Rampf stays at reorganised BMW Sauber

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The re-formed BMW Sauber team has reorganised ahead of the 2010 F1 season with Peter Sauber taking the role of President. However he will not have any operational duties at the team’s Hinwil base.

Sauber said: “I will keep myself informed on all important developments, but will leave operational matters to the management in Hinwil.”

His son Alex, 36, will be in charge of the team’s marketing department.

Willy Rampf remains at the team as technical director, a position he occupied during as well as before the BMW takeover. Here are the positions the team has announced today:

Peter Sauber – President of the Board of Directors
Monisha Kaltenborn – Managing Director
Alex Sauber – Marketing
Willy Rampf – Technical Director
Urs Jampen – Finance Director
J???rg Flach – Director of Operations (production)

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6 comments on “Rampf stays at reorganised BMW Sauber”

  1. Sounds like a pretty multi-national operation from the names I can see on that list.

  2. so where’s there ‘racing’ director…?

    1. According to Joe Saward: “Sauber will remain as chairman of the board and team principal, but he will not have any operational role at Hinwil.” Team principals usually direct operations at the races.

      1. ah, thanks

  3. I read on Autosport Peter will be Team Principle.

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