Final 2009 F1 championship standings

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Drivers’ championship

1Jenson Button95
2Sebastian Vettel84
3Rubens Barrichello77
4Mark Webber69.5
5Lewis Hamilton49
6Kimi Raikkonen48
7Nico Rosberg34.5
8Jarno Trulli32.5
9Fernando Alonso26
10Timo Glock24
11Felipe Massa22
12Heikki Kovalainen22
13Nick Heidfeld19
14Robert Kubica17
15Giancarlo Fisichella8
16Sebastien Buemi6
17Adrian Sutil5
18Kamui Kobayashi3
19Sebastien Bourdais2
20Romain Grosjean0
20Vitantonio Liuzzi0
20Jaime Alguersuari0
20Kazuki Nakajima0
20Luca Badoer0
20Nelson Piquet Jnr0

Constructors’ championship

2Red Bull153.5
9Force India13
10Toro Rosso8

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33 comments on “Final 2009 F1 championship standings”

  1. Heidfeld beats Kubica… Real shame Nick doesn’t have a reputation of being quick despite beating Kimi, Robert, Webber..

    1. Same feeling here about Quick Nick. For as much as I like Heikki, I would love to see Heidfeld in a McLaren next season.

      1. Same. Remember in 2001, when Nick outdrove Kimi in the Sauber, and was still beaten to the McLaren drive? Now is the time to get him back. Hopefully…

      2. I second that! There is almost no way McClaren can lose the constructor’s championship if they hire Nick Heidfeld. He does need to work on his qualifying a bit I guess because Kubica was a lot quicker most of the time. But unless someone does something really reckless and crash into him or something you can be 99.9% sure he’s going to finish the race and probably will do that scoring points. So then you have Hamilton, just one of the quickest guys out there and Heidfeld, great tactician and possibly the most consistent driver in the field.

        Kobayashi was by far the most impressive debut driver this year and he definetly deserves a race seat. A lot of names at the top I wouldn’t expect at the start of the season! I kind of thought Hamilton would do well, Alonso too after his strong second half of 2008 (even without “crashgate”), I expected Raikkonen to get back up. Also figured Vettel would do pretty well but didn’t imagine him being second but that’s the only thing that went well. Hamilton, Alonso, Raikkonen, big names, never had a chance at the championship. Instead Jenson Button won it. I’m really happy for him and he definetly deserves it but I never expected it. So great job to Brawn Gp, their first half of the season was a fairy tale like story. Brilliant!

    2. I sure am loving all the recognition Heidfeld is getting around here :)

  2. goodjob for kobayashi for getting 3pts for the last race of the season!!! hope to see him racing on 2010.

  3. Funny thing is that after winning 6 of the first 7 races, button still manages to finish up with less than 100 points!

    1. He came to within 3 points of your beloved Hamilton’s total, and with one less race as well (2008 – 18 races, 2009 – 17 races).

      The competition was much more spread out this year also, unlike last year when Hamilton just had Massa to deal with. Massa beat Hamilton in total race wins as well last year (6 to 5).

      1. *cough* Spa *cough*

        1. What about Spa!?! The history book says he won it?


        2. I can’t believe the Spa argument isn’t over yet…

          1. It IS over. :)

            Just pointing out that Massa had 1 extra victory where he finished 2nd ;)

      2. He came to within 3 points of your beloved Hamilton’s total

        I think you just proved his point!

        Even at a stretch, McLaren probably only had the best car for 7 or so races last year. Brawn had the best for at least 8. And Button only missed out on scoring once, and still couldn’t beat Lewis’ total!

        1. Brawn had the best for at least 8.

          LOL!! That makes me laugh… the first 2 races, maybe 3, after that it was competitive, then after Turkey and the colder races it was well behind.

    2. Terry Fabulous
      1st November 2009, 20:46

      And in thirty years time no one will give a rats about the points, they will just remember


      1. keep saying it because you will never say it at the end of a season again!

        if he is so great then why does it seem that mclaren want kimi over him?

        1. Terry Fabulous
          2nd November 2009, 4:58

          Oh Boo Hoo Harv, stop having a sook and being boring.

          Give him some credit, let him have a few weeks in the sun.


  4. Massa 22 points same as Kovy and with a lot less races…

    1. Shows what a joke Kovy is. A useless driver

      1. Thats harsh. It doesn’t help when McLaren favour Lewis.

        1. every team tends to favour one driver…

          1. true! why is it that when its happening at mclaren, everone gets there claws out? have we just forgot schumi at ferrari at least mclaren havnt asked kovi to move over for hamilton on track!

            oh, for that to happen kovi would have to be in front of hamilton

        2. Thats harsh. It doesn’t help when McLaren favour Lewis.

          FFS!! Stop moaning about that!! Why the hell would mclaren want to conspire against Kovi?? He is driving for them & mclaren are desperate for the constructors title. I have the greatest sympathies for Kovi, but the guy is just not delivering. And I just cannot accept driving style BS!! Its a lame excuse to cover up your shortcomings. I think its in the best interests of both mclaren & kovi that he finds a seat somewhere else. He’s not yet ready for mclaren, he never was. The guy must consider himself lucky, he wouldn’t have landed up at mclaren but for that alonso spat & he’s blown his chances.

          1. Kovi is the ONLY driver on the grid that has failed get a podium despite having a decent car(second half at least). Everyone else have! Butto,rubens,seb,webbo,hammi,kimi,glock,trulli,fisi,nick,kubica add anyone I’ve missed.

            My question is what prevented Kovi from finishing on the podium? McLaren would have been ecstatic if he managed just that. His best classification this year is a 5th place!! And yet he criticizes the team! His performance didn’t surprise me at all. Even with a championship winning car last year, he finished on the podium only three times. All three were lucky. I think mclaren have been over-considerate towards Kovi. He needs a break to reassess his purpose in f1.

          2. Agreed.Kovy’s just been distinctly underwhelming over the past two years for the most part.He did finish P4 in Valencia though – not quite as bad as you said later :) .But he certainly had the car in the second half of the season to get at least one podium (certainly at Monza).

            At least Barrichello was fast enough sometimes to give Schumi a good run for his money every now and then.

        3. Didn’t hurt Alain Prost too much…

  5. Ferrari and McLaren battle this year had a dissapointing ending. Neither team scored.

  6. Kamui Kobayashi was impressive and aggresive. I liked him. Hope Toyota puts him in next year.

  7. 2nd year in a row that the constructors title was won with 172 points.

  8. Prisoner Monkeys
    4th November 2009, 2:37

    I like the way Nelson Piquet is officially listed as having come last …

    1. Piquet isn’t officially last, Badoer is.

  9. Now that Toyota has pulled out, Kobayashi’s phone must be one of the busiest after watching his last two races.

  10. Now that Toyota has pulled out, Kobayashi’s phone must be one of the busiest after watching his last two races.
    I hope Mclaren grab him to partner Hamilton seeing Kimi is asking for an arm and a leg.

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