Spanish Grand Prix team-by-team: Lotus

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Lotus promised a major step for the T127 at Barcelona and so it proved to be. In practice the car gained around 1% of lap time compared to the midfield runners.

But they’ve got around 1.5-2% more to find to get close to the midfield – and fellow new team rivals Virgin made similar progress this weekend.

Jarno Trulli Heikki Kovalainen
Qualifying position 18 20
Qualifying time comparison (Q1) 1’24.674 (-0.074) 1’24.748
Race position 17
Average race lap 1’32.535
Laps 63/66 0/66
Pit stops 1 0
Spanish GP lap times: Lotus
Spanish GP lap times: Lotus

Jarno Trulli

Took the ‘new team’ pole and victory. Reported that the new car felt “difficult to drive” during the race, but still came home ahead of Timo Glock in the updated Virgin.

Compare Jarno Trulli’s form against his team mate in 2010

Heikki Kovalainen

While preparing to leave the grid his gearbox tried to select two gears at once and failed, ending his race before it had begun.

Compare Heikki Kovalainen’s form against his team mate in 2010

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5 comments on “Spanish Grand Prix team-by-team: Lotus”

  1. Wasn’t Trulli up to somewhere near P10 in lap 1?

    1. I didn’t see the first lap, for guilt of my child…Jarno is not fast with this car ,I hope that the things improve.

  2. Looking at testing times from the last day at Barcelona (which was dry but cold if I remember correctly) Heikki did a 1,25.251 as his best lap out of 64 laps ( In qualifying he did a 1,24.748 (very close to his fastest time of the weekend) on what was a warmer day. Have Lotus improved that much?

    1. I guess in testing they had a new car, new team and little idea how to set it all up. Now they have had a few months to work on that, and the car itself has improved. Actually, the jump might even be bigger as other teams tended to be a bit slower this weekend than they were at the end of testing.

      1. … sorry for double post: slower due to track circumstances, that is.

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