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So, who thought Melbourne gave us a better race than Bahrain? Rate the Australian Grand Prix out of ten and leave a comment below.

Rate the 2010 Australian Grand Prix out of 10

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2010 Australian Grand Prix

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    234 comments on “Rate the race: Australia”

    1. Primeirão!!!! That was an awesome race!

      1. overtaking problems immediatly felt after the track dryed out. dry track low fuel result in fast turning speed which led to an increase on turbulence making a lot harder to overtake

        1. Agreed, but what I think really made the race come alive was the freedom of tyre strategies. The aero dampened things again as is the norm, but I hope the FIA and FOTA take note of the impact of being able to choose your own tyres whenever you wanted had on this race.

          1. Yes Icthyes, definatley this, get rid of the quali tyre rules. Will add strategy, different performance of the line. So many elements artificially removed, it was a knee jerk reaction that has damaged the racing. Please get rid of it. This needs to be expressed in anyway it can be to the bosses. If enoguh fans give this message before Malaysia hopefull this silly rule can be done with.

            1. I don’t think it’s the qualifying tyre rules, but the two-compound rule that stifles strategy more, although the qualifying rule is just as artificial.

          2. “what I think really made the race come alive was the freedom of tyre strategies”

            Agreed, let’s hope they sit up and take notice of what makes a good race.

            1. Rated 8, Bahrain was 1

              A bit of rain helped make things less predictable and as others have said, gave more freedom for tire strategies…

          3. I could not agree more. This race has to be the greatest supporting argument for all those that say “no tyre rules”. Basically everyone ran the inters for a few laps then had complete freedom, and what we were left with were some teams trying to stretch tyres the whole race while others changed twice and were noticeably faster. FIA were you watching?

          4. The hard tyres were good for nothing today, nobody went near them. They should drop the “use both compounds” rule straight away.

        2. Exactly, I think what really hit home was Martin Whitmarsh saying you now need to be 3 secs a lap quicker than the guy you want to pass.

      2. A disgraceful strategy from Mclaren for Hamilton. Button did not deserve this win. Hamilton would have had him if wasn’t made to stop from 3rd place. Hamilton drove a fantastic race and passed more than anyone including Button. Hamilton robbed of a victory AGAIN. SHAMEFUL

        1. McLaren – sensibly – covered all their options by operating different strategies…

        2. Hamilton had shagged his tyres, buttons were still ok.

        3. During the race, Hamilton was bitching about tyre wear. McLaren change the tyres, Hamilton drops a few places and cannot get past Alonso. He then bitches about the reason McLaren brought him in for a third stop

          — Matty

          1. he wins a race thanks and praises the team, when he does bad he blasts the team!! bit of a bad loser in my opinon like a spoilt kid!!:(

            1. oh come off it, Did he blame the team in Hugary, no he didn’t, did he blame the team till Germany in 2009. Not that much, he said things like “we win together we lose together” before he made his complaint to the beeb he added the caveat that the team always does great work.

              An his radio transmission was in the heat of the moment. Seriously do you people work for Newspapers, stop trying to sell scandal where there aint none.

            2. woops corection ment valencia

            3. scribe i’ll admit he had a great drive but i don’t think he has his head screwed on properly all the time, and also i question the communication and organisation in that team at times

        4. Like plushpile said, Hamilton wrecked his tyres while Button successfully managed to keep his in good nick. Jenson’s smooth style paid off in spades this time, and Hamilton, despite the merit of his storming drive, needs to cool off a bit. Anyway, great race! Voted it an 8.

          1. Hamilton drove a fantastic race and overtook Button, Weber, Massa, Barichello. You guys have no proof that he wrecked his tyres. He just complains a lot like… just like everyone else.

            Button got lucky he was no match for Vettel. However McLaren were only covering their options and it made sense to bring in Hamilton as he was behind Button.

            1. He only complained about his tyres after he pitted and got up behind Alonso again.

              I assume like S-D says they were just covering their bases with different strategies. Although I think really they shot themselves in the foot because it looked like a 1-2 was on the cards.

            2. Not sure this is as conclusive as you make out, Hamilton wore his tyres harder, but he reckons he could’ve lasted the distance. He may have been marginal at the end but it would probably been worth it.

              An in most races Jensons driving style isn’t going to have the chance to shine through in this way. Turkey could be a Button Massa face off.

      3. i think it was one of the best races since brazil 2008 i thought it was the most exiting at least im thrilled to see f1 back after the rule changes leading to 2009.

        1. Malaysia 2009 was interesting too

          1. but it rained so hard that the race couldnt continue?

            1. Should we have permanent wet races.Like at certain point of the track the it will be wet & the drivers will all have to race with dry tyre! That will make things very interesting indeed.

    2. everyone will forget what happened in bahrain after this, i guess

      1. Ned Flanders
        28th March 2010, 9:15

        Depends what happens in Malaysia and China. If every race is half as good as this I’ll be happy!

        1. Both Tilkedromes, Wide with al ot of run off, nice smooth tracks.
          not good!

          1. Ironically though it was Albert Park’s lack of long straights that stifled overtaking the most today, apart from the cars themselves of course.

        2. Rain is expected in Malaysia, hope we go to the distance.I am expecting some good racing, but Tilke should at least learn some lesson from this track.

    3. Now that was a great seasoning opener, forget Bahrain. AMAZING

    4. Definitely a 9 for me, just needed a scrap for 1st to make it perfect, but a thoroughly enjoyable race and here’s hoping Malaysia will be the same!

      1. Imagine if they hadn’t pitted Lewis. You know, it’s going to happen sometime. We’ll get McLaren one twos this year, that might not apeal to all but picture this, Buttons saved his tyres, Hamilton is catching him half a second to lap 10 to go.

    5. This race was very stupid but very entertaining

      1. stupid? What are you on about. It had everything. Only down was Webber ramming Lewis…spoiled a good fight with Alonso

        1. Amazing race, but was left fuming at Webber, although he had nowhere to go!

      2. What was stupid about it? Other than Vettel not winning & both hamilton & webber failing to finish where they should have been despite the fact both were racing hard.

    6. the only thing needed for a 10/10 was a pass up front. the rain gods have saved f1 again. kubica for driver of the race, webber refuses to go quietly at home, wacky radio calls and car-on-car violence.

      1. Didn’t hear what Webber said on the radio, what was it?

        I did hear Lewis getting angry about that disastrous pit strategy though.

    7. Already 2 votes for terrible, who are these people?

      1. Webber fans maybe? :P

        1. Schumacher fans probably…

          1. More likely Webber fans :P

      2. planet f1 fans.

      3. Kobayashi and Vettel?

      4. I’m a Webber fan and I gave it a nine!

        Awesome race. I don’t want textbook, I want war! And Webs fought hard, got up in there gave us something to watch. Aus GP rules.

    8. It was an awesome race, but it needed the changing conditions to make it happen.

      Short of having lawn sprinklers trackside, what can the FIA and FOM take away from this race???

      1. Squirrels in the cockpit!!

        1. omg that’s so funny to imagine :D

      2. That freedom to choose tyres made the race. Keep the mandatory rubber change, get the hell rid of the quali tyre rule, it could well produce rubbish races in future.

        If you different tyre chices you get overtaking at the begining an the end of the race. If there all on same, you get none, simple as.

        1. For me, its the combination of rain (both the ‘proper’ rain at the start and the occasional flurries making the track slipperier) plus some very slow cars out of position

    9. Prisoner Monkeys
      28th March 2010, 8:47

      Great race. I think this is what a lot of people were expecting from Bahrain.

      There’s been some movement on the development front; apparently there’s to be an emergency meeting at Sepang next week. A couple of people – including Stefano Domenicalli and Fernando Alonso – seem to have worked out that the aerodynamics at the back of the car are the problem. However, I hope they don’t look at this race and think there’s no problem with the sport.

      Also, this is a manjor blow to the people who think Button can’t best Hamilton. Button was cool, calm and collected; Hamilton blew it.

      1. i want to know why mclaren put that radio on tv.

        1. the rules are that all pit to car communication is open. They don’t get to choose what is broadcast anymore.

      2. Button had the measure of Hamilton today, but ‘Hamilton blew it’? I know people have said ridiculous things about how Button would be nowhere in comparison to Hamilton this year, but that’s a bit of a reactionary exaggeration I’d say.

      3. Hamilton blew what? He drove an absolutely storming race! Thankfully that collision with Webber only lost him one place. Great job anyway by Jenson, a fine win, but Lewis will beat him still. ;)

      4. It was really a very disciplined drive from Button, he wasn’t even anywhere near Vettel when he (Vettel) binned it.

        Going 50 laps on options? Button really deserves the moniker “Mr Smooth”…

        1. Although to be fair, it was the brakes which did Vettel in…

        2. Prisoner Monkeys
          28th March 2010, 9:03

          Button had the measure of Hamilton today, but ‘Hamilton blew it’?

          Hamilton blew what?

          Uh, how about the way he pitted for fresh rubber, came back out with the intention of using said fresh rubber to catch the Ferraris and Robert Kubica, but pushed too hard and the net result was that once he caught on to Alonso’s diffuser, his tyres were no better than the Spaniard’s.

          1. That isn’t ‘blowing it’, that’s the car’s problem when Hamilton was caught up in turbulent air. It’s the same problem everyone had in Bahrain. At that point it was starting to become a procession.

            1. Prisoner Monkeys
              28th March 2010, 9:15

              Hamilton consistently drove sub-1min 30sec laps when he had new rubber. Button was doing 1min 32sec. If Hamilton was two seconds a lap quicker, he was clearly pushing harder. And pushing harder like that means your tyres get more worn out.

            2. That’s the result of of pushing harder to gain time, but do you really think his tyres would’ve worn out that quickly if he had clear air? I don’t think so.

            3. PM, funny how Hamilton’s tyres went at the exact time he found himself in Alonso’s wake. Yet you still insist it was Hamilton’s doing that the tyres went off.

          2. McLaren brought him in for tyres.

            He ate up the lead for so long that it’s pretty unlikely the tyre wear, which came on suddenly, was down to him pushing. Everyone’s performance went down in dirty air, so I guess Massa, Alonso, and Webber all blew it too, then?

            Sorry PM, but your argument doesn’t square with what happened out there. I know you don’t like Hamilton too much and get annoyed by people saying he will blow Button away effortlessly this year, but coming up with equally disproportionate assessments of your own is hardly any better of an argument.

      5. Hamilton didn’t blow it, he was absolutely brilliant. It’s McLaren’s fault for their strategy and the crash was actually Webber’s fault because he should’ve held back after Hamilton took the line.

        1. Yeh I’ll be interested to see if there’s any action over that, though Webber came off far worse anyway, and the last thing we need is the return of silly penalties.

          1. Ned Flanders
            28th March 2010, 9:21

            I still think Webber deserves a penalty for taking Hamilton out, it was terrible driving

            1. I’d say it was a mistake, but nothing more. If penalties start getting handed out for stuff like that then noone will have a go.

            2. It was a racing incident and it would be a mistake to give penalties for it.

            3. I want to know where the investigation is into massas dangerous weave and block on Webber going into the fastest corner on the circuit.

            4. ajokay, I was thinking the same thing.

              Keith, I know it makes the pages a bit of a mess if it becomes a particularly long conversation thread, but is there any chance of removing the limit on how many Replies can go in one “tree”?

      6. “Button was cool, calm and collected; Hamilton blew it”

        You’re right but, I prefer 100 times to watch Ham way, than Boring-Button one

        1. Plink Plonk Plunk
          28th March 2010, 20:49

          So Webber is, or was, the head of the drivers association and always going on about driver safety.

          Todays calamity with running into Hamilton is yet another one of his stupid moves. Not saying he should get a penalty as I too think it was a racing incident but Webber is just as guilty as anyone for making a dangerous block or moving someone over recklessly. Yet no one says a thing about it.

          I never really cared for Webber and today only adds to my dislike of his driving. I just find him to be hypocritical about safety then makes dangerous moves on the track.

          Hamilton had a great drive. Agressive yet not reckless. Webber had no business trying to make the pass on the outside like that.

    10. Now THAT was a race. Intense all over. Start to become procession towards the end. It was great race (result SUCKED).
      Please Bernie installed sprinklers at all tracks with a randomizer that might or might turn on them for random time period on all or part of the race.

    11. Winnipeg GP
      28th March 2010, 8:51

      Button did not deserve to win at all. He ruined both Schumacher and Alonso’s race at the start and got insanely lucky with the early pit stop gamble. He is a good gambler and a good driver.

      1. we are about to experience some friction at mclaren and that friction will be instigated by the sneaky british press alongside some rather cunning folks at mclaren . Alright button made the call to come in early , but the question is who made the call to call lewis in thereby putting him at a great disadvantage

        PS hamilton was at least a second faster than button today

        1. Lewis came in I think because Schumacher was going fastest after he changed tyres. But I do hope the McLaren drivers don’t fall out over that.

        2. I don’t think there’ll be friction, they’re in a very warm team and the season is early.

        3. Hamilton was a second faster than Button because Button was doing a stunning job of keeping his soft tyres happy for four fifths of the race, and did a wonderful job of doing so.

        4. true about the sneaky brit press. but would the italian press try and split massa and alonso???

          1. Depends on which driver they consider more Scuderia, which IMHO is Massa…

        5. I don’t think there will be any friction ion the team just because of this, but it’ll be interesting to see how the media handles this, and I think they will try to stir things up to appeal to the lowest common denominator, as usual.

      2. Deserving to win does not matter. Whoever wins, wins and if you don’t like it then well too bad.

        1. Winnipeg GP
          28th March 2010, 9:01

          I bet you would not say that If you were not cheering for Button/macca.

          1. Er, I’m a Hamilton fan. If Lewis wins a race fair and square and people say he doesn’t deserve it then I’d tell them the same thing. It does look like a bad call by Lewis’s engineer, but surely that wasn’t to screw him over, surely?

            1. I’m neither a fan of Lewis or macca but I must admit Lewis was absolutely fantastic today. He surely deserved to win. Button
              won the race without even overtaking a single car.

        2. i see you either hate hamilton or you are just one ignorant follow-follow fan . Hamilton deserving better is an understatement , the question i asked is not off mark at all , who made the call to bring hamilton in . why is it important ? because it was the wrong call , the ferraris stayed out , the renault stayed out why did lewis come in ? whilst you don’t see anything wrong with that i bet over the coming days the press will move in on it . And then you’ll run back to this forum.:-)

          1. I don’t think it’ll be a big media issue. I think McLaren made a mistake and they know it. Martin Whitmarsh at the end of the race admitted that to the BBC.

      3. Jarred Walmsley
        28th March 2010, 9:00

        How, it was all Alonso in that incident Button had the racing line and Alonso didn’t let him take it, so Alonso has no one to blame but himself, and so was Alonso that ruined Scumachers race not Button. I think this race as well as alievating some of the naysayers over the new rules will also prove to people that he actually can drive an F1 car very well and it wasn’t just his DD last year that allowed him to win all those races. The person I feel most sorry for is Vettel who was unfortunate not to win from pole again and due to another incident that he had no control over.

        1. As a former Button basher it annoys even me to see people deride his obvious quality. I imagine they would be saying the same thing of Prost, were he racing today.

          Vettel has had some bad luck but it’s all about the car and driver package, if the Red Bull is good enough to make you lead races it has to be good enough to get you to the end in the lead too.

          1. this time no one is going in on button , you should ask button if you meet him , why he was one second slower than hamilton :-)

            1. Cause his tyres were old whilst Hamilton was FLYING on a new set? Note that Hamilton and Webber were by a large margin quicker than anyone else after their pit stops.

            2. Maybe that was down to Hamilton having new tyres at that time?

            3. The same reason why Massa, Alonso and Kubica were slower than Webber and Hamilton – new tyres.

        2. Maybe Vettel should try NOT getting on pole this year to get his first win?

          Did you see him sitting on the pit-wall, getting a hug from Horner. Great for him to be there and not just get on the plane back home as soon as possible.

          1. There seems to be a lot more camaraderie in Red Bull than the rest of the field combined, doesn’t it? Horner I think is doing a great job as a team boss, and his drivers help. Button’s word exchange with his team seemed, in contrast, somewhat jaded. Even at the podium, ceremony, he and Whitmarsh looked like they were from different teams. At least to me.

      4. From what I see Alonso didn’t give Button enough space, so if I’m pointing finger at the first corner accident, it would be Alonso’s fault.

      5. Haven’t read everyone elses reply but simply, Alonso clearly cut in on Button and only ‘fan visors’ would make you see otherwise

        1. Jarred Walmsley
          28th March 2010, 19:39

          Exactly, Alonso didn’t pull away when it was obvious Button’s racing line.

          1. Button had the racing line, it was 100% Alsonso fault (auctully ferrari’s fault, for those stupid mirrors, that vibarate at speed and the driver cant see anything out of them).

            The blame is not on Button for ruining Alonso’s and Schumi’s race, but on Ferrari’s car design, if you watch a replay you will see alonso turns into Button because he cant see him. Red bull and Torro Rosso also have the same mirrors

    12. I would give 7 points. There have been better races that this one, but a big improvement over Bahrain.

    13. Amazing race from Alonso. Coming all the way down from the last position to 4th is an incredible thing. Superb. Disappointed with Massa….he definitely should have done better with the position he was in. But happy for him on his podium.

      Major story would be Schumacher. Being in a similar position as Alonso, he could come up with only a 10th place. And he took so long to overtake Jamie….not at all impressive.

      I am really happy with Alonso’s performance….Incredible!

      1. Winnipeg GP
        28th March 2010, 8:58

        He had to pit one more than Alonso. Also Alonso made all those passing moves when the track was still wet. Alonso struggled to pass his slow teammate once the track dried out.

        1. Both had to save their tyres (if u r aware). Getting too close to the car ahead of u destroys the tyres. It was a damage limitation for Alonso adn he drove superbly, even a blind guy can say that. After the 1st lap, who would have thought that alonso will be 4th. Even MIchael was taken out on the 1st lap but he could not make groud. This was a similar performance from alonso to what he drove in 2005 San Marino…. great driving ALo

      2. Winnipeg nailed it. I think Schumacher is doing really rather well but suffering from a bit of bad luck. Rosberg is proving himself as a top driver and may be able to hold his own against his fellow german, but I don’t see Schumacher letting the gap stay this wide for long. Amazing and worthy return, I think, for a 41 year old. And I’m not really his fan.

    14. Gave it a 7.
      Soft tyres lasting so long was the only down side for me.

      1. I gave it a 7 too, although I admit that I am biased so if Vettel had won it probably would’ve got an 8 or 9.

        I wouldn’t give it a full 10, because even though we saw some overtakes, the “aero factor” is still there – as shown by Alonso not getting past Massa, and Hamilton/Webber not overtaking Alonso. But, all in all – it was a great race :)

    15. It was a brilliant race, full of drama and excitement. I’m ecstatic that Button won and that Massa’s on the podium again. I’m a little disappointed that Hamilton wasn’t on the podium though because he was on fire for most of the race but a disastrous strategy held him back.

      Vettel deserved better too.

    16. Who Said F1 Is Boring?!?!

      Great Race! Well Done Jenson!

      And What A Race By Lewis! Such Overtakes, Another Day That Would Of Been A Win!

      Butt Great Race, Well Worth Getting Up Early!

    17. Ooh I love Aussie autumn! That’s what we lokin’ for! Proper F1.

      Jenson – like Prost… classic!
      Kubica – magic
      Massa – impotence

    18. Fantastic Race. ALO and WEB should get penalties. ALO put Lewis in a corner by locking his brakes, if the FIA is consistant they will penalize him for this the same way they penalized HAM in 2008. WEB caused an avoidable collision, they both should get penalties.

      1. “ALO and WEB should get penalties”
        You must be joking

        1. where is the joke , dj is giving an opinion thats totally valid , kovalainnen got a penalty for knocking webber of at spa 2008 , if i am right vettel got a penalty for knocking kubica out in aussie gp 2009. It exposes the inconsistency with the FIA . especially webber’s move , you can’t just send one blindly into another driver like that .

          Whichever way my words, yours and any other persons are opinions anywayz ;-)

          1. It was obviously Webber’s fault, but I’m extremely sorry to tell you that if the FIA punished Alonso for braking late and defending the position they might as well say the drivers to stop fighting for positions when they have the inside line, and that if they do and lock their brakes while doing so they will get penalized’.

            Just no. Hence, he must be joking.

          2. Alonso doesn’t deserve any penalty.He just defended his position.

        2. We have a term for that “moment” over here in the states… “Just one of ‘dem racing deals”

          1. This is a little bit more complicated than driving anticlockwise in a circle.

      2. No penaltys or fines. It was just racing incidents.

      3. IMHO, Alonso caused his own first corner blunder and Webber was responsible for the clash with Hamilton. BUT, both of them were in very difficult conditions. Alonso was in the middle of traffic and possibly so worried about Schumacher to his left that he didn’t even realise Button was so close to his right. Webber, though certainly too eager, I think suffered from a big loss of aero support riding that close to Hamilton; we’ve seen before how this tends to ruin one’s grip and cause this exact kind of accidents. I for one praise Alonso and Webber’s competitiveness and tenacity. Their bravado is exactly what we like to see in F1, and giving either of them a penalty would be a big mistake by the FIA.

        If you want to penalise those who jeopardize safety, think about Sauber. Three front wing failures in the same weekend, one of which caused a major crash, is IMO a real safety issue. Not racing drivers vying for position.

      4. Alonso can’t get a penalty, he just kept his car to the inside to defend his position.

        1. Webber was racing quite hot headed, almost took hamilton off after he passed massa, and then did take hamilton out at the end of the race,

          although i dont like race penalties, i think for the sake of consistency webber should be given a 5 place grid drop for the next race.

    19. Jhonnie Siggie
      28th March 2010, 9:01

      I guess the guys that voted terrible are Vettel fans?

      1. Don’t forget the Webber and Schumacher fans.

        1. Dont forget the HAM fans….

        2. Don’t forget the Hamilton fans, they’re bound to complain, and blame Alonso for no reason (see an above post).

          1. I’m a HAM fan, I gave it a 9 and I don’t blame Alonso. I blame McLaren for bringing Lewis in again and, to a lesser degree, that Australian for crashing into him.

          2. I’m also a HAM fan and gave this race a 9. I’m disappointed he didn’t end up on the podium but he drove his heart out and provided pretty much all of the excitement.

            1. To be honest, I shouldn’t have said “Hamilton fans”, I really meant Hughes and that Cabbages guy.

            2. Since you two (Robbie and TomD11) are genuine F1 fans.

    20. michael-in-Beijing
      28th March 2010, 9:02


      Can we have all 20 races in Albert Park circuit next year?!

      1. Here here. But next time lets have some snow at the start!

        1. Ice. Make them have chains on their tyres.

      2. Not sure if it would have been this exciting if it wasn’t for the rain. Still, Albert Park is indeed up there with Spa and Interlagos as a prime venue for entertaining races. Sure, I’d still watch F1 if it ran a whole season in just these three circuits plus Monaco. And Monza. Come to think of it, there are actually quite a few good tracks in the calendar. Maybe its just a case of the boring ones causing such a bad and lasting impression.

      3. I’d miss Monza, Spa and Interlagos.

    21. Im brazilian and I don’t know why people are saying Massa race was great. He managed to get away from the crashes and still managed to get pression from Alonso who went to last position after a first corner crash.

      1. Because his set up was rubbish an the car was a handful. He manhandled that car to a fourtuitous but deserved fourth. Sometimes you car is carp, it’s often what you salvage on those days that decides the championship.

    22. Wow, that was quite something. Massa getting up to P2 in the first corners, Alonso, Button and Schumacher clashing.
      I am a little bit worried about the Sauber wings coming off, a shame for Hülkenberg and Buemi, shame about Petrov as well.

      Schumacher after that clas was just testing tyres for Rosberg, when it worked, everybody except Kubica and Ferrari panicked and called their teams in for changes which lost them a lot.
      I think Lewis and Webber would have had serious trouble making the tyres last though.

      Vettel would have possibly had another stop as well, i think his tyres were gone pretty bad. Button saved the tyres when he could not get past him.

      Nice for Alonso to get back up this far, after that clash at the start. I think that if they had let him past Massa earlier, he would have had a better chance at getting Kubica. On the other hand it secured Ferrari 3-4, as i am pretty sure, Massa would not have been able to keep Hami behind him like Alonso did.

      Great race with suprising results and a lot to talk about. Gave it a 9 as there was no battle for 1st in the second half of the race.

      1. i don’t know about webber but i think lewis would not have had so much of a tyre issue if he stayed out because he would not have had to push as hard as he did today .He would have kept it steady and then unleash the fire on whoever was in front at the later stages .

        1. Best thing to come out of the Sauber wing failure? “JOB OPENING”

    23. This is the problem with Formula One, unfortunately. This was a great race solely because of the weather. In this race, the limiting factor for overtaking was driver skill instead of aerodynamic inefficacy. But this is just an aberration. Drivers make great races, not cars.

      I think the drive of the day is split between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. I think the WDC will be either one of these two or Vettel. Button did well with his “silky smooth driving” (I owe Jonathan Legard about £5000 in royalties for using his signature quote). I’m still trying to figure out how someone who managed to have a first corner shunt, get overtaken by his team mate and have an off on an out lap managed to win the race, but it doesn’t have to make sense, it’s F1 baby!

      Do you not get fined or penalised for causing an accident anymore? Button on Alonso and Schumi was a racing incident but Webber on Hammy was flagrant dangerous driving.

      The most pertinent point to draw from this grand prix is a negative one. Cars that are 2-2.5 seconds faster in clean air on newer tyres (Webber & Hammy > Ferrari’s & Kubi) can not overtake in normal conditions. This does not augur well for on track action in the future races.

      1. He won because Vettel went off but also because he made a really good gamble by going on the slicks which improved his times dramatically and he moved up a lot, especially when everyone pitted.

      2. Good ol’ F1 fans. Never ever happy.

        1. I agree, it may have been partly down to the weather, but the most important thing is the race was entertaining and had some decent battling. Particualarly after Bore-rain.

    24. The hamilton haters should not forget that hamilton executed the cleanest and most overtakes today , as well as monza 2008 where he scored more than half the overtakes of the entire race . This guy is a racer , give him credit where it is due .

      1. Absolutely. But McLaren really needs to get this car’s qualifying pace up to that of the Red Bulls for him to have a shot at the championship.

    25. Someone please burn down Bahrain. I admit after the track dried out the race the overtaking problem came back. But at least it was a lot more exciting with the crashes etc.

      You know what would be a great way to spice up the races?

      Install sprinklers at the side of the track.

      1. Or do a rain dance before every grand prix. :p

        1. lets just get every one on this site to go there one night with a spade each and we will cover it with sand, nobady will notice or miss its absence

    26. Oh and a great result for HRT with Karun Chandhok making it to the finish.

      Heikki making it last as well,

    27. This was fun! Not perfect, beause no battle for the podiumplaces untill the finish.
      However, I was on the edge of my chair from start till the end.

      By the way, I couldn’t catch Hamiltons last comment on the radio, what was it?

      I just hope that the drivers will keep on racing after this ‘tyre-saving-win’ of Jenson. It was great fun looking at Hamilton, but I could almost smell the rubber in my livingroom…

      1. “By the way, I couldn’t catch Hamiltons last comment on the radio, what was it?”

        It was something like, ‘Who made me pit? That was fricking terrible strategy.’

        He was clearly frustrated, trying to get ahead of Alonso all the time.

    28. Bloody cynics who rated this race terrible :(

    29. The man that Lewis thinks should retire, almost retired him.

      What a great race by JB and RK.

      FM + FA we’re lucky that McLearn made such a terrible tire call

      1. And McLaren were lucky that Alonso had a spin at the beginning of the race

    30. Ned Flanders
      28th March 2010, 9:27

      9 out of 10 for me- it was my favourite race since Brazil 2008.

      Not only was it good while it was raining, the rest of the race was exciting too, which I didn’t expect. I can’t wait for the next race, which unfortunately for me is China as I’m off to the US at the weekend

    31. redbull should take advantage of that ride height adjuster in this few races , cuz when mclaren get their own device on thier car it will no longer be luscious for liz .

    32. Mouse_Nightshirt
      28th March 2010, 9:36

      Watching f1 forum, I think that McLaren made the right decision with Lewis *at the time*. I fully suspect that Hamilton would have knacked his tyres as the race wore on. At the end of the day, Button made the right calls and pushed when he needed to. Lewis drove a stonking race, but F1 doesn’t have hindsight.

    33. chaosthoery
      28th March 2010, 9:38

      You Brits cant stand the decision taken by McLaren to make Lewis pit, for all people in Poland it was a relief :P Kubica was great today, just like in Japan 2008 when he was defending from Kimis Ferrari, it was exciting. But if it wasnt for Lewis storming the field, this race wouldnt be as exciting.
      And I think Alonso was too gentle with Massa, like if he didnt want to cause some tension inside the team, or something.
      So to me this race was definitely better than the greatest from last season – SPA 09.

      1. great hindsight mate , lewis did make the race exciting , show out to polish f1fanatics ;-)

        1. *shout out to polish f1fanatics :-)

      2. I am an Alonso fan and I second that. Massa was struggling and alonso should have got passed him. May be ho got a call from Stefano not to take any chances. But it was a quality drive from Alonso and i think Massa should have been better than 3rd.

    34. wong chin kong
      28th March 2010, 9:39

      I rated it 9, one step below perfect because it needed rain to bring excitement to the race. Crashes, different tyre strategies, unscheduled pit stops, damaged cars, dare devil overtaking moves spiced up the race. The organisers have to seed the clouds for rain in desert venues next time.

    35. Wait a minute.

      Those thousands of ridiculously overreacting fans after Bahrain are now happy. What gives?

      1. I think you’ll find most people agree the race shut down somewhat once the track dried and their are still inherent issues with the cars. We’re all just happy for the time being that we got some action no matter the reason.

        Jeez if you don’t like a little action you should just stop watching :P

      2. I agree, there were several races last year that were just as dull as Bahrain this year, and many people seemed to have forgotten about them. Bahrain wasn’t even all that bad, no better than I’ve ever expected from any of the tilkedromes.

      3. No David, we are absolutely not! Please read my two posts above.

    36. 9. Alonso moment of the day for hilarious radio transmission

      1. Agreed! :-D “I don’t wanna know!”

      2. Was that the ‘Hamilton is now 3.5 seconds behind you’

        ‘I don’t want to know!’


        1. Yeah Robbie. Loved it

          1. It was hilarious but in the end he needn’t have worried.

      3. That was awesome. HE knew that he could keep Ham behind him and he sis it superbly. Had it been Massa instead of Alo, Ham would haev overtaken him

        1. Its a shame Webber took Hamilton out when he did, as Alonso was out of shape after that corner (watching the replay, Rosberg had a real look at passing). Ham was likely thinking to duck back inside and go for the next corner.

    37. First of all it was an awesome race. Button may have won but the driver of the day none other than Lewis. Mclaren had miscalcualted Ferrari & Renault pitting. Webber’s driving? What did this race tell you(Red Bull)? Please stand on your feet and don’t bad mouth. Horner kept on speaking nonsense of Ron/Lewis/Mclaren.

      1. christian horner or horny ;-) or whatever his name is feeling quite smug at the moment so he has the gut to poke fun at people like ron dennis , lets give it two races and he won’t have much to say

    38. Good day for Bernie and all the F1 Fans….. Formula 1 is still as exciting as before! Next year Bahrain should arrange for some artificial rain (in the desert) to make it more exciting…..

    39. Amazing how a track cobbled together from street roads through a park can produce a race with so much more excitement than one on a custom designed/built and modified track such as Bahrain.

      1. Well said.

        1. “well said”

          kinda funny or maybe a “being nice” stunt from you keith , but there is nothing overly exciting that deserves a “well said” about this race compared to bahrain . The difference was from natural intervention (rain) . Get some rainmakers to bahrain on a race weekend and you’ll see f1 5 star rating skyrocket.

          After the rain stopped the drama stopped , f1 has problems . How did hamilton who was chipping away at least 1.5 seconds a lap from alonso , suddenly finds himself stuck and can’t pass .

          1.5 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!! faster and can’t overtake , that is a joke

          1. You have a point, but do keep in mind that Hamilton himself complained of having ruined his tyres exactly as he closed in on Alonso. That was a factor.

          2. Ned Flanders
            28th March 2010, 17:02

            “After the rain stopped the drama stopped”

            Er… were you watching the same race as the rest of us?!

          3. Curedcat – have you ever watched Melbourne before? I have been going since 2000, and this is the first even semi-wet race we’ve had in that time. And yet, is it the first great race? Apart from 2004 & 2007, Albert Park has produced absolute pearlers every year on a bone dry track. That is the difference between a good, classic track, and a Tilke-drome.

      2. Sadly, I don’t think tracks like this or Interlagos would be approved for construction today. The tilkedromes are what they are, I’m sure, in no small part due to the obcession with safety and the misguided notion that wide tracks equal good racing. We should treasure these tracks while they’re still in the calendar and hope F1 never moves away from all of them.

      3. Maybe we can hope for rain at Singapore as well, would it make the most boring race on the calendar any better?

    40. Big Vettel fan here, very disappointing to see reliability let him down again, but I can deal with that for racing that good! Excellent race, I voted 9.

    41. Fantastic race with plenty of overtaking and excitement! I voted 9 but maybe should have rated it a perfect 10.

      I think every driver on that podium genuinely deserved to be up there. I have even more respect for Jenson now as I believed that he would fade away after a fantastic season last year but he’s instead taken the fight to Lewis and got the first win. Likewise for Kubica, he did a sterling job for Renault and Massa impressed again. Hard luck for Vettel.

      Today’s race proved that a different circuit (and a sprinkle of rain) spices up the racing, Melbourn should be the season opener.

    42. Perfect race, couldn’t have asked for more

    43. LOL! 9 people voting it as a Terrible race.

      a) They aren’t f1 fans
      b) because their driver cocked up/crashed out

    44. 8/10 from me. The rain shower spiced it up no end and demanded careful and thoughtful driving from the pilots. Everyone drove a brilliant race with the machinery they had, and it was a shame that after lewis’s charge, the aero defused to allow some position changing with the ferraris.

    45. 9/10, Anyone remember Alonso being told about Hamilton catching him, then he was like, “I don’t want to know”!

    46. forget the sc and rain the best way for a great race this year is start alonso from last place…..

      he and his car look miles better than anyone out there during the race.

    47. My rate – 8 !
      Great race !
      Only sorry for Schumacher, good start, he would have taken mesaure out of Rosberg but Alonso had to pull him down with him :( ! I know it s not Nandos fault but very frustrating for Schumi fan! This could have been great race for Schumi , but that s F1 ..

      – Webber – proved once more that he doesnt belong to F1.
      – Alonso – good race considering the circumstances
      – Massa – very bad preformance but respect for not giving up to Alonso
      – Hamilton – great show but too bitchy about strategy. Criticizing team on the radio – not very nice.
      – Button – deserved the win , his fault for Alonso-Schumi crash
      – Kubica – man of the day
      – Vettel – he really did showed ’em all :))))

      1. Why does everyone hate Webber?

        Seriously, why? I don’t get it.

        So he’s incredibly unlucky. He’s rough on the track. So what. He’s made great passes, some have come off, some haven’t, he’s authentic, he’s a racer.

        If it’s just because he’s tripped up Hamilton heaps of times then sorry to all those Hamilton fans. Some people don’t actually like Hamilton but we don’t go on and on and on about it. And BTW, you go for schumi! Love is blind, can’t you see?! ;)

        I’m Australian and he’s our man. Go ahead and put ANOTHER german or ANOTHER brazilian in there. BORR-RING!

        Viva Webber

        1. SennaRainho
          1st April 2010, 4:54


          I for one don’t hate Webber. I guess I actually don’t give him enough credit as he IS a racer and that is all I care for. He made some spectacular moves on track – just like Hamilton – and they both make mistakes too because they don’t hold back. “Racing” without aggression just makes zero sense and I cannot stand boring cruisers like Button or Prost before him. Well, maybe a bad comparison as Prost was by far the most talented of the two, but my point is that if you don’t like going to the absolute edge of physics – and sometimes beyond – try golf!

          I loved to watch Senna balancing on perfectly on that edge – giving it his absolute all… and then some more because of the adrenalin – and I love watching Hamilton doing the same though he is still only half the man Senna was. Webber is a lot more of a man and even if he is not quite as super-talented he often makes up for it in sheer willpower. You can be perfectly proud of him down there, down under!

    48. Hamilton was the most exciting to watch, because of the “F Vent” and it was like he activated a turbo feature on the straights, getting nice and close to the other cars.
      I was always a big fan of the KERS system, but it will only work if it is made compulsory and for the first few years the system is a generic brand until teams get a greater understanding of it.
      Totally agree about the more relaxed choice of tyres.

      Who else thinks a Generic KERS System would be ace?

    49. Great race! 9 out of 10, with all the strategies and mismanagement and semi-wet track made the grand prix entertaining…Im a Webber fan but geez he needed to be patient before going in too hot when he saw Hamilton trying a move. Vettel must be wondering the gods musn’t be on his side. Awesome drive by Kubica and great strategy and self-belief by Button.

      I vote for random sprinklers to be turned on at all races when races get boring.

    50. 12 people voted Terrible?

      Sorry if someone mentioned this but are we heading for one of the highest rated races on F1Fanatic ??

      1. I believe these 12 guys are just kidding. Or they are totally strangers

        1. Those 12 people have voted like that because their favourite driver have not meet their expectation.

    51. i gave a 10 for the race. excellent!

    52. So now we can celebrate the first real top-class F1 race in 2010.

      Surely the massive success of Melbourne 2010 should send a serious message to the super-rich enthusiastic but completely naive owner of the Bahrain circuit that his magnificent white elephant in the desert just doesn’t cut it in F1.

      No crowds, too long a circuit, badly designed, too safe, too smooth, too flat, massively oversized run-offs. Result: a boredom fest beyond redemption.

      Melbourne is on the way to becoming one of the classic race circuits. Bahrain in its present guise never will.

      And next…we have two more Tilkedromes….. !

    53. What stood out for me for this race was during the ending stages. Lewis was so quick to close the gap to alonso but was unable to go any faster once he entered alonso’s turbulence.

    54. the only things that are actually responsible of bad races are those aero devices which kill most of the overtaking chances. During the last decade the most investments in r&d came to this area in F1, but they’re quite useless outside a circuit, on street cars.

    55. There is a few contributing factors to today’s very good GP. The first is the weather. Without it we would not have the tyre choice freedom and the varying of pace between the front runners. The second is the track.

      Albert Park is a simplistic track on paper but somehow produces great races year after year. The track being simplistic gives a false sense of security. Unlike many of the new tracks, you run off at Albert Park your race is usually over. Consequently this means that drivers trying to overtake, but fail to do so, end up slowing down quite significantly as they try to remain on the track. This allows the cars following to catch up or overtake.

      The new tracks are far too forgiving. You stuff up an overtake you run onto the concrete and right back on again unpunished.

      The cars still cause too much wake. This is not due to the double decker diffuser. It is the ridiculously ‘tall’ rear wing. A wider and flatter wing would produce the same downforce with significantly less wake allowing cars to follow closer.

      This was a good race for a number of reasons. The FIA needs to learn from it that the current tyre rules are stupid and only work to dull the race, and that tracks need to be less forgiving.

    56. I didn’t feel like staying up for 2am. So Happy I DVR’d the race!

    57. Mountain Man
      28th March 2010, 13:04

      One of the best races i’ve seen for a long time.
      Woke up by chance,in time for the live beeb coverage (was going to wait for the re-run) WELL worth it!
      Upset at the dubious call to bring Ham in for new tyres
      & turned the air blue when the assie glentleman took H off…!*@*!!..almost launched the remote control at the TV…
      Was going to go back to bed..But will stay up cos Re-run’s starting now.
      Good Luck,..MM.

    58. Ye this one will definetly go down as a clasic. I see Webber has been reprimanded for crashing into hamilton. As far as I could see it was a racing incident.

    59. 9/10. The lull in action between Hamilton & co’s pitstops and them catching the Ferraris is the only thing keeping this out of a perfect score, but it wasn’t too bad because of the tension as they caught the Ferraris. Definitely the best race since 2008.

    60. 8 from me, would of been a 9 if vettel won since button would of kept on the pressure all the way. After the brake failure it just became an easy win for button since i’m pritty sure the Renault wouldn’t of been able to pass him.

    61. Great race, definately goes to show that tyre choice should be free as opposed to the ridiculous idea of mandatory stops. Mandatory stops would lead to exactly what we saw in Bahrain but with drivers making two instead of one stop, so it would change nothing for the better by introducing mandatory stops, what a silly and artificial idea that is…

      What we saw in this race was some drivers such as Button and Kubica preserving their tyres and making just one stop, and others such as Hamilton and Webber making much more use of the tyres and driving faster and overtaking a lot which made good racing. As a result of it they stopped more than once, which arguably wasn’t the best strategy but it made for a good and exciting race. This was caused by the wet track at the beginning of the race. In order to make this possible during the normal dry races tyre rules should be relaxed to cater for free choice in tyres for the drivers. Also I think the tyres should wear more so we can really see different driving strategies, so we see bigger differences between the smoother tactical guys such as Button for example, and the faster rougher on tyres kind of drivers such as Hamilton for example.

      I think in the event of Bridgestone making even softer tyres which give more performance but faster degradation, plus the rules being relaxed in order to allow for a driver to be entirely free in his tyre choice, this kind of racing as seen today would be more common.

      Because throughout the duration of the race we see drivers in different fases of their tyre life and in different positions. So in the event of a driver with new tyres being behind a driver on old tyres this can in some cases lead to overtaking. It doesn’t always happen, but then this is F1 and not a cheap video game. Today unfortunately the difference towards the end of the race between the performance of Hamilton and Webber compared to the Ferraris ahead was unfortunately not big enough to enable overtaking.

      But it was a very exciting race anyway and this is what more races should be like. As Alonso said after the race, hopefully we will not be talking again of the boring race of Bahrain anymore for about a week ;) Hope we can finally rid F1 for once and for good of those artificial rules which are meant to improve the show. It’s a not a video game, and it’s not a show. It’s meant to be a sport, and today it cerainly was :)

      Sorry if I’m going off on one, but this is just my opinion.

    62. I never give 1 and 10. 9/10 rarely. So this was 7/10 from me. Very good! Seasons average 5,5 :)

    63. I think there is an extreme mood swing here. What ever came after Bore-Rain could be exciting. Everybody had the least expectation and then when there was some action all of us felt great. The Drivers also were atleast ready to take more risks this time.

      But the truth of the matter is that it was the rain that made the race exciting given the fact that once if the wets or intermediates are used there is no need of changing tyres or compounds. After that there was no much overtaking. The situation was becoming Baharinish as it started getting to the end of the race.

      I am still not overtly optimistic after this. If Rain gods does not smile in Malaysia, it might end up as another Baharain.

      Max Mosely and Co reintroduced the refueling in the 90s after a 10 year ban since the 80s because it was felt that overtaking was becoming considerably difficult in those days standards. With the cars becoming highly aerodynamic overtaking needs a serious consideration. REFUELING OR NO-REFUELING THE FIX NEEDS TO BE DONE IN REGULATIONS TO ENSURE THE OVERTAKING IS POSSIBLE AND THAT THE CAR THAT IS FOLLOWING SOMEONE FOR A LAP SHOULD GET A BETTER DEAL.

      1. Becoming like Bahrain near the end? I don’t think we were watching the same race!

    64. Billiant 10/10! It really is funny that and street circuit designed for traffic provided better racing the a custom built track designed for racing!

      Who voted for terrible, you could at least say why.

    65. OK race…but my team did not win :(

    66. At last a real Formula One race. It’s been 17 years coming.

      Just like the 80’s and early 90’s, it’s all a battle between 1 stoppers and no stoppers. Unfortunately, if they don’t do away with the tyre rule, it’s not going to happen again.

      It was also interesting to see drivers on marginal tyres again, doing varyingly good and bad jobs at looking after them.

      1. yeah, im with u. We need 0-2 stops not 2 stops as minimum

    67. Not having to use the harder tyre was an important factor in making this race more interesting. Seeing the different strategies from Webber and Hamilton helped keep the end of the race very exciting as the faster cars met the slower ones, and Alonso, Massa and Kubica weren’t guaranteed their positions until the very end due to the lack of grip they had and the chance one of them could have slipped up as a result.

      I always hated the two compound rule, and races like this help to show the benefit of allowing a single compound to be used. Admittedly the rain helped to liven up the first half of the race, but even after it dried out and everyone had picked a compound, not having to run the harder tyre gave teams the option to use the soft again, which aided Webber.

      Having softer tyres which are still capable of finishing an entire race, without the rule to use two compounds may just provide better racing in the future.

    68. Loved the race, gave it a 9. Just shows ya what a little rain can do for F1 :)

    69. Great fun, an excellent show, good aggressive stuff going on out there….and real human beings watching!
      Gave it an 8, perhaps Bernie should consider having sprinklers and hoses installed at all the tracks ?

    70. Somebody pinch me. Was that the same “sport” as 2 weeks ago? Unrecognisable! What a race. I think Bernie should be looking for races in Nova Scotia and Ft. William in future! Rain, you know it makes sense.

    71. Bahrain was really, really boring. This was the exact opposite. Super excitement, compared even with all the other races I have seen. One of the best.

      The number one reason for the excitement for me was the constant fights for position (successful or not doesn’t matter, successful nail biting defenses – like Kubica in the Renault is awesome).

      Unexpected accidents and mishaps, unpredictable weather, a bit more variation on tyre changing strategies are helpful.

      An unusual but entertaining bonus was Alonso’s “I don’t want to know! I don’t want to know!” regarding Hamilton closing in. I did not expect Alonso to say things like that. :) But I know from own sim-racing that it is nerve-wrecking to have faster people approaching in the mirrors. Hamilton’s whining during the race was also entertaining (the whining and looking for a scapegoat during the race was unprofessional and unhelpful, and the opinions of the tyre tactic is for post race debriefing of the driver).

      I think this was a very rare exception with the current rules, due to many factors, weather being the main catalyst. Coming dry races most likely single stop processions.

      Compared to the past era of no refueling, the tyres are much more durable, there are speed limits in the pitlane, and there is little speed to be gained from fresh softer tyres. Also consider that changing tyres is a gamble because many things can and do go wrong during pitstops, and other cars usually overtake and one can come out behind any of them. Taking back the positions is also more difficult than back then. Much to lose from pitting when not necessary.

    72. 9/10 from me, absolutely fantastic race! Just lost a point for the wrong end result though… I was at turn one, and during the first phase of the race there was so much happening I couldn’t even keep track of it all. Some storming drives from Webber, Hamilton, Alonso & Kubica. Even Button impressed me with making those tyres last.

      I can’t beleive some of the criticism of Webber on here – he went out fighting after an absolute blitzer of a drive. Wouldn’t you rather watch that than follow the leader?

    73. Yes, it was a good race. But how in the world could 27% of the respondents (so far) call it perfect? You mean it would be impossible to have a better race?

    74. A great race and the perfect follow up to Bahrain.

      Although the rain made the race more entertaining, as it usually does, I don’t think it was the only reason why the Australian GP was a lot better than Bahrain.

      It was nice to see a well attended race, as going by the TV coverage from Bahrain there didn’t seem that many people at the last GP, I still think Australia makes a better season opener.

      Just like last year I think the Australian GP, and other races, should go back to a traditional early afternoon start time. If there had been more rain at the end or if the race had lasted two hours it may have been too dark to race.

      Is there anything in the rules about stopping the race if it gets too dark, would it just be down to a judgement call from race control whether it was safe to continue in the conditions just like when a race is stopped due to heavy rain?

    75. Wow, what a race! Although the wet conditions played a part in the excitement of the race, it was still a very good one. Let’s hope there’ll be more races like this, despite all the negative publicity surrounding this season so far.

    76. I gave it an 8, only because of the rain or weather uncertainly factor. Malaysia will be the same as Bahrain.

    77. The race bent in capital neon letters everything that is wrong at the moment: Mechanical grip overrules aero grip in the wet/damp which gave us storming drives from Hamilton and Alonso and allowed Kubica to shine in an inferior car. In the dry the aero grip ruled again and Hamilton couldn’t even pass a car that was two seconds slower due to “dirty” air. His extra stop showed us that preserving the tires DOES make the race pace much slower underlining that tires should NOT be limited!

      We need to reward aggressive driving and daringly late braking, just like Alonso and Hamilton sported, and not who can cruise around the longest on a set of rubber! It absolutely defies everything that racing is all about!

      Though the race itself had exitement it was not for the right reasons and it was certainly not won by the best “racer”! Sadly, sadly people within the sport use this race to promote the new rules while a closer look reveals how hopeless the reality is.

    78. I just watched the race last night on a rerun after chewing my fingernails since Sunday morning when I couldn’t watch it – wow, great, fantastic. Only thing that stopped this from being perfect was Webber taking himself and Hamilton out at the end when they both had a shot at the podium.

      How’s that for a race that would never have been as good with refueling?

    79. Clearly some people have an unconventional and some might say mean spirited understanding of the voting ethos. For example, I suspect that the 32 people who voted it was a terrible race did so because their driver did not win and or to be facetious or they simply can’t read – take your pick. But this is freedom of speech and each to their own…

      1. Chaz, please see my post two posts above for clarification. The race had action, the race even had actual racing but you need to look at the reason. After Kimi left I personally don’t even have a favourite anymore but when a race outlines that clearly how great the sport COULD have been if the rules were actually designed to promote racing; I just cannot make myself vote it a great race!

        To say that everything is fine in F1 when we have just been shown very clearly the most aggressive driver in the field unable to overtake at a 2 sec higher pace is seriously scary and shows very little understanding.

        The problems are exactly the same as in Bahrain but now we have total clarification. All there is left is to do something about it!

        1. SennaRainho, we all all no overtaking is a huge issue. But we did get lots of overtaking for a good part of the race and surely this does not constitute a ‘terrible’ vote.

          I only wonder what those who voted ‘terrible’ for the Oz gp voted in the Bahrain gp. Or did they simply not vote because there was no category to effectively express there disdain lol. And they say F1 is boring. It may be so on the track but not apparently in the blogs lol…

    80. Deserves 9,are you listing Herman?? The track that you make should have the characteristics of Australia.
      Why did Bernie wanted it to be the second race of the season??

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