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The BMW Sauber F1 team has a new website which you can find here.

As you’d expect there’s not much to see at the moment but there is a nice rolling gallery of the team’s racing cars including the gorgeous Sauber-Mercedes sports cars and early F1 cars.

The team has also put up a few pictures of Kamui Kobayashi during his seat fitting:

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Images (C) BMW Sauber team

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21 comments on “BMW Sauber launch new website”

  1. Everything is ok. but where is new Renault f1 site? Many of polish fans are waiting for it long time.

    1. Thanks for posting this Keith. As a graphic designer, this sort of thing really interests me. Thanks again.

  2. In the second picture, is Kamui asking why the wheels don’t turn when he turns the steering wheel?

    That gallery’s wicked, by the way. Never realised he’d been in racing so long, and it’s great to see how the F1 designs and colour schemes have developed.

  3. I still find it so odd that it’s BMW Sauber

    1. Muchly so. Pete needs to get that paperwork signed and sent off.

      Great to see the slideshow of Sauber cars through the ages, really get to see the evolution.

  4. Layout of the site is confusing, even if its still work in progress. But nothing beats the old RenaultF1 site for sheer madness. :-)

    1. When they were still yellow and blue.

  5. So they have to use the BMW name but wont have any BMW branding?

    Anyway, good luck to Kobash, I really hope he lives up to the hype.

  6. Yellow and black again, hope . . . Ehhh awesome looking

  7. They really need to stop hanging onto the BMW name because they’re just not “BMW” anymore.

  8. Will they race as BMW Sauber Ferrari??

  9. They’ll most likely race as BMW Sauber Petronas wont they if thats the engines there using?

    I like the C14 best from 1995

    1. Doubt it, Petronas are Mercedes’ title sponsor.

  10. The front wheels look much wider than those of current F1 cars. I really long for fatter tyres and wide track. Will they ever return?

  11. I hope Peter has a rabbit up his sleeve as many of us want to see a good battle in the mid field as well…

  12. Keith, will you be putting a Sauber team page up? This one just says BMW F1 team on it?

  13. Thanks for the post, did you read his latest book?

  14. Interesting read, thanks! I finally see the larger picture :)

  15. hey can ANY ONE tell me the controls of f1 stearing wheel of any constructor ???????????please its required

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  17. the new website look really nice

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