F1 championship points after Australia

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F1 drivers’ points after Australia 2010

1Fernando Alonso37
2Felipe Massa33
3Jenson Button31
4Lewis Hamilton23
5Nico Rosberg20
6Robert Kubica18
7Sebastian Vettel12
8Michael Schumacher9
9Vitantonio Liuzzi8
10Mark Webber6
11Rubens Barrichello5
=12Nico Hulkenberg0
=12Vitaly Petrov0
=12Adrian Sutil0
=12Sebastien Buemi0
=12Jaime Alguersuari0
=12Jarno Trulli0
=12Heikki Kovalainen0
=12Karun Chandhok0
=12Bruno Senna0
=12Pedro de la Rosa0
=12Kamui Kobyashi0
=12Timo Glock0
=12Lucas di Grassi0

F1 teams’ points after Australia 2010

5Red Bull18
6Force India8
=8Toro Rosso0

2010 Australian Grand Prix

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    15 comments on “F1 championship points after Australia”

    1. 7 drivers within a winning margin of the top, 6 points covering the top 3, things are shaping up nicely after Round 2. I think the significant results from this race were Massa closing in on Alonso and Fernando extending his lead over Vettel and Hamilton.

    2. Vettel 7th
      Webber 10th
      Red Bull 5tth


      1. they are actually =4th

        all 0pt drivers are =12th
        all 0pt teams are =8th

        Go Button! :D

        1. yeah, but if season finishes now, they re 5th because Renault best finish is 2nd, but RBR only 4th.

          About second part i agree, Keith is still sleeping ;)

        2. Fixed, ta.

    3. Here’s how it’d have been under the old system. Only thing that changes is that Kubica and Rosberg would be tied on points, and Kubica would be ahead because of finishing 2nd once as opposed to Rosberg’s 5th twice.

      1 Alonso 15
      2 Massa 14
      3 Button 12
      4 Hamilton 9
      5 Kubica 8
      5 Rosberg 8
      7 Vettel 5
      8 Schumacher 3
      9 Liuzzi 2
      10 Webber 1
      11 Barrichello 1

      1 Ferrari 29
      2 McLaren 21
      3 Mercedes 11
      4 Renault 8
      5 Red Bull 6
      6 Force India 2
      7 Williams 1

    4. Hahahaha!
      Kubica higher than Schumi, Vettel and Webber :)

      This looks AWSOME! lol

    5. Quite interesting that despite 10 points places only 11 drivers have scored in 2 rounds

      1. ANd in next few grand prix probably only Sutil will get points

        1. I believe Kubica stands a strong chance here. Plus with Red Bulls as reliable as Lotuses…

    6. It’s interesting that none rookies have scored a point yet…surely Hulkenberg is in the best position to break the rookies duck?

      1. I think Petrov is in just as good of a position as the Hulk…

    7. It unbelievable that Vettel has poled both races and led the most laps by far and only has 12 points. He could easily have 50 pts and the #1 spot.

      1. thats the unpredictable side of F1

    8. It isn’t just Vettel, it is Red Bull as a team – they have THE quickest car by a margain, but as of yet have failed to convert that into any points.

      Unless they do something soon – they other teams will catch up, Red Bull will lose thier advantage, and they will have even less chance of finishing 1st in the constructers that the BBC commentators continually refer to (as thier bosses comment) the ‘only’ place that is a ‘good enough’ finish.

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