonso will advance through the pack with some good strategy and Webber will just be up there.. Button will finish 5th and wrap up the championship.

  17. I can’t use the prediction tool because someone else made a prediction from the same computer.


    1. use another browser – or find the f1fanatic cookies and delete them.

    2. Have added your prediction, oddbodbloke.

  18. Keith, is it possible to make statistics on the predictions? How many % predicted a win for Vettel, how many got it right etc…?

  19. How much performance is Vettel likely to lose from having a 2 race old engine?

    With no Kers and poor mech grip I have bet against SV, but LH says the RBs are quickest. I dont get it.

  20. Oops, mis-clicked and got the wrong Sebastian! I meant Vettel to win, not Buemi – any way to change it?

    1. Have fixed your prediction.

  21. Is there another John Harding out there????, or am I going mad!!! I didn’t make this prediction (I don’t think) but someone did

    John H KOV VET ALO BUE 2009-10-16 22:55:06

    Another John Harding:
    John Harding VET VET HAM WEB 2009-10-17 13:22:02

    1. There’s is a John H and a John Harding.

      From looking at the entries I see the same person who entered as John H at Suzuka entered as John H at Interlagos. And the same person who entered as John Harding at Suzuka entered as John John Harding at Interlagos.

      So, correct me if I’m wrong, but everything is OK here.

  22. Hmmm. have a feeling Luca Badoer won’t get the pole… :D

  23. Just thought I’d add the prediction statistics

    VET 50%
    WEB 14%
    HAM 13%

    VET 52%
    BAR 17%
    HAM 16%

    BAR 26%
    VET 21%
    WEB 21%

    BAR 21%
    HAM 20%
    WEB 15%

    Of all names mentioned these 3 are mentioned most often (in any position)
    VET 82%
    BAR 64%
    HAM 54%

    These 5 predictions for the podium are most common:
    VET WEB HAM 23
    VET WEB BAR 23
    VET BAR HAM 21
    VET HAM BAR 15
    BAR VET HAM 13

    I guess we can throw these in the toilet mostly with HAM and VET out in Q1, but still.

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