This time Vettel denies Webber a perfect result (Monaco GP stats and facts)

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Webber was beaten to fastest lap by Vettel

Mark Webber repeated his domination of the Spanish Grand Prix at Monaco – but once again one driver stopped him from achieving a perfect result.

This time his team mate was the spoiler – Sebastian Vettel beat Webber to the fastest lap of the race.

However Webber led every lap of the Monaco Grand Prix, meaning no-one else has led a race since Jenson Button won in China.

The last time a driver led every lap of two consecutive races was in 2005. The driver was Kimi Raikkonen – and he achieved the feat at the same two race Webber did.

Webber’s fourth win was his first back-to-back victory, and it puts him level with Dan Gurney, Bruce McLaren and Eddie Irvine on total wins.

He also scored his fourth pole position, matching Mike Hawthorn, Didier Pironi, Jarno Trulli and Giancarlo Fisichella.

To cap it all, Webber now leads the championship for the first time in his career, albeit in a points tie with Vettel.

Vettel’s fourth fastest lap gives him as many as Jo Siffert, Jean-Pierre Beltoise, Patrick Depailler and Jean Alesi.

The ninth victory for Red Bull puts them in a tie for 12th place on the list of most successful constructors. Mercedes, Maserati, Vanwall, Matra and Ligier also scored nine wins – though of those only Mercedes are likely to add to their tally for the foreseeable future.

Button’s retirement bring his run of ten consecutive finish in the points to an end. That leaves just Webber and Felipe Massa the only drivers to have scored in every race this year.

Laps led

DriverLaps led
Mark Webber148
Sebastian Vettel110
Jenson Button71
Fernando Alonso18
Nico Rosberg16


Mark Webber3
Sebastian Vettel3
Felipe Massa2
Lewis Hamilton2
Jenson Button2
Nico Rosberg2
Fernando Alonso2
Robert Kubica2

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    71 comments on “This time Vettel denies Webber a perfect result (Monaco GP stats and facts)”

    1. Jarno Trulli was beaten in qualifying for the first time at Monaco by a teammate – Heikki gets a booby prize!

      Trulli beat Alonso twice, it was quite a record.

    2. I bet Mark will be happy to let the fastest laps to Vettel, as long as he can take the wins :D

      1. Davetherave
        18th May 2010, 6:24

        and the pole positions

    3. “Red Bull also had their fourth front row lock-out of the year.”

      Vettel was P3 from quali?

      1. yeap…something amiss here…

      2. My mistake – deleted it.

    4. Ned Flanders
      17th May 2010, 10:30

      o Four different teams have started on the front row so far this season: Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault. McLaren’s best starting position is only 4th.

      o There were 4 safety cars in this race, which I think is the most since Canada 2007. The most safety car appearances in one race was 5 at Interlagos 2003 (although you can correct me if I’m wrong)

      1. I think Australia 2008 had 4 safety cars as well.

      2. Mclaren’s best starting position was 3rd – Hamilton in Spain.

    5. I dare say Vettel would not have taken the fastest lap from Webber if Webber hadn’t received the pit call claiming he should do easier as he had a big enough lead.

      1. Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if Vettel’s race engineer heard the call to Mark & then told Vettel to pressure him, much like the “Squeeze Him” call earlier in the race

    6. Ned Flanders
      17th May 2010, 10:35

      Also, Williams and Sauber have just 10 points between them. With the pre 2010 points system, that would only be 1 point (for Barrichello’s 8th place at Albert Park). Sauber haven’t even managed a top 10 finish yet. I’m sure this is the worst start to a season either team has ever had…

      I think it’s safe to say to say BMW didn’t do either team any favours then!

    7. For the second time this year, drivers have used their car-to-pits radio to talk directly to Charlie Whiting.

      Lewis did that in Spain I think, and Webber at Monaco.

      Fernando Alonso’s 77-lap stint (roughly 255 km) is the longest single stint seen in the sport in the last 16 years. (Beaten only if you go back to 1993).

      And I think that the Rascasse corner should be renamed as “the Schumi” given his affinity for controversies at that corner.

      1. Ned Flanders
        17th May 2010, 11:33

        Good point- although to put a dempner on that technichally it was the Anthony Noghes corner where he passed Alonso

      2. Although in terms of time, Salo did the full 2-hour limited race in Monaco 1997 with no stops.

        1. i remember that. it was/is one of the most under-acclaimed drives certainly of that decade.

      3. Terry Fabulous
        17th May 2010, 11:41

        I agree! That is certainly his spot.
        Although to be really annoying and pedantic…. His move on Alonso was actually the corner after Rascasse called Anthony Noges after the tobacco magnate who talked the powers that be into running a car race around town back in the 1920s.

        1. they can drive from the swimming pool complex to the schumacher complex (including rascasse and anthony noges).

          it’s mclarens first engine failure in yonks. (i can’t remember the last time a mclaren has broken down!)

      4. “Fernando Alonso’s 77-lap stint (roughly 255 km) is the longest single stint seen in the sport in the last 16 years. (Beaten only if you go back to 1993).”

        In terms of laps yes, but in distance no.
        Button did approx 275km on a set of soft tyres at Melbourne. He pitted on lap 6 and did the remaining 52 laps (5.303 km) on that set.

      5. ‘For the second time this year, drivers have used their car-to-pits radio to talk directly to Charlie Whiting.’
        probably more instances of drivers talking to charlie during a race, these ones are just the ones we’ve heard on tv.

        1. of course i meant to say ‘there have been’ probably more instances

      6. What about 2005, when no tyre change is allowed?

        1. Good point there…

          2005 beats them all…

          1. Terry Fabulous
            18th May 2010, 2:28

            True but in 2005 they at least got to pull into the pits for the slow drive down the lane and the six sections being refueled.

            Looking back, I really enjoyed season 2005! Some really good races!

      7. What about the year when they had the One set of tyres rule eh? Longer stints than that, it was the law!!! :-)

    8. This is Barrichello’s first DNF in monaco since 1998.

      1. wow really??? thats impressive…( I mean 11 years no dnfs??

        1. that is quite an impressive stat. thanks.

      2. Ned Flanders
        17th May 2010, 14:27

        Not quite. He crashed out towards the end of the 1999 GP:

        (he was classified 9th, but he actually retired 7 laps before the end)

      3. Nope. Where did you get this? Barrichello crashed in Turkey last season with Brawn GP… that´s a DNF, right?

        1. Alex, I´m really sorry! Didn´t read the “in monaco” part of your post. My apollogies…

    9. This is the 4th year in a row with a different winner in Monaco. Overall there have been 9 different winners over the last decade (Webber this year, Button in 09, Hamilton in 08, Alonso in 07 and 06, Raikkonen in 05, Trulli in 04, Montoya in 03, Coulthard in 02 and Schumi in 01).

      Has Renault ever managed to lockout the podium with Renault-powered cars only?

      1. The British and Luxembourg GPs in 1997 both had all Renault-powered podiums, when both Williams and Benetton were using Renault engines. I’m sure there must be more examples but I don’t know if there are any more recently than that.

        1. James Bolton
          17th May 2010, 13:38

          In a couple of races in 1997 they finished 1-2-3-4, maybe the French GP?

          1. They managed 1-2-3-4 in the 1996 French GP.

    10. Vettel gets Webber back for Suzuka last year!

      1. Hehehe yeah, and i bet Webber is just as devastated as Vettel wasn’t.

      2. Sorry Ed, that comment reads quite snarky. I meant to put a winky face -> ;)

    11. Fernando Alonso matchs the best recovery in Monaco: 18 positions. From 24th to 6th. The other ones:

      Andrea de Adamich from 25th to 7th
      Guy Edwards from 26th to 8th
      Eric Bernard from 24th to 6th (not starting from last position and with 19 DNFs)

      1. Great stats HalfVector!

      2. Didn’t Schumi go from 22nd to 5th the year he parked the car on track during quali and got relegated to last over the “deliberate parking”? Only 17 positions gained though.

    12. What are the points standings like with the old calculations now?

      1. Old Pts system vs New
        Vettel 32 vs Webber 78
        Alonso 31 vs Vettel 78
        Webber 30 vs Alonzo 75
        Button 27 vs Button 70
        Massa 24 vs Massa 61
        Kubica 24 vs Kubica 59
        Lewis 24 vs Lewis 59
        Rosberg 22 vs Rosberg 56
        Schum 8 vs Schum 22
        Sutil 7 vs Sutil 20
        Petrov 2 vs Luizzi 10
        Luizzi 2 vs Barichello 7
        Barrichello 1 vs Petrov 6

        A little more of a scramble is showing up now then 2 races ago. Vettel would been leader instead of Webber and Alonso would been a head of Webber to. Luizzi and Barichello are a head of Petrov thanks to the new points system.
        Further Alguersauri, Hulkenberg and Buemi got points with the new system but wouldn’t have recorded any under the old system.

        1. James Bolton
          17th May 2010, 20:56

          It’s so close! The top five, under the old points system, are seperated by 8 points. After six races, here’s how much the top 5 were seperated by in previous years:

          2009 36.5 pts
          2008 18 pts
          2007 22 pts
          2006 34 pts
          2005 32 pts
          2004 27 pts
          2003 17 pts
          2002 44 pts

    13. Equalling Bruce McLaren’s tally is significant; Mark Webber is the only Australian to win a race but not the world championship. Could it be his year?

      1. James Bolton
        17th May 2010, 13:41

        If it is, he would be the fifth different World Champion in a row and – get this – they would be from five different teams! The five World Championships before this run were won by one man and one team…

        2006 Alonso Renault
        2007 Raikonnen Ferrari
        2008 Hamilton McLaren
        2009 Button Brawn
        2010 ?

        1. to the best of my knowledge, a run of 5 different drivers champions in 5 different cars has NEVER happened in F1.

        2. “The five World Championships before this run were won by one man and one team…”

          Not quite, you’ve missed out Alonso’s first championship in 2005. Still, great stat :)

        3. Amazing stat! (comment too short…)

        4. If it were Red Bull it would also be the first time since 1962-3 that two teams that had not won the WDC previously won in a row.

          1962 was BRM’s only champ and 1963 was Lotus’s first championship.

          All hypothetical at the moment

    14. Monaco GP was Tonio Liuzzi’s 50th race.
      Source :

    15. Also, F1fanatic must have created a record for the most comments in the 24 hours following a race.

      Each of the 3 articles has about 300 comments each!! (The one blaming FIA was the most sensible read on this entire issue among all F1 websites)

      The articles with Hamilton not wanting Schumi’s legacy and Schumi’s refusal to speak for 2006 probably means that Monaco GP 2010 weekend was the busiest one for Keith!! (Also, most fruitful too, I hope :) )

      1. I suspect the 24 hours after brazil 08 created more…

    16. 2010 was the most retirements at monaco since 2004 when 10 retired,

      and id say its the most retirements since then too in any race.

      1. Ned Flanders
        17th May 2010, 16:01

        There were only 6 finishers out of 20 starters at the 2008 Australian GP, not including Barrichello who finished but was disqualified.

        Another stat I’ve just thought of- this might have the closest GP finish in championship history. All 12 finishers were within about 10 seconds of each other

        1. Australia 09 had 11 drivers finish within 7.3 seconds off the leader.

        2. Monza ’71 was the closest I think but a smaller group so maybe it’s the closest finish with the largest amount of cars if that made any sense whatsoever which I don’t think it did…

    17. Ned if i got that pitchfork :D

    18. As usual, every week i have a look what the championship would look like with last years points system and this week i did the pre 2003 system and here are the results:

      03 – 09
      Vettel 32
      Webber 30
      Alonso 30
      Button 27
      Kubica 24
      Hamilton 23
      Massa 23
      Rosberg 22
      Schumacher 8
      Sutil 7
      Liuzzi 2
      Petrov 2
      Barrichello 1

      Pre 2003

      Webber 26
      Vettel 24
      Alonso 23
      Button 22
      Kubica 15
      Hamilton 14
      Massa 14
      Schumacher 4
      Sutil 2

      Constructors 03-09/pre 2003

      Red bull 62/50
      Ferrari 53/37
      Mclaren 60/36
      Mercedes 30/16
      Renault 26/15
      Force india 9/2
      Williams 1/0

      Look at how bad schumachers doing here.

      This yet again makes me ask did we really need to change the points system?

    19. Haven’t read all the comments so maybe it’s been mentioned before but, in the last 9 races, Red Bull has had at least a pole position or a win.

    20. Fastest laps are totally meaningless this year when drivers have to save their engines.

    21. First Renault podium since 1997. 1-2-3.

      First time 2 Force India’s in the points, double points haul for them, Well done!

      Before the race Williams was the only team not to suffer technical failiure, but both cars ended retiring from this reason.

      Third straight year that Rosberg starts from 6th in Monaco.

      Lowest qualifying position for fernando alonso in his entire Career.

      Buttons first mechanical failiure in 40 races, up there with Hamiltons 50 and Schumi’s 52.

      Webber has ed the last 567 km.

      30th win for an Australian.

      250th podium for a German driver.

      4th front row start for Kubica.

      Ferrari have not been on pole for 24 races now.

      Last time Ferrari failed to have a driver on the podium was 2006.

      Last team to have 6 poles in a row was Ferrari, 2006-2007.

      1. “Lowest qualifying position for fernando alonso in his entire Career.”

        I don’t think Alonso actually qualified, hence having to start from pit lane.

        1. starting position then

    22. Mark deserve this victory, he raced awesomely down this circuit. He knew that he was a lot time ahead in front of Vettel was he wasn’t satisfied. I think it was the last 8-10 laps when he slowed down a bit to let everything to cool down.

    23. Gleeson@Geelong
      18th May 2010, 4:32

      Is this the first time this season that Red Bull have not had a problem with in pit stop

    24. Davetherave
      18th May 2010, 6:22

      Congratulations to Mark Webber, what a fantasticlly controlling drive.
      Now fans keep your eyes on another Aussie driver with a great future.
      Youngster Daniel Riccardo (Born in Perth WA) won the Monaco F3 also driving a RED BULL. cant wait to see him in F1., he’s a F3 points leader.

      1. Riccardo racing in World Series by Renault Formula 3.5 this year, having taken the British Formula 3 title in 2009. Won the Monaco round in WSR (2010)

    25. Paul Gilbert
      18th May 2010, 10:02

      Interesting to note that the better Vettel has qualified this season, the worse he has done in the race. None of his 3 pole positions were converted into podiums, all of his non-pole-positions have resulted in podiums, and his best results have both come from 3rd on the grid.

    26. Straightsman
      19th May 2010, 3:24

      Just wondering how the WDC would look, if all drivers had finnished all races in the position in which they were in when they retired?

      1. If my maths is right:

        Vettel 113
        Webber 78
        Hamilton 74
        Alonso 67
        Button 61
        Rosberg 56
        Kubica 54
        Massa 53

        Haven’t taken into account qualifying mishaps, or the Hamilton-Webber collision in Melbourne either. Just goes to show how much Vettel has lost out – he’d be leading the championship by 35 points(!) – but interestingly enough Hamilton would be keeping Webber very honest, instead of being 19 points adrift.

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