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Jenson Button has been confirmed as a McLaren driver for 2010.

He will team up with Lewis Hamilton in a move that will see McLaren retain the number one on their car.

Ross Brawn earlier told The Independent he was “amazed” about Button’s talks with McLaren, adding:

His best future is with our team, where he has a good group around him, and there’s a lot to be said for that. The logical thing would be for him to stay with us, but of course logic doesn’t always prevail.
Ross Brawn

The surprising move, first reported by Alan Henry in The Guardian, will not only mean Britain’s two best F1 drivers today facing each other in the same team.

It will also be the first time two previous world champions have paired up since the infamous Ayrton Senna-Alain Prost partnership of 1988-1989, also at McLaren.

Button’s win-less second half of 2009 – after a dominant start to the season – led some to question whether he ‘deserved’ his championship. By taking on Hamilton he has an opportunity to prove the doubters wrong.

With Button joining McLaren, Heikki Kovalainen is left to find a new team. There is a vacancy at former team Renault, assuming they remain in F1 next year.

The news also means Brawn – now Mercedes Grand Prix – will not retain either of its drivers for 2010. Rumours place Nico Rosberg at the team for 2010, potentially partnering Nick Heidfeld.

That would leave the reigning champion team without a race winner in its 2010 line-up. It has prompted speculation that Michael Schumacher, who was backed by Mercedes before he entered f1, could end his association with Ferrari to join their new F1 team in 2010. But so far there is nothing to back up that rumour, which would outdo even the Button move for sensation if true.

Has Button bitten off more than he can chew by taking on Hamilton at McLaren? How will Hamilton react to having a team mate with the number one on his car? Have your say in the comments.

Jenson Button joins McLaren

Press release

Sensational double World Champion driver line-up created as Jenson Button joins Lewis Hamilton at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Woking, 18 November 2009: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes is delighted to announce the signing of the reigning World Champion Jenson Button to a multi-year deal. He will be partnered by 2008 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, who will be embarking on his fourth consecutive season as a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver.

This unique partnership will mark:

– The first time in Formula 1 history that a team has started the new season with a line-up featuring the most recent two successive World Champions

– The first pairing of two British World Champions since Graham Hill [1962, 1968] partnered Jim Clark [1963, 1965] at Lotus in 1968

Jenson Button
2009 Formula 1 World Champion
Vodafone McLaren Mercedes car #1
“It’s always a difficult decision to leave a team when you’ve been there for so long. But life is all about challenges – and, most important of all, it’s about challenging yourself. So, although I won the World Championship with Brawn GP last year, and I’ll never forget that, I was always adamant that I wanted to continue to set myself fresh challenges.

“So that’s why I’ve decided to join Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. You can’t help but be affected by this team’s phenomenal history. McLaren is one of the greats of world sport, and its achievements and list of past champions read like a Who’s Who of Formula 1 – Emerson Fittipaldi, James Hunt, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Mika Hakkinen and of course my new team-mate Lewis Hamilton. I’ve followed the McLaren team ever since I was a small boy, and it feels unbelievable to finally be a part of it.

“When I visited the McLaren Technology Centre earlier this month, it wasn’t simply the technical resources and the incredible standards of excellence that impressed me. No, I was equally struck by the ambition, the motivation and the winning spirit that flow through everybody there. And then there’s the team’s epic history: put it this way, the trophy cabinets seem to stretch for miles.

“From a personal point of view, it’s also a great pleasure to be joining a fellow British World Champion. Lewis has achieved an incredible level of success in a very short period of time, and he’s a wonderfully gifted driver who has earned the respect of every Formula 1 driver. I’m sure there’s plenty that we can learn from each other, and I’m really looking forward to using our combined knowledge to push the team forward.

“Also, I think it’s fantastic that we’ll be forming an all-British line-up. I know that we both fly the flag with pride, and I sincerely hope we can make the whole of the United Kingdom, as well as Vodafone McLaren Mercedes fans across the world, proud. Nothing means more to me than to be able to represent my country, and I’m looking forward to both of us painting Formula 1’s circuits red, white and blue for many years to come.

“While I’m fully aware that there’s a tremendous amount of hard work ahead, I’m absolutely certain that Vodafone McLaren Mercedes will be able to deliver where it matters: on track. I’m already looking forward to starting work with the engineers at the McLaren Technology Centre as we begin our preparations for the 2010 season – and the defence of my world championship. This is a team that always goes racing to win, and I’m looking forward to being part of that.

“Last but very far from least, I want to say that the 2009 season will always have a special place in my memory, and I’m absolutely sure that everybody at Brawn GP who worked so hard to achieve our World Championship successes feels exactly the same way about it. Equally, I want to thank the guys at Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines, without whom we’d never have been as competitive as we were. I’m so pleased that I’ll still be using their engines in 2010 and beyond.

“So I wish all my old Brawn GP mates well in their new Mercedes Grand Prix adventure, just as I hope they’ll wish me well in my new Vodafone McLaren Mercedes adventure.”

Lewis Hamilton
2008 Formula 1 World Champion
Vodafone McLaren Mercedes car #2
“It’s fantastic news that Jenson has decided to join Vodafone McLaren Mercedes – and I’m looking forward to working with him and our engineers to make sure we kick off the 2010 season with a car that’s competitive enough to win the World Championship – but I want to send my best wishes for the future to my 2008-09 team-mate and now good friend Heikki Kovalainen, who is one of the nicest human beings I’ve ever met.

“I already know Jenson, and we get on very well together. We both really want our team to succeed. Although we’ll be pushing each other hard, I’m sure we’ll very quickly establish a great working relationship. He’s an exceptional driver: very controlled and very smooth, and he has a real depth of knowledge and experience. I think we’ll complement each other very well, and our collaboration will make the team stronger as a result. Also, I’m delighted to be racing alongside a fellow British World Champion, and I believe we can pull together to make Vodafone McLaren Mercedes the best team on the grid.

“I’m sure Jenson has already started to appreciate our team’s unique culture and the special family atmosphere that makes it such an incredible place to live and work. We really are like one big family – and I’m sure Jenson will feel the warmth of that welcome from day one.

“Obviously, as a British driver, I’m also thrilled that we’ll be flying the flag for the United Kingdom, and I think today’s announcement is fantastic news for all British sports fans. I hope they’ll be giving us their full support when the season kicks off next March. I’m already looking forward to Silverstone – it’ll be massive!

“Looking ahead, I think the results from the second half of 2009 speak for themselves, and I’m convinced we can carry that momentum through the winter and into the new season. I’ve been closely following the development of our 2010 challenger, the MP4-25, and I think it’s going to be a state-of-the-art car that will enable both of us to consistently fight for victories.”

Martin Whitmarsh
Team principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes
“Everybody at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes is absolutely delighted to be able to welcome Jenson to our team. It has always been our policy to employ the two very best possible drivers – and, in Jenson and Lewis, we feel we not only have the fastest pairing on the 2010 grid, but also the two most complete, professional and dedicated drivers in Formula 1.

“Moreover, I’m confident that we’ll be able to successfully balance and harness Jenson’s and Lewis’s complementary skill-sets. Our engineers are already looking forward to working with Jenson, and I’m convinced that such a strong and dynamic driver line-up will make us an even more complete and competitive operation. Now we have to provide Jenson and Lewis with race-winning machinery.

“I want to make clear that Jenson’s decision to join us was in no way motivated by money. We’ll be paying him no more than he could be getting elsewhere, and that fact is a reflection of not only Jenson’s belief in Vodafone McLaren Mercedes but also his desire and ambition to build on the phenomenal results he achieved during the 2009 season.

“I also want to thank Heikki for his selfless contribution over the past two years. As well as being very quick, Heikki was and remains a great character whom we’ll all miss considerably. It goes without saying that we wish him all the best for next season, and would be very pleased if he were to secure a good drive for 2010.

“We’re ambitious, we’re motivated and we’re hungrier than ever. We make no secret of our ambition for next year: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes wants to win both World Championships – and, with Jenson and Lewis, we believe we’re better equipped than any other team in the pitlane to do exactly that.”

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300 comments on “McLaren confirm Jenson Button will join Lewis Hamilton for 2010”

  1. Excellent. it’s gonna be great to see him and Hamilton in the same car. I always though Button should have been in a McLaren since the beginning of 2007 instead of Heikki, but now he has his chance, and as reigning World Champion.

    It’s gonna be good next year…

    1. I’d like to see Button and Hamilton in the same car, too. It’s a tight enough fit with just one of them!


      1. hehe that made me chuckle. though it was awful all the same ;)


    That is one awesome line-up. Eat your heart out ferrari.

    1. hmmmmm, are you sure about that….

      Massa – 320 points, 116 races
      Alonso – 577 points, 140 races
      Ferrari drivers = 897 points in 256 races and average 3.5 points per race and 2 driver WDCs

      Button – 327 points, 172 races
      Hamilton – 256 points, 52 races
      McLaren drivers = 583 points in 224 races
      and average 2.6 points per race and 2 driver WDCs

      Clearly Hamilton has the highest average, not having raced for a backmarker, but I don’t think anyone needs to eat their hearts out…..

      I think the line ups at both teams are pretty amazing. I really hope that the Ferrari and the McLaren are back to top form and these 4 drivers can fight with the Red Bulls and Mercedes/Brawn teams!!!!!

      1. I think the line ups at both teams are pretty amazing. I really hope that the Ferrari and the McLaren are back to top form and these 4 drivers can fight with the Red Bulls and Mercedes/Brawn teams!!!!!

        Couldn’t have said it better! 2010 looks to be a great year for f1!

        1. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
          18th November 2009, 22:33

          If Merc, Ferrari, Red bull and Mclaren are all competitve we could have the best 8 drivers battling for the title assuming Rosberg is at Mercedes and hoping Kubica can join him. (except for Kimi of course)

  3. well ok then, we got him. I dont think this is gonna be a pretty season for McL.

    I am a McL fan to the bone but theres something about this am not liking. I would of rather have kept Hekki or Kimi.

    1. I don’t see why it should be such a big problem. Everyone is comparing it to the situation in 2007, but I don’t think it’ll be nearly that tense.

      Hamilton is better than he was in 07, and Button is not as good as Alonso, so they shouldn’t be rivals all season long. And besides, Alonso is a one off- no other driver would go in such a huff about perceived inequality.

      1. I think the whole 2007 saga was all created by Alonso believing he should be favoured as the experienced driver… suddenly a “rookie” beating you must be annoying. If it has been few season in Alonso would have probably taken it easier.

        (maybe the problem was Hamilton wouldn’t crash his car to favour Alonso :P)

      2. hey Ned want some humble pie????
        I said it was so…

        1. Actually AP I agreed with you. My point was you can’t believe all rumours you hear, otherwise Raikkonen will be going to Red Bull, Glock would still be going to Renault, Schumacher will be driving for Mercedes etc.

          (By the way it would be amazing if Schumi did sign for Mercedes!)

          1. :)

            I understand what u mean, some rumors are just thinly veiled truths, others are wild speculation.

    2. Same here – awful news.

      1. Awful for who?

        1. McLaren get another champion driver.
        2. Button gets a 3-year deal with a historic team, with good chances of wins next year.
        3. British fans get an all-British outfit to cheer on, and we’ll see how these two really compare.

        I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be celebrating…

        1. the one (ok, maybe a few) problem i can see arising is how Mclaren will set up the car, will it be more understeer or more oversteer? will it be a massa/ kimi situation in 08 where ferrari developed the car away from the reigning champs style? will it be a mclaren white wash like last time they had two world champions?

          Well im happy with the news, at least Button is better than Heikki

        2. Awful for those outside of Britain who get the BBC feed and commentary.

          They go no far too much about the British drivers when they are midpack, let alone when they are near to or at the front. It part of the reason why I dont like Button

          1. Poor Button, being disliked because some motormouths talk about him too much.

            Surely they’re worse about Hamilton?

          2. The same things happens on Spanish TV (to an even greater extent), Italian TV, Brazilian TV – basically, the home TV station who provides the commentary will almost ALWAYS be slightly biased towards “their guy”.

  4. I’m surprised at McLaren’s choice, but then again not surprised due to copious amount of speculation.

    Button will have a hard time getting the attention of the team but from other forums, I hear that he is supposed to be well suited for next year’s car. Hamilton will probably not let Jensens number one status phase him as he’ll probably get preferential treatment anyway.

    1. The rule changes for 2010 suit Jenson to a tee: narrower front tyres and bigger fuel loads, meaning more understeer and critical tyre management.

      That’s not to say that Hamilton will struggle to match him… it’s going to be a fascinating season!

      1. I voted Jenson will score more points just because next year’s regulations favour drivers who can handle tyre wear best and have smooth driving style in different conditions (varying fuel loads over the race).
        Although it’s that black and white, I think it’s not that predictable to say LH will be that good over Jenson…
        Maybe LH will qualify better, but Jenson will be stronger in the races.

        1. Agree totaly with that LH vs JB

        2. And Jenson might pick up more consistent points. Not wildly dramatic but it won him the championship this year.

        3. Very very unlikely.

          People were of the opinion that Alonso and Kimi would take time to adjust to Bridegestone tyres at the start of 2007. It was also expected that in 2008, Massa would struggle due to lack of Traction Control.

          Both assumptions were proved wrong. Just a simple change in regulations are not going to change the pecking order of the drivers. It will change the pecking order of cars, not drivers.

          Hamilton proved that he has overcome his tyre degradation problems at Hungary 2009.

          Button however, never proved that he has overcome his qualifying problems.

          Button will definitely be better than Heikki was in the car. But he will be no match to Hamilton.

          I somehow think that Button was unwanted by both teams, Mclaren and Mercedez. Mercedez, coz. they are foolish to want to just 2 German drivers, and Mclaren, coz. they wanted Kimi.

          Button just took the option which he had.
          Awful management by Button’s negotiation team

      2. the tyre changes are not that different from last year, the width is about 15mm smaller, its not that big.

        the tyres are not going to be able to last the whole race, bridgestone have said that the harder tyres will last 25 laps of a 60 lap race, so 1 stops will be hard, and soft/ hard compound will still need to be used. thats not including increased wear for the first stint, so we are likely to see first stop lap 20/60, second stop 45/60, last stint of 15 on softs.

        quite similar to last year, except staying out longer with less feul will not happen next year

  5. This is awesome news. I love everything about it. I think most people feel that Lewis will wipe the floor with Jenson, and I include myself in that. But after consideration and a review of 2009, Jenson has got it. Without the pressure of bagging his WDC I think he’ll give us all a surprise when up against his new team mate.
    Then again, Lewis is on such a mission to put the depth of experience gained during 2009 to the test and walk away with the 2010 crown.

    Roll on March!

  6. Wow. I was skeptical this would actually happen, but lo and behold. Either the best or worst move of Button’s career, and it’s all up to him now to prove his doubters wrong. Now we have two top teams with massive internal competition.

    1. Either the best or worst move of Button’s career

      Either way, it’s going to be decisive: that’s what’s so fascinating about it. But if Jenson finds life tough at McLaren, he’s got 3 years to sort it out. I doubt he’d “do an Alonso” and be scared off by a quick team mate.

  7. Despite all the build up over the last few days I am still slightly surprised Button has signed for McLaren.

    While I still think that Hamilton should beat Button next year, as long as Button can get the car working for his driving style, as it will have been developed more around Hamilton, I think the issue of tyre management with no refuelling could make it closer than some seem to think it will be.

    I don’t think Hamilton will have a problem with a teammate having the number one on their car, he will only have a problem if Button is consistently quicker than him next year.

    1. … it will have been developed more around Hamilton

      This is a logical-sounding idea, but I wonder how much a car is developed specifically for one driver. After all, McLaren will always have to make their car suit two drivers, not just Hamilton.

      And as cosy as Lewis is at McLaren, they cannot be absolutely focused on one driver: they are keen on getting that constructors’ championship trophy, and for that you need consistent points from both drivers.

      There’s been quite a bit said about the contrasting driving styles of Lewis and Jenson. But what about Heikki and Kimi, are they similar to Lewis or fairly neutral? If Kimi had got the drive next year, would he have been fast in a Lewis-developed car?

  8. Two British champions in one team?!? Crazy! I bet ITV wish they were still the F1 broadcaster. I think they would just pretend there were no other teams and rename the programme ‘The McLaren Show’.

    We haven’t had England vs Germany in F1 since the mid 90’s, so it should be great. Obviously I predict a England win, but perhaps I’m biased…

    1. LOL be painful to watch for the rest of us..
      Hey it looks to be a cracker of a season can’t wait.

  9. Poor guys at Brackley…..they never got their driver signing day. Marketing disaster for RB/NF. JB is an excellent driver and very marketable……good luck in your new team…..BrawnGP lasted a year……it’s now german!

    1. Next Ross Brawn should leave.

    2. You’re right, it is a bit sad for them. They had good team and driver consistency for 4 seasons, but a 2-year spell with poor cars. Now they are on a high with double championship wins and now Mercedes security — but they have lost two great drivers.

  10. I can’t help but think that Ross is right, but actually this is a great opportunity to put to rest any questions about what he deserves. Everyone knows, whether they like him or not, how good Lewis is, now Button gets a chance to prove himself in the same car.

  11. I just hope that the MP4-25 will be neutral enough in order to be tailored to each driver’s style. If the car is already designed to be more prone to oversteer (the way that Lewis prefers), setting the car so that Jenson can have a more understeering car (the way he prefers) will be much more difficult.

    But, short of signing Kimi, I think that this is McLaren’s best chance of fighting Ferrari for the Constructor’s Championship.

  12. Good bye Jenson!!

    Atleast Kimi ended his career by a strong second half to the 2009. You, on the other hand are going to be smothered!!!

    1. Atleast Kimi ended his career by being bought out of his contract in favour of another driver.

      There, fixed that for you.

  13. I can’t wait to see Hamilton destroy Button next year. Will shut my friends up for sure :)

    1. But if you are wrong… then they will tell you sir to be quite.

      Will be interesting… and hopefully not just for a couple or races.

    2. Will shut my friends up for sure

      Were these the same friends that were cheering on Hamilton through 2007/2008 and didn’t know who this “Jenny Buttock” driver was?

  14. Ross was right.
    I would rather the seat went to Kimi if I’m honest.
    That said now I have got over the news it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. I don’t know how strong this line up is compared to Ferrari but it also is hugely dependent on the car.
    This may work well but it won’t be a love in with the two garages and nor should it be. Lewis previously said his crown was just on loan to Jense for a year.

    1. I think it will be amicable enough. Both Lewis and Jenson appear to be decent blokes and are not likely to throw a strop, like a certain Spanish fella.

      Of course they are both highly competitive as all racing drivers are — they won’t be giving each other any favours on track.

      1. Hopefully Hamilton will obbey team order for qualifying, unlike he did in Hungary 2007. I hope they get on well but can’t see it.It’s an strong partnership “for sured”.

  15. Can’t help thinking he was still second choice to Kimi.
    It will be very interesting next year.Button must have jumped at the chance to drive for Mclaren they should be much more competitive than Brawn Mercedes.I still think Hamilton is the stronger driver and Button may struggle to take away the Lewis love in Mclaren seem to have.

    1. Yeah, they only confirmed once Kimi said he wasn’t up for it.

      Poor man is in for a car crash, my enthusiasm upon first hearing is gone.

      Well, its definately the second best way to fight Ferrari an thats is not a good way to start a season.

    2. Button may struggle to take away the Lewis love in Mclaren seem to have.

      I understand how it looks to viewers at home when they see Lewis achieving all the success at McLaren, but I don’t think there is ‘Lewis love’ or favouritism towards him. I just think he has defeated both Fernando and Heikki as team mates.

      I think McLaren will provide equal equipment and opportunities next year. But the deciding factor could be how Jenson handles things when his car isn’t perfect.

      1. defeating who? equal points in 2007.

        1. He scored more 2nd places. he was 2nd on the championship and alonso 3rd.

          1. the same way massa would have been champion if he had won brazil and hamilton came home 6th, you cant deny it he beat alonso, fair and square.

            lets please not start this again


  17. HounslowBusGarage
    18th November 2009, 13:29

    Ross is right. I can’t see how this is going to go well. Nevertheless, I hope it will.

  18. Atleast we’ll see if he’s the real deal. However Ferrari are going to make McLaren look like a joke next year.

    1. yeah right, we have seen all the testing and Ferrari looks business. the 2010 Ferrari goes faster than light, take that Mclaren!

      1. yeah :-) going faster than light will help Ferrari win the 2009 championship … in 2010 :-)

        1. can’t go faster than light in a gravel trap! :D

          1. Especially if you’re a chauffeur named Montezemolo…
            Alonso gets stuck in gravel trap in first Ferrari appearance

      2. Faster than light? So infinite mass then. Good job we’re not publishing fuel loads next year. $:)


        1. Haha! I don’t think the car is weighed when its moving though! :P

  19. Get in, really happy for Button, i think he has done well this year and hopefully next he will at least keep up with Hammy.

    Quick question, what number will Brawn/Mercedes carry on their car now he has gone?

    1. Who cares, you can hardly see the numbers any more. :)

      Probably 3 & 4, Red Bull kept Jaguar’s numbers when they bought the team. Plus they get the first pit garage which makes stops a bit easier.

      If they’re regarded as “a new team” like Brawn were, pick a number between 16 and 27…no idea what order they’ll be in.

      1. Who cares, you can hardly see the numbers any more. :)

        True, but the numbers dictate the garage order on the pit lane, so it is relevant.

        1. Isn’t the thing that dictates garage order in the pits the finishing order of the previous seasons Constructors Championship?

          This year McLaren had numbers 1 & 2 because Hamilton was 2008 Drivers Champion but as Ferrari were Constructors Champion in 2008 they had the first garage.

          So unless Mercedes get classed as a new team they should get numbers 3 & 4 but get the first garage in 2010.

    2. it will be Rosberg’s number 7 on the car.

    3. Its Hammer time
      18th November 2009, 17:36

      Mclaren Mercedes
      1. Jenson Button
      2. Lewis Hamilton

      Mercedes GP
      3. Nico Rosberg
      4. Nick Heidfeld

      Redbull Racing Renault
      5. Seb Vettel
      6. Mark Webber

      Scuderia Ferrari
      7. Felipe Massa
      8. Fernando Alonso

      Williams Cosworth
      9. Rubens Barrichello
      10. Nico Hulkenburg

      11. Robert Kubica
      12. ?

      Force India Mercedes
      14. ?
      15. ?

      Scuderia Torro Rosso
      16. Seb Buemi
      17. ?

      USF1 Cosworth
      18. ?
      19. ?

      Manor Motorsport Cosworth
      20. Timo Glock
      21. ?

      Campos Meta Cosworth
      22. Bruno Senna
      23. ?

      Lotus Cosworth
      24. Jarno Trulli
      25. ?

      Qadbak Sauber Ferrari
      26. ?
      27. ?

      Would be my guess

      1. I tought Sauber would keep their position…

      2. Heikki to Renault i say

  20. wow
    I half expected it but now it’s confirmed it’s going to make F1 very interesting. Next season is looking good for fans!

  21. I don’t how I’m going to be able to cope with the excitement about next season for the next 115 days. Button and Hamilton at McLaren, Massa and Alonso at Ferrari, the return of the silver arrows. It just gets better and better.

    I’m not sure everyone should write Button off so quickly in the contest vs Lewis, the new rule changes will suit Button’s style more than Lewis who tends to wreck his tyres. Unfortunately the team will obviously continue to favour Lewis, so we’ll probably not get to see a fair fight.

  22. McLaren choose a weaker team mate for Hamilton. Kimi may have given him tough time.
    McLaren will prefer Hamilton in anyway and this time, Button will cry like Barichello cried in Brawn team.

    1. Button will cry like Barichello cried in Brawn team.

      That’s a bit harsh on Barry. He made one unacceptable comment but otherwise he was a great team mate, delivered two wins and contributed a lot to the constructors’ championship.

      I don’t think there will be an “atmosphere” at McLaren next year. I imagine Button will knuckle down and does what is needed.

  23. I can easily see the “You know, I have #2 on my car, I’m the #2 driver” again :-)
    Will be fun to watch :-) Can’t say I’m a fan of any of the LH & JB, I just admire McL as a team.

    As for car set-up: it is easy to make an oversteering car to understeer: just lower the front wing angle – less front grip and by the way less drag which gives some extra top speed ;-) Also mind the narrower front tyres ;-)

    1. As for car set-up: it is easy to make an oversteering car to understeer: just lower the front wing angle – less front grip and by the way less drag which gives some extra top speed Also mind the narrower front tyres

      Just putting narrower front tyres on will have much the same effect as decreasing the wing angle.

      This seasons cars were inherently ‘oversteery’, and next season they should be more neutral or even ‘understeery’. And when you have 160kgs of fuel effectively stabilising the rear end, it’s going to have a tendency to want to go straight on!

    2. As for car set-up: it is easy to make an oversteering car to understeer: just lower the front wing angle

      Praise be!! The holy grail of racecar setup has been hiding in the mind of an unassuming F1F commenter all this time! Hey, why didn’t you speak up back in June, then Jenson could have won the last ten races and avoided all that “Is he worthy?” bother!

      Please. Do a bit of research next time. The balance and dynamic weight shift of an F1 car as it rounds a corner under braking, turning and acceleration forces, not to mention centre of downforce changes, angle of attack and atmospheric conditions has a lot more to it than some numpty shouting “lower the front wing angle”.

      1. Not sure you need to be such a douch about it.

      2. A quote from Wikipedia:
        “In modern race cars, especially open-wheel race cars, oversteering in high speed turns is caused mainly by aerodynamic configuration. A heavier aerodynamic load on the front of the car relative to the rear causes it to oversteer.”

        1. A quote from me: F1 cars have to steer around low speed corners as well.

          And as for the accuracy of Wikipedia…

        2. alot of people say the new rules suit jenson more for next year.

          well if you look at this years rule changes they seem to suit lewis. larger front wing, smaller real wing and smaller diffusers, it pretty much screams an oversteer car because less rear end grip! but that was not the case when the season began,

          the new rules wont eithers driving style, as for jenson nursing his tyres, well first he has to heat them, which caused him big problems mid season, or have people forgot that already

  24. Mercedes GP – 3 and 4
    Red Bull – 5 and 6 etc etc

    1. Won’t Merecedes have the 22 & 23 or similar seen as they are a new team effectively (a bit like when Brawn bought out Honda)?

      1. They aren’t a new team – isn’t the reduction in Mercedes ownership segmented over two years and also McLaren already own part of the team anyway. Its not a new owner… one of the existing owners will now own the whole team.

        1. Brawn was considered a “new team”, albeit without having to stump up the new team deposit to FOM. So why isn’t Mercedes Grand Prix considered a new team?

          When Brawn took over Honda it was a management buyout. Ross and his buddies bought the team lock stock and barrel. This time, we have Mercedes buying a 75% share of the Brawn team — perhaps this makes it a different case.

    2. i think red bull will have 3 and 4.
      mercedes will have Rosberg’s number on it. so they’ll be 7 and 8 (i think).
      mclaren 1 and 2.
      williams will be 5 and 6 because BAR was 3rd in the champ, but can’t have the no.3 as that’s for the driver who came 2nd and is in a different team to the champ.
      confusing i know…

      1. I thought car numbers were based on the Constructor’s postions. The #1 and #2 will go to Button and Hamilton (as Button was World Champion he gets Number 1). Then Mercedes GP should get #3 and #4 (although I am not sure as they will be entering under a new name does that not change anything?). Red Bull will have either #3 and #4, or #5 and #6. Ferrari will have #7 and #8 – as they were 4th in the Constructors. Williams will get #9 and #10 (as Toyota and BMW were above them but both have since pulled out). Renault should get #11 and #12, unless they pull out. Force India will have #14 and #15. And Toro Rosso will be #16 and #17. I am unsure on how the new teams’ numbers will be decided.

      2. This is a copy of a post a made on the subject of next seasons car numbers on the Raikkonen sabbatical article

        There was a little debate about the numbers Mercedes would have if Button joined McLaren in this article

        Sorry I don’t know how to link to a particular section of a webpage, but I would say it is about a quarter of the way down in the same thread as the debate on Heidfeld.

        Usually Brawn/Mercedes would have numbers 3 & 4, as after the team with the World Champion the numbers are awarded based on the Constructors Championship, which is what I personally think wil happen, but I don’t know the details of the relevant rules.

        Some think that because of the Mercedes takeover it will be classed as a new team and will be at the end of the pitlane with the other new teams with car numbers in the 20s. But it may depend on how the takeover is classed as some F1 team takeovers this decade have meant that the new team inherit what would have been the old teams numbers but Brawn this year were classed as a completely new team so had numbers 22 & 23.

      3. mercedes will have Rosberg’s number on it. so they’ll be 7 and 8 (i think).

        Rosberg doesn’t own the number 7. This isn’t football.

  25. I think Lewis will score more points, but Jenson will score points more often.

    Never thought this would happen for all sorts of logical and PR reasons, so good on you JB for seizing the opportunity.

  26. I think Jenson will be quite relaxed about his team mate’s reputation. He has achieved his long term goal and can now enjoy the moment of being World Champ in a McLaren F1 car. I expect lots on 1-2s from McLaren next season. But who will be 1 and who will be 2? Jenson is almost certain to finish a race if the car does not break; meanwhile Lewis has the outright pace and will always go for the win even if he crashes in the attempt. That’s what I liked about Mansell, an out & out racer “Yes Frank, I’ll take it easy, promise” then the red mist descends!!!. McLaren are quite right they always try and get the two best drivers available and no one can argue with that this year. They are, after all the 2008 and 2009 World Champions. I cannot wait…..

    1. I expect lots on 1-2s from McLaren next season.

      Formula One’s other dream team might have something to say about that.

      A lot of us expect Ferrari to be back on form next year. We’ve excused McLaren and Ferrari due to the champ battle last season and the big rule changes, and they’ve both made headway with in-season development. But if Fezza aren’t back on it in 2010, perhaps they have lost their way a bit.

      1. Thats if Fernando isnt busy throwing his helmet at Felipe at the end of every race!

  27. Aren’ the best F1 cars designed to have neutral handling characteristics so that they can then adapted to suit not only the driver, but the specific circuit too.

    If that’s the case and McLaren follow that design philosophy then Jenson shouldn’t have an issue with car setup.

    I wonder how quickly he can get in their simulator and start work?

  28. I wonder what went on at BrawnGP / Mercedes to make Jenson walk.

    I like Jenson, but I think Lewis will have the edge on him, not just in terms of ability, but car / team / support etc. and I think he would have been better staying put. So I am sure he would have thought the same.

    I think Jenson has had the move forced on him, so I wish him well at McLaren and hope that it turns out that it is Mercedes that regrets letting him go, not the other way around.

    1. This is what I think went on.

      Jan->Start of season
      Jenson: I’ll take a pay cut, but I’m taking one for the team. Bare this in mind.
      Ross: ok

      Mid season->Now
      Jenson: I’m WRC leader/world champ I need a pay increase, I only accepted the large pay cut to save the team.
      Ross: Sorry we can’t give you a pay rise, stay with us anyway on the cut salary.
      Jenson: That’s a kick in the ********, it’s kind of an insult too after the pay cut I took earler in the year.
      Ross: Do one!
      Jenson: You’re mean
      Ross: It’s just business Jenson
      Jenson: McLaren want a chat with me
      Ross: Fine, Hamilton will nail you, you daren’t go.

      Later on…..Jenson thinks to himself…
      Ross doesn’t think I’m worth it. People are doubting my talent a little anyway. There is no better way to prove I am a great driver than matching Lewis in the same machinery, their car should be good and Brawn could totally change now Mercedes own it. I’m off.

      ##The End##

      My thoughts are, does any British driver turn down a McLaren drive? They are to Brits what Ferrari is to Italians.

      His talent is already questioned by a number of people compared to previous world champions. He has less to loose than we think going up against Lewis.

    2. Odd result isn’t it. Jenson has been very loyal through those two dismal seasons, and after wrapping up both championships you’d think there was no reason to look elsewhere.

      In late 2007 Jenson (and everyone else at Brackley) was keen to see what improvements Ross Brawn could make and turn around Honda’s fortunes. Jenson has now taken advantage of that, but why move on now?

  29. This is good for McLaren.

    Not sure who will be quicker. Instinct tells me it’ll be Lewis who is quicker and will score better.
    Jenson certainly sets himself some high challenges.
    Maybe the 2010 rules will work in his favour though?
    I can’t wait…. Oh the pain of waiting so long….

  30. I suspect Jenson Button will regret signing for McLaren.

    Lewis Hamilton went toe to toe with Fernando Alonso at McLaren and came out ahead. Granted, by that point Hamilton had been with McLaren for a long time but ’07 was his first year driving for the F1 team as opposed to merely being supported by it. If anything, over the last two years, McLaren has become more and more Lewis’ team than it was in 2007. I’m not suggesting Hamilton gets preferential treatment but any team will naturally mould itself around such a driver who has enjoyed such superiority over his team mate.

    The scale of the challenge before Button is even greater than that Alonso faced – 2010 could be make or break.

  31. Button will get absolutely killed by Hamilton. Your site keeps falling over every time there is breaking news.

  32. The 2 biggest losers of all this fiasco are BRAWN and KIMI.
    BRAwn, coz they now have NICO and NICk , both of them are unproven racers.
    Nick is there for ages and still hasnt been able to win a race.
    And Nico, despite the double diffuers at the start of the season, he could not even manage a podium (TOYOTA managed 4 podium finishes last year).

    And KIMI, wat to say abt this guy. Comeon man,u may be highly rated but u are as goodas ur last performance.
    He should have grabbed a race seat and also, WRC will not be a bed of roses……. Shame kimi… get lost and have lots of ice creams

    1. LOL at “have lots of ice creams”

  33. Good news as it finally ends the speculation and bad news as it leaves Kimi without a seat for 2010… I’ll miss him. Just for fun, what does Hamilton mean by — “Looking ahead, I think the results from the second half of 2009 speak for themselves”?

    I guess, this how media makes the news these days :) :)

    One thing for sure, Button puts himself under pressure for 2010 by sitting alongside Lewis. I’m sure that it is most likely that he’ll be outperformed by Lewis.

  34. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

    1. Lol I was wondering where you were mp4! Big, big shame about Kimi. Should be an improvement on Heikki (I hope he gets a good seat too)

      1. I’m upset Steph! Never thought Daily mirror & Guardian could get it right!

        1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww.
          As a guardian reader my heart first sank when they “announced” the deal, not the mirror or the mail, i though if they say it then it must be wrong.


          1. I think that 83% Lewis will beat him score says all really.

        2. Sorry you’re upset Mp4 but the papers had to get something right about f1 at some point :P

  35. At least it shows Jenson has carbon fibre balls.

    I can see it ending in tears however!

    1. Hope not! I’ll be supporting him.

    2. At least it shows Jenson has carbon fibre balls.
      I can see it ending in tears however!

      Are they more painful than regular ones?

  36. Podium ceremonies are going to be very short!!(Cuz macca are going in for a clean sweep) “God save the queen” is the shortest anthem played in F1.

    Last time two champions were paired, McLaren whitewashed the entire field & hope will do the same.

    Hope Button stands up to Hamilton. I tend to support the weaker ones. So I pledge my support to Button.

    1. !!(Cuz macca are going in for a clean sweep)

      Watch out for the red team ;)

      1. What Manor?!?!? :)

        1. hopefully Manor will keep their all black livery. (with red or white Virgin logos on it I suppose)

      2. @Step: I hope they show up with good car next season, unlike F60.

        @mp4: I would prefer mixed results, than a clean sweep. Clean sweeps tend to make the season uninteresting… we’ve seen it between 2000 and 2004. As you say, if only Mercedes had produced engine with current reliability during those years, Kimi would have given Micheal a run for his money. It would have been much more interesting, and Kimi might well have had another one or two WDC titles under his belt now.

      3. you mean the red Bull team? ;-)

        1. Noo I mean Ferrari everyone! :P:)
          I think next year is going to be chaotic to be honest. There are a few contenders. Lewis Jense Felipe Fernando Seb. Mark at Red Bull though he is dismissed a lot

    2. I am a huge JB fan, but i agree, going to be supporting Mc now, but i dont care as long as it is “God save the queen” and not the brazilian or Spainish antheme I’ll be happy!!!

      Come on JB!

      1. I’m a McLaren fan period.
        I’m going to have a little bit of a problem deciding, I think i’ll stick with Lewis though, he’s been with us longer.

        And 2007… nowt will be seen like that again.

        1. Dont get me wrong, Lewis is a fantastic driver, and was in awe of his skill, i have just been supporting JB since 2000, but i have always been a closet McLaren Fan!

          1. I am with you steph ….2 former champions are going to fight but i guess for the 3rd and 4th spot in the championship….2010 is going to be painted red…

        2. Lol Arun my fellow Ferrari fan I’m very excited for our team next year!

      2. I can bear the Brazilian anthem much better.

    3. Last time two champions were paired, McLaren whitewashed the entire field

      … and just about tore the team apart. Not dissimilar to 2007 (although there were other complications).

      I doubt this will happen with Lewis and Jenson though. They both seem quite laid back with regards to their team mates.

  37. Luckily they haven’t fired Rubens otherwise they might be out of drivers.

    1. If Hamilton wants to win, all he has to do is put a pea underneath Button’s seat to induce mild discomfort thereby rendering Button useless :-p

      1. Or he could just pee ON Button’s seat….

        1. HAM could be a royal pain in the back by not doing any physical act – just moaning :-) Hope though he grew up a bit over the past 2 years

          1. they pee on themselves during races anyway.

  38. Is this the first time someone has turned down working with Ross Brawn??

    1. yes.

      says something about both of them doesn;t it.
      And Ross wanted Jenson, he did. Now he’s got mush to work with, hope he can sign Vettle quickly.

      1. Actually, I’m very curious to see how Rosberg will do next year. I think he has potential to be more than “mush.”

        1. yeah…
          I’m annoyed right now. I’m sure he’ll do fine. If he wins a race we’ll know.

    2. I dont know that RB like anyone. He just took a completely competitive team and dismantled it over money. He used finances and going out of business as a way to get JB to drop his fee for 09 and now he is still crying poor moouth for 10. He ran Reubens away when he would hve been the perfect teamate for either butoon or Rosberg. I dont see them making the podium nearly as often next year. This teams logic still mystifys me.
      He must have really disliked these 2 guys who handed him the wdc and wcc.

  39. Before this move was confirmed, even after Raikkonen was removed from the equation, I didn’t want it to happen as I wanted Button to stay at Brawn/Mercedes, so I am quite surprised at how excited I am about Hamilton and Button together at McLaren, probably my two favourite current drivers at one of my favourite teams.

    I would have preferred Button at Mercedes as unless they manage to pull off a major surprise, their 2010 driver line-up is looking the weakest of the four teams I think will be challenging for the title next year; Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull and Mercedes.

    Although I like both Rosberg and Heidfeld, Mercedes rumoured line-up, neither are proven race winners, has a driver ever become Champion having not won before his Championship season? I know some drivers have only won once before their Championship season most recently Button and Alonso.

    From a personal point of view I wouldn’t mind my favourite driver/team winning every race, although it would make the season boring. But as long as my favourite driver won in the end the scenario I would choose would be to have multiple drivers and teams challenging for the title and for it to go down to the wire, as not only does it make for a more exciting season overall, but in sport an achievement is even greater if you have to beat the best to do it.

    1. the scenario I would choose would be to have multiple drivers and teams challenging for the title and for it to go down to the wire

      I’ve been saying for a while: if Button had won six of the last seven races, how exciting would that have been?!

      In the end, we can’t choose. Just because the same driver has led the championship all season, and there’s less tension at the end, doesn’t make it a boring season.

  40. Jenson will play a strong #2 driver to Hamilton, might bag a win or two when Hamilton is having problems, but I don’t think he will ever get the upper hand.

    McLaren however, could be in a good position for strong points finishes if they can keep Jenson focused and motivated after he realizes that he’s made a mistake by joining the team.

    Prediction for next year’s Driver’s Championship, it will be a 3-way contest with:
    – Alonso/Ferrari
    – Hamilton/Mclaren
    – Vettel/Red Bull

    If Vettel can curtail the errors/retirements then it just might be his year.

    1. Jenson will play a strong #2 driver to Hamilton, might bag a win or two when Hamilton is having problems

      Ha! You make that sound like Jenson would voluntarily act as Lewis’ backup :)

      1. No, unfortunately I think Jenson is in for a rude awakening when he realizes that he can’t match Hamilton’s speed.

        I like Jenson, happy for his champioship, but I think he is a good, solid tier 2 driver — not tier 1 like Hamilton, Alonso, Kimi, and Vettel.

  41. Lewis has the ability to adapt to changing circumstances within the car. I don’t think Jenson has shown that he is able to do that this year. Lewis has also proved that he can develop a bad car into a good one. I know you’ll say that was the team, but the driver must have some input to it as well.
    McLaren will not hold back one driver so the other does better, that just will not happen least of all at McLaren. They want to win, and if their so called favoured driver falls of the circuit that would be a self inflicted handicap by holding back the second driver. So I just don’t believe they would do it. This year Lewis got some development parts before Hiki, but that can be a risk too. The parts could slow the car or make it unreliable. When you are developing a good car that fighting for the championship you have more to lose. So you might put them on the unfavoured driver ie the one not fighting for the championship. This year McLaren did not have anything to lose by trying development parts so just went for it. Next year could be different.

    1. Lewis has also proved that he can develop a bad car into a good one. I know you’ll say that was the team, but the driver must have some input to it as well.

      Normally I’d agree with you, but with no testing during the year, I’d say the drivers influence on car development is significantly reduced.

  42. I am not happy with the deal :-(

    Have you all forgotten how JB was commenting about his car last season? I would not like to hear such comment on our MP4/25!!

    Well, I know Ron must have told him that….

    1. If Ron is still in charge, will he make Button shave his beard and have an army style hair cut? He’s gonna loose his personality!

      1. That is 100% “Definitely”…

  43. About five weeks ago, around the time of the Brazilian Gp, I heard that Raikkonen had declined to do the pr work McLaren had requested him to do if he signed up with them. Since then, no one has touched on this subject, does anybody else have any information on this? If true, it certainly made McLaren’s decision to go with Jenson all the more easier.

    1. In the past 3 seasons, how many times have you seen Kimi posing for PR photos or schmoozing with Ferrari sponsors? He obviously had a sweet low-commitment deal with Ferrari (perhaps in their haste to replace Schuey) and Kimi wants more of the same. Unfortunately, not many teams can let a driver get away with that.

  44. Button is a good driver but the reason he won this season is because of the first 7 races if not for that catchup period that everyone had to take it would have been a much different story. Just look at the last 8 races Hamilton outscored button and won more races. Even though I like Jenson, Lewis is just going to have better pace easily.

    It would be cool if Schumi came back though and not under the Ferrari name.

  45. So Raikkonen didn’t want to do the Vodaphone commercials, I guess.

    Button is a skilled driver—somewhere among the best of the second tier—but he is going to have some trouble because 1. the lack of permitted testing miles, 2. new engineers and new engineering, and 3. the pressure to repeat and thus quiet the whispers of “undeserving champion.” I would also point out that, as a very tall driver, he had the luxury of a car designed to suit him and manage weight distribution accordingly; he won’t have such a car at McLaren.

    1. Yes and how many champions have been able to retain their title the following year?

      1. It’s not too soon to forget that Alonso and Hakkinen did it, and Schumacher, obviously, a few times. And Alonso came within a hair’s breadth of taking three in a row—in a new car. In fact, since 1990, there have been eight repeats, and only six drivers before Button were not “repeaters” in that period. So, yes, if the car is good, Button will be under legitimate and fair pressure to repeat if he wants to be seen as a true peer of his recent WDC predecessors.

        1. I meant “six champions” not “six drivers.”

        2. And Alonso came within a hair’s breadth of taking three in a row—in a new car.

          Ah, so it is possible.

    2. Completely agree.

    3. as a very tall driver, he had the luxury of a car designed to suit him and manage weight distribution accordingly; he won’t have such a car at McLaren.

      Why on earth not? Kubica is also a tall driver. Are you suggesting he will be useless in a 2010 Renault because he is tall and they didn’t build him a car in 2009?

      Racing cars are bespoke machines and driven by just two people. Of course the car is designed to suit both Lewis and Jenson. It’s only November, the MP4-25 isn’t finished just yet.

  46. Jeepers its a landslide in favour of Lewis at the moment…so little faith in Jenson.
    Would the result be different if we did this poll after Turkey?

    1. As it stands now it pretty much reflects a poll the BBC had on their website which ran for about an hour or so after the news was confirmed, although it only had two options.

      Which driver will be more successful next season?
      17% – Button
      83% – Hamilton
      Total votes cast 20974

    2. Would the result be different if we did this poll after Turkey?

      Good point. There was a lot of negative talk about Lewis early in the season, saying he couldn’t develop a car and that his time in the sun was over. How quickly opinions change eh!

      1. Well that’s what proving yourself and earning respect is all about.

        If 2009 was a championship for that then Lewis won by a mile.

        Jenson will be quicker than Kovi though…

        1. Well that’s what proving yourself and earning respect is all about.

          Precisely what Button is doing by signing for McLaren. We’ve heard stories of drivers such as Schuey, Alonso and Rosberg being wary of quick team mates. Thumbs up to Jenson for stepping out of his comfort zone a little and seeing exactly how he stacks up.

  47. Brawn is gone, and now the World Champ as well. If MB sign Heidfield, it will be an all German affair. (Perhaps BMW’s decision to get out of Dodge, before Big Brother’s train rolled into town, wasn’t all about the economy ?)

    It will be interesting to see how tolerant the team will be, if they aren’t winning. Second place, historically, never interested them much, and being defeated by your own engine….all the ingredients for a Teutonic stew.

    And this with the ghost of Alfred Neuhbauer drifting around the pits…they had better keep the silver polish handy, something may get tarnished.

    1. I don’t understand half of what you’re saying, but…

      It sounds like Merc wants to continue Brawn’s cheap ‘n cheerful approach, so that will be interesting to see next year.

      As Keith says in the article, Merc have given up a stake in a great team in order to have control of their own. If it’s not an all-out manufacturer assault like we’re used to, what will happen?

    2. i would have loved to see marcedes vs bmw, unfortunatly with bmw out when mercedes was born, doesnt alow it to happen, then again audi have been roumered to be thinking of f1 entry in 2011 maybe under audi or even the porsche name, so we may yet to see a german powerhouse scrap

  48. I’ve got so much to say it will just have to be bullet points:

    1 Ross Brawn obviously wanted Jenson so he hasn’t got much clout in the new organisation!

    2 Button obviously felt unwanted at Brawn/Mercedes so he was right to move,

    3 Ron Dennis ran the team around Lewis I but I don’t that’s the case now.

    4 I’m glad most of the posts on this forum are fairly pro Jenson, why do some people have to be so down right nasty?

    5 Has Ross ever had to work with such unproven drivers as he will have for next year? What a mistaka to maka!

    6 Go for it Jens (and Lewis) prove all the doubters wrong and come 1st and 2nd, I don’t really mind which way round.

    1. 5 Has Ross ever had to work with such unproven drivers as he will have for next year? What a mistaka to maka!

      Yay! An “Allo Allo” reference on my blog :-)

      1. Keith Brazilian sources reporting Kimi has signed with Mercedes. Do you know anything? Globo is meant to be saying it to. I have no idea why Brazil would know before Finland but how plausible is this?
        Usually I’m sceptic of such reports but after today…

        1. True it’s been reported by Globo, just cites the journalist Lito Cavalcanti of SporTV as a source.

    2. come 1st and 2nd, I don’t really mind which way round.

      Hear hear!

  49. Hamilton:
    I’m already looking forward to Silverstone

    Does he know something we don’t?

    1. Good spot. :D

      1. Yea, the silverstone edition McLaren will have guns on the front of it, and RPG’s on the back!

  50. He has chased a bigger payday than Brawn was prepared to offer. Pure and simple. He will be in a hugely competitive car and, yes, he will get some results because of it. But he should have stayed put. He will get buried by Hamilton.

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      19th November 2009, 2:46

      Actually, if you read some of the reports detailing Mercedes’ reaction to it all, they reckon they offered Button more than McLaren did. Reports claim McLaren are paying Button six million, bu Mercedes were offering eight.

      1. Really? What does that say about Button? Going to McLaren for less money? He thinks he’s going to be driving a better car? He just won the world championship in a Brawn. He sounds like he has the same people advising him as when he left Williams for Honda and then wanted to go back to Williams again. (Or something like that. As you know, it was a number of years ago.) Anyhow, Fry is less than complimentary in his interview with

        1. Prisoner Monkeys
          19th November 2009, 6:01

          It says that money is not his priority. He clearly thinks that McLaren can offer him a better car, and certainly a more stable environment than Brawn. Yes, he won a World Championship for a team that, by rights, should not have existed at the beginning of the year, but it was a very stressful period. And now they’re undergoing another regime change. I you read the interview with Fry, you’ll see he clearly thinks Button owed his championship to Brawn and decided to play hardball.

          The McLaren MP/4-24 was far and away the best car on the grid by the end of 2009, and will form the basis of the MP/4-25 for 2010. But there’s something far more telling in all of this: Button went to McLaren just as Mercedes left them. Normally, you’d think he’d be very silly for doing so, but McLaren may just have an ace hidden up their sleeves: Button’s best seasons have come when he drives for independent teams.

          He was first for Brawn in 2009, third for BAR in 2004, and on debut with Williams, he was eighth overall, which was pretty impressive. At the same time, his worst seasons have been with manufacturers: seventeenths in 2002 for Bennetton (but by then they were effectively a works Renault team). Fifteenth in 2007 for Honda, and sixteenth for the same team in 2008. He does have the odd good season for manufacturers – 2003’s seventh place and 2006’s sixth both stand out – but for the mos part, he seems more comfortable in private teams.

          1. Well, I think money is a part of his priorities. Yes, I guess he must think McLaren can offer him a better car. (Their history certainly points to that.) I do think Brawn is not a stressful environment. Ross Brawn has proven himself to be an excellent, no drama, team manager. Particularly since Brawn has now made it through their first year so successfully. I do think McLaren has a bit of change going on inside their team also. Admittedly, they have pretty big cash reserves to help steady the ship. Yes, McLaren was, in my mind, the best car on the grid at the end of the season. (Being run pretty close by Red Bull.)You make a good argument PM, but I guess my bottom line is that Button is going to have an awfully hard time matching and bettering Hamilton’s efforts. That fact will cause an unstable situation for Jenson. Hope he is up for the challenge. Apparently he thinks so.

  51. ayyy don’t think that is the smartest move Jenson have ever done far from it. Why should things be different this time? If the DOUBLE world champion Alonso was put to the side and Hamilton given the number one driver treatment (even if the team claimed not to) but actions speak more then words. Hamilton being given the last qualification lap, lighter fuel loads for better pole position. Of course the break apart inside McL was largely due to Alonso wanted to be #1 driver and didn’t get the treatment and felt they gave Hamilton that spot no matter what they say. No matter what Brawn might say Button got then #1 treatment (Rubens all a sudden put on 3 stopper in a race nobody sane normally 3 stops, Rubens being told to slow down and save the engine when he had better pace then Button and maybe/maybe not could challange him for win, Rubens frequently got the heavier car for the race..).
    Now Button is WDC and been treat as #1. Will he be satisfied of being treated as #2? Or even 50/50 as #1 at best. I got my doubts. But maybe he will he’s pretty timid but this year we seen the spark from him showing that he wants to be #1..

    Going to be a fun season to watch. Feeling McL might disintegrate once again partly through the season.. Becaused Hamilton looooves to be in the lime light… If he is not well he (or his dad) will do anything to get him in the lime light again.. Be interesting what words comes from Lewis or his dad here today.. Something WILL be said in the next few days that I’m sure of…

    1. I think you are overestimating both Button men. I don’t think the Hamilton’s will ever feel very threatened by them…

    2. “Rubens all a sudden put on 3 stopper in a race nobody sane normally 3 stops”

      Dude seriously. Both cars were on a 3-stop strategy, because Brawn thought that was best. Get over yourself.

      They swapped Button because they could foresee the strategy not working for him. IF Barrichello had kept up the pace (ie not slumped during one of his stints) he could have kept the position.

      1. You need to stop telling people to get over themselves, when what you mean is that you don’t agree with them. It’s got no class.

    3. don’t think that is the smartest move Jenson have ever done far from it.

      Are you one of these types that would have criticised Button if he’d turn down the McLaren offer?

      Hamilton being given the last qualification lap, lighter fuel loads for better pole position.

      Ah, it turns out you are one of those types. Having a light fuel load is a big advantage all of a sudden eh?

  52. JB did the right thing this afternoon….he went to Brackley and did his signing duties as promised! won’t have been easy for him but give the guy his dues…..he said he wasn’t happy with the negotiations, didn’t force a Dutch auction which NF said he wouldn’t get into. Idom’t think RB or NF (or Mercedes for that matter) tried hard enough to keep JB. Good luck to him at Mclaren….it’s going to be hard for him but he knows what he’s bought into for 2010. I also think Lewis will be fair with himss JB was one of his hero’s from his karting days……JB was the driver the youngsters always looked up to….including Lewis

  53. Button made a stupid mistake. To be honest he’s not much of a driver whereas Hamilton is in top3 of the current drivers. I’m expecting Button to have a very humiliating season next year.

    1. You’re right, it sure was humiliating for Button this year too, winning more races than anyone else and wrapping up the championship with one round to spare. He must feel like a right chump.

      1. Are you misunderstanding my comment on purpose or are you just dumb?

        1. I think you’re seriously underestimating how competitive F1 actually is. Do you think any driver could have delivered Button’s performances this year if they were “not much of a driver”?

          1. No. I don’t think that for instance Nakajima could have delivered in the same way.

            However, I’m pretty sure Heikki Kovalainen could’ve get the same results in Button’s car. And that’s where Button is in my ranking – right next to Heikki Kovalainen who was humiliated in 2008 and 2009 with Hamilton.

            The biggest reason why Barrichello (whom I also consider to be “not much of a driver”) lost so much points to Button was his breaks – after changing them Barrichello was as good or even better than Button.

            I’m not saying Button didn’t deserve his title, of course he did. He took his championship when he had the chance to do it and therefore deserves his title. But if he didn’t have so overpowered car at the beginning of the season or if his team mate had been any better than second-rate Barrichello or if Barrichello didn’t have so many problems or if Red Bull hadn’t screwed up so many times, Button couldn’t have delivered.

  54. It will be great for Bitish F1 fans, and I’m a Scott! Just like Stewart and Clark rivalry, but they did not drive in the same team. They had some great banter though. I remember chuckling at a piece I read where the young Stewart impressed the crowd about taking this corner almost flat. When Clark butted in and said “so you actually lift there?”

    1. Thankd for that Derek:) I like hearing about former racers especially the greats.
      Stewart doesn’t seem to thrilled with Button’s decision…

    2. The banter between Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart was also good fun. Not dissimilar to the Hamilton/Button chit chat during one of the press conferences last season — Jenson challenging Lewis to compete in a triathlon I think.

    3. Derek – you’re a scott? – don’t you mean scot?

  55. Good news to me, as we can see how good Button really is. Only thing is, Kimis without a drive!

    1. Lining up alongside hamilton in the same car is a trial by fire for any driver.

  56. Oh..and the next announcement your gonna hear is the 2010 Brawn lineup of Rosberg and Heidfeld. It’s a little mediocre, but they will produce results with the Brawn/Merc car. The only surprise that could come of all of this. Perhaps Brawn/Merc will make the “SHOCK” announcement that leading the team in 2010 will be MS. Ross and MS were spotted more than once in Abu Dhabi in deep conversation. What do you think they were talking about….fishing? :-)

    1. Perhaps Heidfeld with a Merc engine could beat his own extremely boring reliability record.

      Ross and MS were spotted more than once in Abu Dhabi in deep conversation. What do you think they were talking about…fishing?

      You never know, perhaps they still have something to talk about after 12 years of working together.

  57. The Irony is that If Jenson were to be Lewis teammate this year nobody would have even said a word. I mean all of a sudden button is an extreme talent now. He could not even get to the podium in the second part of the year. Mclaren did not take him because he was a talent but they took him only for the media glitz and a better No 2 driver for Lewis.

    In fact whitmarsh quoted that

    I want to make clear that Jenson’s decision to join us was in no way motivated by money. We’ll be paying him no more than he could be getting elsewhere,

    which ideally mean he got pushed out of Brawn team as EJ mentioned and in a frenzy got the only place that is left in Mclaren.

    Frankly Lewis is an extreme talent and Jenson is no match to him.It kind of makes me remind the opening scene of the Disney animation movie “CARS”

    Lewis would be saying

    “Speed , I am Speed. 1 winner and 25 losers…I eat losers for Breakfast …err sorry I eat Jenson for breakfast”

    I sincerly wish Button proves otherwise.

    Moreover look at the hype that is created around McLaren all of a sudden. Everybody is speaking as if they have won both the championships next year. Remember the game is changing a bit next year and also
    Mclaren had the advantage of KERS during the later part of the year over others.

    Too Much of underestimation of Ferrari and Ross Brawn. Hope Mclaren lives to their expectation next year.

    The only absolute certainty in this is Lewis. Rest everything is still speculation and needs to be proven.

    1. If EJ said anything then it must have been wrong.

      Brawn actually tried to keep Button just before he signed for McLaren.

      1. Yep, he was amazed all right
        Brawn were trying to screw Button, but who’s sorry now?

      2. It is not Brawn throwing out Button but Mercedes throwing out Button. How else can we justify Whitmarsh’s statement that they are not offering anything more and Fry’s subsequent statement that Mercedes offer was higher

        Anyway losing button is not a big loss overall other than the number on the car because any average can do what button did. Lets get it straight it was the Ross Brawn car and a team mate who is too weak and old.

  58. Now if we get Nico in Mercedes GP I will be a happy man. I hope he gets it and wins. I would love to see a a Vettle vs Rosberg vs Hamilton vs Button for title. I can dream.

    1. u r forgeting the color red in your battle….watch out for the prancing horse

      1. Well that will be interseting. I dont see Massa taking a back seat to Alonso.

  59. Well, I’m Indian… and i’ll be supporting McLaren…. for some reason I’m confident they’ll get the constructors next year.

  60. When was the last time we’ve had a “FINNless” Grid?

    There is an old saying:—> if you want to win, just hire a Finn.

    Sad :( very depressing :(

    1. Nico has some Finnish blood in him anyway Heikki may get a drive hopefully.

      1. If Kovalainen gets a drive it will have to be with one of the “new” teams, I think

  61. In light of Whitmarsh’s cruel comments about Button’s pay, it seems all the more pathetic that Raikkonen walked away from this seat to avoid the occasional shopping mall parking lot autograph scrum.

    Yes he is a Real Racer and whatever, but the team pays his salary in part via sponsors who rightfully expect and have paid for high-profile shilling by superstar drivers. You can’t say, “pay me a mint but the people funding my salary can go pound sand.”

    I’ve been a fan so long, even when he went red, but one has to view his exit as a sad but fitting coda to career known for brilliant driving but terminally marred by a immature, selfish attitude.

    1. Apparently Raikkonen stood to lose a million by racing for Mclaren as opposed to not racing in F1 at all.

      1. I heard about that but I don’t understand why Ferrari would pay off Kimi less money if he drove for another team?

        Perhaps they would find it embarrassing if he kicked Alonso’s bottom. And beat him on track of course.

        1. couldn’t do it in 2005, just kept braking his car

  62. I don’t like JB and feel he doesn’t deserve to be world champ. But his move to maca serves ross brawn right.Poor fellow took pay cut to save the team,and all he asked was his previous salary.Now brawn will mostly have wannabe winner nick heidfeld to partner Rosberg, both haven’t won a race and both aren’t going to win any either.

    1. both haven’t won a race and both aren’t going to win any either.

      200% agreed! The next GP winner for Merc F1 will be Vettel.

      1. I think they could get their first wins. I’ll be very happy if Nick gets it.

        1. Its Hammer time
          18th November 2009, 17:54

          Absolutely me too. I think from where we sit now we have 8 drivers in the 4 top teams who will all be scrapping for points and swapping positions next year! I haven’t done any work today I have been so excited

          1. If only it were that simple. I have a feeling the expected hierarchy will become muddled. Remember when everyone thought BMW would be winning in 2009?

      2. Nah vettel will drive for Ferrari and become the next Schumacher, I reckon he will replace Massa depending how good or bad Alonso does.

        1. Interesting theory. I think Mercedes want Seb though and maybe that was also behind Button’s thinking with his own position. Seb’s contract also runs longer than Felipe’s. If he is replaced it will more than likely be with Robert Kubica. However, I know him and Fernando are friends but Alonso considers him a very good driver and therefore a challenge so who knows what will happen there.
          Seb could go to Ferrari in a few years but again I don’t know how Alonso would feel about that :P

          1. Huh? Don’t forget Red Bull have been supporting Vettel for years. They haven’t finished with him yet, and if they continue to build cars as quick as the RB5, he won’t want to go anywhere else.

    2. I think people seriously underestimate Rosberg.

      The reason that Rosberg scored so many points and Nakajima none is not because Nakajima is no good at all. If anything Nakajima is about the same level as Kobayashi.

      Give Rosberg a really good car and a good strategy (which Williams sorely lacked this season) and he could be amazing.

      1. If anything Nakajima is about the same level as Kobayashi.

        Then how come Nakajima has been entirely uninspiring in two years at Williams, yet in just two races Kobayashi is pulling feisty overtakes and scoring a handful of points?

  63. I can’t understand why Button changed teams, it would b better 4 him 2 have stayed in Brawn, anyway hope he does well though i don’t see him beating Lewis

    1. Button was forced out to make way for an all German Team.

      1. I feel another ‘Allo ‘Allo reference coming on.

  64. Thats a shame. Hoping Raikkonen would get the seat.

  65. I’ve been closely following the development of our 2010 challenger, the MP4-25, and I think it’s going to be a state-of-the-art car that will enable both of us to consistently fight for victories.”

    “We’re ambitious, we’re motivated and we’re hungrier than ever. We make no secret of our ambition for next year: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes wants to win both World Championships – and, with Jenson and Lewis, we believe we’re better equipped than any other team in the pitlane to do exactly that.”

    Hope all those STRONG words are not a DUD!

    1. Well their car should be quick but they will have competition.

    2. I am little surprised at the way predictions are made about Mclaren without even once going on a test track with the other 2010 challengers. They may have done a good job but underestimating others would not be a wise stuff. They had a real bad car on the beginning of the year. Remember all that green paint on the chassis for aero-corrections.

      Given that KERS was their advantage this year and the same would not be available next year would be another thing to note.

      1. The only team that openly declared that their car for next year is not going to be really good was Renault.

        Every other team said next years car will be a lot better than this year’s car. Why would McLaren not say the same?

      2. Given that KERS was their advantage this year…

        Funny how KERS used to be the thing that was holding everyone back.

  66. I think i wont bother betting who will win the season but bet where jenson will finish i smell a 2nd or 3rd for him tbh in a decent mclaren.

    yes hamilton is a better driver when the whole rules are around speed for the young guns and being regardless of the tyres being worn to the bone because of fuel pitstops giving them a reason to stop.

    But this is 2010 the rules now favour Jenson, Webber, Rosberg, Heidfeild and Ferrari’s etc now, because they are good at slowing tyre ware so i just dont understand why people are saying hamilton is going to destroy button in points because he is better?. Lewis would probably look strong from the start because he is at the front, but wait until it comes to the time to change tyres those other drivers will outlast him for another 3-4 laps while lewis is stuck at the back because he had to replace them early.

    Lets imagine both jenson and hamilton went on top gear again to do that fast lap in a resonably priced car this time about 60 laps and together in the same car. We all know Lewis would attack from the start while jenson is taking it like a normal driver taking his grandmother shopping. First 20 laps lewis is faster by abit, laps 20-40, soon lewis’ tyres start to ware down button keeps a steady time still and is sometimes beating lewis’ times, last 20 laps, jenson’s tyres are starting to fade abit but still enough to keep the same time because of less fuel and maybe still able to go faster, lewis has worn his tyres smoother then a baby’s bottom he has no grip jenson overtakes lewis, lewis cant do anything with no grip, he tries to catch up but spins off doing so.

    thats all i can see for Lewis in 2010, either he has the best car for 2010 by miles to win the season or Lewis is the next jesus of F1 and can slow tyre ware on his car better then those guys with no experience doing so. IMHO i can really, really, really, really only see lewis get 4th best in 2010 im not joking btw, just because it isnt his field of expertise. If he does that good i can see him getting 2011 depending how the other teams are doing.

    1. Too funny. Marcus, I am absolutely certain that the tires would not be the first thing to fail on a Lacetti if Hamilton were flogging it for 20 laps.

    2. Lewis Hamilton actually was on Top Gear. His lap was absolutely staggering. It had everybody in awe.

      He was almost as fast in the wet as the other F1 drivers were on a dry track!

      I’ll agree that the new regs favour Button, btu Hamilton learned a lot about preserving the tyres this season already.

      I think the reason that people see button getting slaughtered is that Button struggled beating Barrichello. A driver who would be normally classed a midfielder. Hamilton took care of Alonso when still a rookie. Quite a different level of driver. So why would Hamilton have any trouble beating someone on the level of an aging midfielder?

      1. Only because he was driving it around like a go-kart destroying the tyres. i bet you he couldnt do that for a whole race without going through 3 sets of tyres.

        1. an f1 car is a giant go kart……..

      2. Button struggled beating Barrichello. A driver who would be normally classed a midfielder.

        Button outclassed Barrichello at the beginning of the season, and kept up with him in the second half. Hardly “struggling” is it.

        You can’t say Barri was a midfielder this season: two wins and 3rd in the championship is better than that.

    3. Your forgetting next year the cars go quicker after stopping.

      So if LH does used up his tyres 3-4 laps earlier (i dont agree, he did a great job on tyres last year compared to 07/08. Hungary was a good example) He will go quicker than Button on his old tyres…just needs to be fed into clean air.

      Bring it on! Personally im a huge Mclaren fan and dont mind button but he has never got me excited about his driving like LH has. He isnt really a Mclaren looking driver to me. At least he will pick up solid points following LH home a bit higher up the order than Kov.

      Other point…will he be able to keep the face fluff to suit Mclarens clean look?? or is it ok post Ron??

  67. Just for the record, Kimi does adverts for Shell,Alice(mobile network) and Fiat all on TV here in Italy. He was also on the main 2hr F1 programe nearly every week and always gave interviews at race weekends.

    1. Kimi who??

  68. Waw !!!
    That is some eye-catching line-up !

    As a Frenchman I have to say that you Brits should be proud of you: 2 reigning champions in an home-based team: extremely impressive !

    It may well be very “A1GP style” next year with 2 Englishmen in a english team, 2 latin drivers at Ferrari, maybe 2 Germans at Mercedes (Rosberg/Heidfeld ???)

    Send Bourdais to Renault, quick !

    I’ll have a look at Rosberg next year: I think he’ll do well

  69. I think JB should have stayed with BRawn/Mercedes though… Ross Brawn IS the winning machine in F1.

    Maybe the 2nd half of the season was too tense there ?

    I am fed up with reading “Ham will destroy JB”… Are you 10 yo kids swrming over their super-hero’s powers ?
    There are many more parameters, and I don’t think Button will be ridiculous next year. I too suspect he will score less points, but the Ham/JB ratio won’t be a Rosberg/Nak or an Alonso/Piquet ratio.

  70. I can’t help but think Brawn dropped the ball on this one. Is it too unrealistic to cough up a little more money for the guy who just won you the world championship? Especially after he took a pay cut to help the team out when money was tight? Just sayin’…

  71. You gotta hand it to the boy – he’s got some nuts.

    He’s obviously confident enough in his own abilities to VOLUNTEER to go HEAD to HEAD in the SAME CAR as one of the most precocious talents on the grid – the safer option would have been to stay at Mercedes GP – But as he says he wants to set himself new challenges and test himself against the best opposition he can find – even Schumacher wouldn’t do that in equal machinery – it also transpires that it wasn’t about money as he is on no more at McLaren than he would have got at Mercedes GP

    You gotta ask yourselves who would he have faired better against Rosberg or Hamilton – He’s CHOSEN the harder nut to crack …I can’t wait :)

    As soon as Jenson won his title Hamilton was proclaiming that he is the best driver in F1 – in effect throwing down the gauntlet – well Jenson’s picked it up & slapped him round the face with it ….. I bet you Lewis didn’t expect that !

    This is like a unification fight in boxing Jenson’s won his latest fight – with Lewis looking on from ringside – Lewis has called him out and Jenson’s straight back in his Face !

    In those time honoured words of Michael Buffer……
    Leeeeeeeeeeet’s Get Ready to Ruuuuumble :)

    1. Excellent comments. I doff my cap sir.

  72. Taking personal sponsorship into account it seems JB has gone for a lower salary at McL. I think he is gambling on McL still being a good car next year and the no-fuelling suiting his style over Hams.
    However, Ross B is no fool and I would agree with previous comment and not be surprised to see Sch return in a Merc. And if the Merc ain’t fast enough there might be some ‘unused’ hidden menu choices on the dashboard.
    I would hope that JB has had a quiet chat with Heikki before jumping…

    1. Schumi in a Merc??? Luca Di Montezemolo would be roiling in his grave if he was dead…

  73. exciting to say at least!

    The no refuel will suit Button more probably, but all in all Hamilton is the better, if not the best driver!

    But I see Jenson coming close.

  74. 2 brits at McLaren, 2 Germans at Mercedes(potentially)indian drivers at Force India in 2012, god forbid Italians at Ferrari….hummm it’s A1 Gp-powered by Mercedes-in the making..

    but seriously… i predict a dominant dominating 2010 season from McLaren… they are the only team to have the most consistency moving on from 2009. the only change is Jenson, (and what a change that is)… all the other teams, bar Ferrari have a lot of changes to deal with…but Ferrari have a long way to go to get a 2010 championship winning car….

    1. but Ferrari have a long way to go to get a 2010 championship winning car…

      I don’t understand why they abandoned the F60 so early. Are they reinventing the wheel? (I got that line from a management meeting.) So the F61 (?) could be something special… or a proper cockup because they didn’t evolve it from the F60.

  75. We’ll just have to see how this is going to turn out next year. But I like it anyways. Because now, they can put all the shots of Buttons father and Hamiltons father/girlfriend together (as there all in the same pitbox, or close atleast), which leaves more time for things that I actually want to see while watching F1.

  76. Why do Jenson look so sad in all the pictures i’ve seen of him since the announcement?

    Poor thing.
    Mercedes is wrong for letting him go.

    He may be at Mclaren now, but his heart is at Brawn/Mercedes

    Just sad

    1. Are those… violins?

  77. Button will most likely finish more races than Hamilton. I think Hamilton will win more races.

    I think Button is probably the best choice McLaren could have made to partner Hamilton. I doubt Jenson is going to anyone sail off into the distance if he can possibly help it and he’s not going to end up looking like the nondescript second driver. I suspect McLaren are hoping Hamilton might learn a thing or two about tyre management from Button.

    It will be interesting to see just how the two compare.

  78. Good for them ALL – A great all British team with two of the best drivers and maybe the best infrastructure behind them! Good luck Hamilton and Button! And we will be waiting for the first frictions on Ferrari, between Massa and that arrogant Spaniard Alonso.

  79. 2 things – firstly I’m surprised how very few comments have mentioned the one thing that came in to my mind when this was announced…What an incredibly gutsy decision from Jenson. Fair play to him,m he gets my respect for this. He’s taken probably the one seat on the grid that threatens his credibility the most.

    Secondly, all this tyre-wear nonsense about Hamilton. So what if he burns off into the distance chewing up his tyres? He is actually allowed to change them. This is one of the big potential plusses for getting rid of refuelling. We could see a tyre conserving Button being chased down by a freshly shod Hamilton over the final few laps for victory.

    1. Not if Hamilton keeps being put at the back of the pack every time he needs to change tyres.

      He will be lucky to be within 20 seconds of jenson at the end of the race if he cant maintain his tyres fresh or not at the final laps. Hamilton wont be able to drive 100% of his ability next year because he will have to develop a jenson style of driving to do well with these rules being up. Other then that this is Jenson’s “hood” for racing, it’s like Rafael Nadal on a clay court he has natural feel for that.

      1. yo are so full of………

  80. This is brilliant for McLaren and Hamilton, and baffling but very brave by Button – kudos to him for having the balls to challenge Lewis in the same team.

    Ross Brawn will be regretting this. As good as Rosberg and Heidfeld are, they’re not going to take the team anywhere in partnership with each other. Ross better hope Schumacher has a change of heart (though that would be pretty awesome!)

  81. Now that’s gonna be funny.

  82. I can’t see how people can possibly think Button will stand a chance against Hamilton. Yes there will be rule changes, but Lewis’ talent is immensely bigger, he will eat Button on raw pace. His very first drive of 2009 in Australia confirmed this – Button never proved himself to be any good in a dog of a car.

  83. Poor jenson, wont be pretty. At least should provide some comic value.

  84. Good news, go Woking. Button has cashed in at his peak, why not. McLaren wouldn’t have touched the “playboy” a year ago.
    Should make for good sport though, especially the GB v Deutschland between McL & the Merc team. But maybe that’s for 2011, we’d better wrap up the Ities first :)

  85. As I have posted previously I initially didn’t want this to happen, but now that it has and I have had some chance to think about it, I am excited to see how two very different drivers, both of whom I admire for different reasons, compare against each other in what will hopefully be a very competitive car.

    I really do think Button is (still) underrated by many and although my instinct is that Hamilton will have the edge, I think it will be close and not the whitewash that some are predicting. I think Hamilton is stronger in terms of pure pace, particularly in qualifying, but that Button is equally as good a racer and more consistent.

    The debate of what makes the best driver is as old as F1 itself and over the time I have been following F1 the great and good drivers to me have fallen into one of two mutually exclusive categories – those who are constantly pushing on the limit, are generally faster but make more mistakes, and those who drive marginally within the limit and are more consistent. The former type are generally more exciting to watch and that leads many to perceive them as the best, but the latter type are often equally if not more successful. I am looking forward to seeing two drivers who to me typify these two styles going head to head in the same car and finding out which one comes out on top, because I see it being very close.

    I don’t see the comparisons to 2007, frankly. Alonso as double world champion expected to be given preference over the rookie and wasn’t, then had a tantrum about it. I have never been a McLaren fan (this will be a record for me, in 25 years of following F1 this will be the first time of me desperately hoping they produce a championship contender of a car) but I believe Hamilton and Alonso were treated equally and it was equal, not preferential treatment that Alonso wasn’t happy about. I do however think that JB might be at a slight disadvantage initially being the newbie in the team, but that won’t last long if this does indeed turn out to be a long term (ie several seasons) arrangement.

    As an aside, why do so many people think Hamilton’s dad has so much influence at McLaren? Utter tosh IMO.

    I am among those who respect JB immensely for opting to challenge Hamilton in the same team, something that many F1 champions have balked at. Schuey of course, you can’t deny his ability and achievements but to me they are tarnished by the contract terms he had over his respective teammates. Even Prost and Senna vetoed one another in the early 90s, although of course went head to head in the same team in 88.

    I’m left wondering though, what went wrong between Button and Brawn/Merc, who both seemed so sure they would stay together. From the rumours going round, it seems like length of contract might well have been the sticking point and it was the reported 3 year deal offered by McLaren that was the clincher. It could have been the money, but who knows, as it was widely quoted that JB wanted £8 million pa with some reports saying Brawn/Merc would match it and others saying not, yet the deal with VMM is apparently £6 million pa.

    Bring on Bahrain 2010!

    1. Excellent comment. Exactly what I was thinking, no doubt put much more eloquently than I could have.

      I think this is a great move for McLaren, who in Hamilton have an attack-dog who either finishes 1st or not at all, and in Button have a consistent guy who will always get some points. This is what the team has been missing in having Heikki, and will vastly increase their chances of winning a constructors championship next year.

      Should be a fun year next year.

  86. im gutted for my wallet last week brought jb t shirts and coat for my son for xmas,now he gonna want jb mclaren stuff

  87. christopher (sennaboy3)
    18th November 2009, 22:17

    i’m no HAM fan but he is going to CRUSH poor jenson. best part about BUT has always been his girlfriend. GO SENNA!!

  88. I’m so confused :( I started supporting mclaren Mercedes when they teamed up in 1995. My local team is Mclaren as I live near woking. But my whole family drive Mercedes. I love being british. But I work at a German bank snd enjoy it. I like Lewis, jenson, nick and nico. I like ron. I like Ross. I just don’t know how to choose. Keith, I need you to run a poll for me lol!!!! :)

  89. Button – Perpare to be Destroyed by hamilton

  90. Hey guys in Brazil the website is saying that Raikkonen has signed a contract with the new Mercedes team for next year.,,MUL1384006-15011,00-KIMI+RAIKKONEN+ACERTA+COM+A+MERCEDES.html

  91. What the hell ?
    Wher do you get the certitude that JB will be “destroyed” by Hamilton ?
    It seems that people just can’t learn from past mistakes…
    How many here knew JB would be champion this year ?
    Almost no-one…
    So why is JB’s future now a certainty ?
    I think I will bookmark this discussion just in case JB is level with Ham next year…

    1. Thank god im not the only one who isnt a Lewis hamilton fanboy, gets boring listening to people in here who think Lewis is like the next jesus or something.

      @Maclarista: I knew he would only take 1 year out of F1 to get more cash just to return later. He still has the chance to do well for the next 5-6 years when he comes back. See you in 2011 kimi.

      1. misread throught you meant he will sign contract in 2010 for 2011 :p

  92. Indeed I must say very gutsy from Jenson.
    This way he can show how good he is, by going against one of, if not the best driver on the grid. And with an equal car!

  93. RAIKKONEN signed up with MERCEDES!!


  94. Nobody knows how next years cars will work under the no refuelling regime, with narrower front tyres. They start from this years designs and huge mistakes will be made. A different design philosophy is involved.
    By backing two very different horses in very uncertain conditions Mclaren have given themselves two chances of winning. Two completely different driving styles from world champion drivers to deal with new driving scenarios. Equal favour to each driver. They must have something right.

  95. So Lewis will be battling Alonso for the WDC next year (assuming Kimi doesn’t race in a Mercedes, or at all) and “the turtle” will be unleashed to fight for 7th place, best case, behind the big 2, Massa, Vettel, Rosberg and Webber (yes, even behind Webber).

  96. Come On its not Rocket Science, Mclaren have the best two drivers for next year, what team wouldn`t want No 1 and No 2 drivers in there team. Spare a thought for Donnington which is a building site in recievership as we speak, nice one Bernie, one down one to go.

  97. This will be fun to watch, but for all the wrong reasons. There is no such thing as equality between drivers on a top team. Try as you might, you’re not going to have two equally talented engineering teams, tire sets, engines, chassis, and so on. Either Button or Hamilton will have to be “#1” and the other “#1-“. You can’t escape that.

    And how cam McLaren trust Button 100% after he’s shown that he’s fickle?

    Like the old blues tune said (more than one old blues tune, to be accurate): “The woman I love, I stole from my best friend … the fool got lucky, and stole her back again”

    1. And how cam McLaren trust Button 100% after he’s shown that he’s fickle?

      Changing teams once in seven seasons is hardly fickle. His contract with Brawn was up and he was free to look elsewhere.

  98. Lot of things to talk about.
    1st are we having A1 GP where both teams and drivers needs to be from the same nation!!!!That was a mistake from Button because even the best driver in the market Alonso failed to adjust with Hamilton & like many I have to say Mclaren is Lewis’s team,but we will find out as many people were saying whether Button is a worthy champion or not.It bye bye for Kimi for sure,so he will be Rallying some where & but will he return in 2011 if so where?I dont think any top team will have any vacancy but Red Bull to replace Mark Webber whose contract expires in 2010 & Felipe Massa in Ferrari,if I am not wrong then his contract too expired in 2010,so Kimi will rally for Fiat in 2010 then return in 2011 in Ferrari alongside Alonso!!!!!!!!.And the last part,will Michael Schumacher end his relation with Ferrari after 14 years & join Mercedes,now that will be something to look forward.

  99. I Really wanted Kimi to come over so Hamilton can kick his rear quarters and put him out of his misery. But hey, I think Button will be a great team mate. I would have went to Mclaren too, it is a true dream team. Almost like getting a free acceptance into a Premier university.

  100. Personally, I find I find it tragic that Raikkonen wasn’t the second driver at Mclaren. The most entertaining season of formula 1 since the past decade has been with Alonso, Hamilton, Massa and Raikkonen fighting on top. On track four of these drivers are in a class of their own, and their off track chemistry makes it even better.
    It would be great to see a driver challenge Hamilton as well. It will be interesting to see if he ups his game or starts showing his less ‘media friendly’ side (like he did when kovalainen took pole at the British GP 2008).
    I cannot deny that Jenson took 6 races this year, but lets face it, Ross Brawn’s car was the clear winner this year. All they needed was an relatively quick, yet consistent driver to win both chamionships. I think Hamilton is relieved to have Jenson as his team mate.

  101. Is it just me, or has F1 just made a move towards being more A1GP-ish? It started with Force India, then anouncements of the USF1 team, now suddenly McClaren is a throughly British team with two british drivers, Brawn/Mercedes talk of having Rosberg and perhaps another German, I even read one speculation of Montagny going to race for Renault! Ofcourse, the teams aren’t anywhere near being 100% drawn along national lines, but its a lot closer all of a sudden.

  102. Listen very carefully I shall say this only once. The basket is being woven by the weavers of wimalow!

  103. Feel sorry for Button. He stayed with the team through thick and thin, won them the WDC the first time they had a good car, and is now forced out over a few million dollars even after the backing of Mercedes. He shouldn’t have had to do this.

    1. There isn’t any proof he was forced out, unless you believe the tin foil hat brigade about Mercedes suddenly insisting on German drivers. They hadn’t before, why would they now?

  104. The Sri Lankan
    19th November 2009, 3:52

    this is one of those career destroying stunts by Jenson and his managers. forget being a world champion again button.

  105. Is this World War II all over again? The Allies vs. the Axis. You got your Brits, Italians, Germans, French, Americans, Indians, but no Asians. Wait, we got Malaysians. Very Nationalistic. Looks exciting. May the best country win.

  106. Lewis Hamilton is an awesome driver who will get the most out of any car he is given, he is pure racing talent. Jenson Button is an intelligent driver, who given a car that suits his super smooth style will wipe the floor with anybody, he takes a much more intelligent approach which is why he won the championship this year when he was in the third fastest car for half of the season.

    Combined I think they are a deadly force. But if McLaren make another pig, which I highly doubt, Lewis will kick his ass.

    I’m happy because my two favourite drivers are at my favourite team.

    I sure all your hammy bashers and jenson bashers will be eating your words at the end of 2010!

  107. I don’t know what to make of this really! I think Button made a bad choice leaving Mercedes to be honest. Sure, McClaren is a great team but there’s no doubt in my mind that they will give Hamilton the same no. 1 special treatment that the’ve been giving him the past 3 years. So Button’s “no. 1” won’t change that. As for McClaren I think they could have done better with Kimi, Kubica or Heidfeld. It’s probably more a sponsors deal, 2 British drivers in a British team.. I doubt Button will do better than Kovalainen really but we’ll see. I’d like to see Rosberg and Heidfeld at Mercedes though!

  108. For pure spectacle and thrill of the story-line, I’d have preferred Kimi. But the no refueling next year and the equalization of qualy fuel loads could mean Button is nearer to Hamilton than anticipated. Button’s also shown this year he’s a dab hand at overtaking when necessary too. So maybe he’s the intelligent option for McLaren – less expensive and happier sponsors as well. Just hope 2010’s model doesn’t start out life as an overstuffed shopping trolley on ice.

  109. Already the British media are partisan: pro-Button and anti-Hamilton. I’ve read loads of articles in all the main papers and the common themes are:

    – Lewis’ dad will try and make things difficult, whereas Button’s dad is a decent chap, laid back who doesn’t get involved

    – Button can try and beat Lewis because of his beautiful smooth style and he is underrated (i.e. obviously no-one wants Lewis to win, so we are printing stories about Button winning)

    – Hamilton is paid more than Button which proves there will be unequal treatment

    – Hamilton has been criticised for his move to Switzerland (curiously no mention has been made of Button’s move to Monaco)

    etcetera, etcetera, etcetera

    I am not surprised, but is still disgusts me. Should be interesting to see the partisan BBC coverage – can just see it now –

    Legard: can Button beat Lewis now, look at that smooth style against Lewis’ ragged style, let’s see if Button can get the better of Lewis.

    Maybe someone should tell the British media that not all British people are Button fans, and quite a few are Hamilton fans, and that Hamilton is also British or is he not British enough???

    1. Advice: Don’t read the British Media. They love putting people in the sky to see then falling later on. (and make a bit thing of it) LH and JB will be no exception I’m afraid.

  110. Now theres gonna be some nice fights.

    1. Lewis vs Jenson
    2. Anthony vs John Button
    3. Nicole vs Jessica MIchibata

    Love to see the 3rd one :))

    1. Ha, naughty.

  111. Button has won one world title ‘because of the car’. Why would he want to win a second like that?

    As he is regarded as being not even the best British driver in F1, let alone as the best driver full stop, it makes perfect sense as a *competitor* that he is taking on Hamilton at his own game.

    Name another top-line driver, let alone a reigning world champion, who has done anything like what Button has just done.

    Hats off to the man.

  112. I don’t think this is a good move for Button but I do wish him all the best.

    Frankly I’m really disappointed with Ross. He should have showed more loyalty to especially Button and perhaps even Barrichello. Ross will obviously have known that Mercedes were about to buy a majority share in the team and should have signed him to a more deserving and respectful salary. After all, what fee will Nico sign with I wonder?

    2009 has been quite a year for incredible disloyalty in such changing times. We’ve had Fisichella deserting Force India and now Ross deserting Jenson. Shame…

  113. I think it will be very close next season between the two of them. Remember that there is no more re-fuelling so drivers need to look after their tyres which Jenson does very well. Lewis is not so good at conserving tyres but has the edge on raw speed. Of course there are many other factors to add into the equation, but I predict Hamilton to win nearly every qualifying battle but for Jenson to finish ahead of (in some races)or very close to Lewis in a lot of the 2010 races. This could be McLaren’s first constructors title for a while. Should be a fascinating battle. Bring it on!!

  114. British Team, British drivers VS The Germans. Go Buttton and Hamilton.

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