Barrichello and H???lkenberg show off new Williams team kit (Pictures)

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Williams drivers Rubens Barrichello and Nico H???lkenberg

New Williams team mates Rubens Barrichello and Nico H???lkenberg have appeared in their 2010 team kit – and it looks like they’ve been practising their moody gazes…

It’s clear from the team wear we shouldn’t expect much change on Williams’ livery when the FW32 appears for the first time at the Valencia test on February 1st.

RBS will continue to back the team but has already announced it will withdraw its sponsorship at the end of the season.

Image (C) Williams/LAT/Glenn Dunbar

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19 comments on “Barrichello and H???lkenberg show off new Williams team kit (Pictures)”

  1. So it’s going to be another blue and white livery…

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      25th January 2010, 10:14

      It’s not so bad when they’re the only ones who do it.

  2. Very bored of white right now but it’s the 2010 kit which means the season is actually getting very close :D

  3. I can see how Hulkenberg will be a sponsor’s dream if he ends up being as good in a formula 1 as in the lesser series. The guy is annoyingly good looking (my guirl friend will still pick Alguersari i believe).
    I don’t understand the moody gazes though. I believe if Williams has another “could have been” season, they might actually not be fake by the end of the year.

    1. Put Yossi benayoun of liverpool in a Williams team kit and he will instantly turn Williams into the ugliest racing team ever.

  4. i love their dark blue testing livery.

  5. Looks like blue-on-white, again, although I have a feeling that it’s going to be a bit more white than blue.

  6. You can almost hear the thoughts in Rubens’ head…

    “Blah, blah, blah…”

    1. Hahaha, nice one. :)

  7. Hulkenberg looks like Rosberg without the hair lol.

  8. I thought that Williams had lost the RBS sponsorship for 2010?

  9. Sorry Keith, just saw you commented on that in last paragraph. Didn’t realize they had another season. Let’s hope Williams can impress this year so they can secure sponsorship for 2011! (Am I really already talking about 2011??)

  10. Forget everything,Williams with Cosworth engine needs to perform this season at any cost.

  11. Blue and white again…nice scheme, but I hope they change the ratios for some variety. A return to the 2007 balance of colours would be good.

  12. I quite like it and think Williams should reverse the colours on the car i.e. the car white and the sponsorship blue. I think that would stand out more. Fingers crossed the cosworth engine is good and we will see Williams towards the front of the grid this year…

  13. They have the most promising young talent since Lewis Hamilton, the most experienced driver ever to drive an F1 car to help him out, the car looks good ans last years design was not a bad one, they were one of the three teams with the double diffuser, so I guess that will be Ok this year too. Now the only factor standing in between them and the succes is the engine, there are a lot of question marks still. let’s hope that’s good too, I like to see Hülkenberg destroying his competition like he did in all other series he participated in. The guy is outstanding but to be realistic, let’s give him 2 years and hope he can learn a lot from Rubens this year!

  14. With Williams being my favorite team I hope they will do well and challenge for wins (completely biased, I know).
    I prefer the livery with more blue then white as it is more recognizable then white one they used in 2007.

    Sam Michael said they started the design with clean sheet of paper so they could show something radical at 1st February.

  15. Younger Hamilton
    25th January 2010, 18:16

    didnt RBS cancel their sponsorship with Williams

  16. The sponsorship deal between Williams and RBS sponsorship runs for another year. It would cost RBS (aka the UK tax payer) a fair bit to break the deal. Williams could (and would, no doubt) sue for breach of contract and undoubtedly win.

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