Nick Craw on USF1 and US Grand Prix (Video)

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New president of the FIA Senate Nick Craw has addressed rumours about whether America’s new F1 team USF1 will make the grid in 2010.

In a video interview with Speed TV Craw told the channel he had inspected the team’s facilities twice and they had recently paid their $440,000 (�265,000) entry fee.

He was also asked about the future of the United States Grand Prix, which has been missing from the F1 calendar since 2008. He said he thought it unlikely the series would return to Indianapolis, and that two or three potential venues for a street race were being considered.

Watch the interview in full below:

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28 comments on “Nick Craw on USF1 and US Grand Prix (Video)”

  1. He was also asked about the future of the United States Grand Prix, which has been missing from the F1 calendar since 2010.


    1. Sorry! :-(

      1. …2007 ;)

  2. He seems like quite a smart bloke.

  3. Of course he is- he’s an American!

    1. Guffaw, guffawwww!

      Oh sorry, you were being serious.

  4. two or three potential venues for a street race were being considered

    Why oh why? Why not just spend the money on tarting up one of America’s many excellent and varied ‘road courses’ as they call them? We have enough street circuits already, and for the most part we know they provide incredibly dull races, something that won’t be addressed by a circuit made up entirely of 90 degree corners.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      12th November 2009, 2:31

      If you start dressing up road courses, people are going to call foul and claim they were ruined simply because they’ve been brought up to the FIA’s standards..

      1. Exactly. Even if the ownership at some circuitswere willing to upgrade, some of the turns and features that make them great for other series- MotoGP, ALMS, NASCAR, IndyCar, would be ruined. As a race fan, I would not want that taking place.

      2. Better than another crummy street circuit in some half-assed attempt to emulate Monaco.

        What’s wrong with Watkins Glen? It would be ace for the F1 circus to return there.

        1. Believe me, I would absolutely LOVE a return to “The Glen” for F1. It’s one of America’s best tracks, and only a few hours drive from ym house :) But the place would need some major work to meet the current FIA regs for F1 tracks. Plus, with ISC being the owners, I doubt that the France family is going to round up tens of millions of dollars to first remake the place and then shell it over to Bernie on a yearly basis.

          I would very much prefer a USGP to be at a permanent circuit, as I generally dislike street races. But if the place is going to lose the challenge in order to meet new regulations, I don’t always think of it as a good investment.

    2. Keith’s Idea, but… Oval Track. That would be a very intriguing challenge for F1.

      1. I agree, even if it would make the race too much about engine power. They could do the Indy oval, or maybe use the infield sections of somewhere like Atlanta Motor Speedway to create a hybrid course.

        As much as I’d like to see a proper, purpose-built F1 circuit in North America it would probably a) never be funded and b) ruined by Tilke.

  5. Great bit of info and good interview with Nick Craw. The comments about a revived USGP are not a suprise, as I have always figured there would be few, if any, circuit owners willing to put up anything close to the funds to upgrade to FOM standards. I really don’t like street races, but any race in the USA gets a huge stamp of approval from me!

  6. Although I would like F1 to return to countries like the USA and France I don’t like the suggestions that it will be at a street circuit in big cities like New York and Paris. To me it seems like another case of the location and surroundings of the circuit taking precedence other the circuit itself and the quality of racing it will deliver.

  7. Paige Michael-Shetley
    13th November 2009, 1:00

    I like Nick Craw. He makes me feel a lot more comfortable with Todt being President.

    It’s great to see that Todt is apparently emphasizing America.

  8. I’d like to ask Craw about lobbying Congress to put up the funds to bring another race track to F1 standards. We hear about all these stimulus money going to projects to revive the economy, why not create some jobs by taking a track such as (for example) Leguna Seca and bringing it up to F1 standards?

    1. Seca would need a total re-configuration. It’s too short and too tight for modern F1 cars. So Seca is out.

      I’d rule out Long Beach for 2 reasons. One, Bernie’s greed ended F1 racing there in 1983 (something he actually regrets) and two, Indycar has the GP locked til’ 2015.

      The only other street-circuit that is promoted by the city itself is St. Petersberg, Florida. Decent layout but would need facilities and an extension of the circuit by at least a half-mile.

      Not a overly glitzy location, but a Spring-Break race to open the F1 year would draw.

      1. Road America would be a properly fast track in an F1 car. Any likelihood?

        1. I agree Road America would be a good track for F1, with some safety upgrades, the fact remains it’s a pretty long way from a transportation hub. I think that, and money, will rule it out.

  9. Those disliking street circuits should google Long Beach Grand Prix. Take a look at the circuit layout, it’s not 90 degree corners. Shoreline drive is a long downhill straight where cars will hit 180+ before the braking point. Overtaking can be done and there can be drama there. The venue was first used for F1 but money demands made management switch to indy cars. With open wheel racing there every year since 1975 there is a pedigree and the operation is well run.

    Having said all that I am not a fan of all these new street circuits, or many of the old ones, but reality is that the money in the US won’t be spent by private interest without a financial return on investment. It won’t be spent by the government because the government isn’t seeking publicity and world status. Hence, quit dreaming about someone, or the government, spending tons of money to upgrade an existing road track.

    Long Beach would be a worthy F1 venue but I suspect money will prevent it and it will be a long long time before F1 races in the US again.

  10. these usf1 idiots will not just lose there 2010 spot, they will lose something much more important – there reputation… bernie made a hudge mistake with these looneys

  11. The FIA so called track stanards are a joke. They frankly have nothing to do with racig or safety. They are simply to make five star hotel paddock and pit area so models and the rich and famous can hang out. Abu dabi’s pit exit is an accident waiting to happen. If some one gets stuck behind another car in that tunnel or an engine blows in there. This is elitismm and politics why there is no USA GP. Silverstone isnt abu dabi with miles of run off area. However its Silverstone and its great. Does anyone think Big Bernie-E is right treatening Silverstone cause its not a palace. We are the fans we are the sport, not nieome campell in the paddock. Indy drew over 100,000 its last year more than other GP for a long time. Cant ask for more than that. What about Leguna Seca, The miller motorsportspark in Utah, Mid-Ohio, Long Beach calfornia, St Petersburg Florida, or dare i say Talldega(beautiful redone. But because there isnt luxury pits and lobster its a none starter. Saftey well the Nascar saftey barrier is a great advance and not one F1 track has it. The hans device was invented in the USA. Would the new awesome track in argentina be considered, not likely its not “F1 standards”. “F1 standards” is meaningless.

    1. Spot on. In F1 today, it seems style carried more weight than substance, but then what do we expect when we entrust its running to those who are concerned about nothing but money?

  12. Was that guy on script? It looked like it.

    1. HounslowBusGarage
      17th November 2009, 21:39

      Heh, heh, heh.

    2. no, i’m sure he walked in front of the camera with absolutely no plan for what he would say. :\

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