Turkish GP team-by-team: Renault

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A potential double points finish was lost when Vitaly Petrov collided with Fernando Alonso late in the race.

But the team showed good pace and Robert Kubica beat both the Ferraris.

Robert Kubica Vitaly Petrov
Qualifying position 7 9
Qualifying time comparison (Q3) 1’27.039 (-0.391) 1’27.430
Race position 6 15
Average race lap 1’32.421 (-1.718) 1’34.140
Laps 58/58 57/58
Pit stops 1 2

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Robert Kubica

A solid but unspectacular race in which he tried but couldn’t find a way past the Mercedes drivers:

I knew we had a chance to get ahead of them during the pit stops and I had a very good out lap, but their pit stops must have been a bit quicker and so we couldn’t jump ahead.
Robert Kubica

Compare Robert Kubica’s form against his team mate in 2010

Vitaly Petrov

Had his best qualifying performance of the year so far, getting within half a second of his team mate.

Came under huge pressure from Fernando Alonso, spending much of the race with the Ferrari less than a second behind.

He finally succumbed with six laps to go and the contact caused a puncture. That dropped him out of the points but the late tyre change allowed him to set the fastest lap of the race.

Compare Vitaly Petrov’s form against his team mate in 2010

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    10 comments on “Turkish GP team-by-team: Renault”

    1. Petrov had a fantastic race. My vote so far for best rookie driver. His bad luck continues though.

      1. Hands down the best rookie. A close second for me though would be Kobayashi, and Alguersuari for third. Stick those three in competitive cars and I think you’d see some great racing out of all three of them. Remember Kobayashi at the end of last year when he was in a more competitive car? Passing the then-current championship leader!

        1. MouseNightshirt
          31st May 2010, 18:36

          I’m honestly still not sure. Yes, he’s good, but I think everyone is underestimating the Renault. He’s still usually a second behind Kubica in qualy. That doesn’t scream “best rookie hands down” to me.

          He had a good race in Turkey, but I’m holding judgement for now.

          1. I think you’re underestimating Kubica though. It’s hard to compete with your team mate as a rookie when your team mate is one of the top drivers on the grid. Also, in Turkey he was only 4 tenths off Kubica in Q3, and was actually faster than Kubica in both Q1 and Q2. He’s clearly improving.

        2. Understand your points, but personally I would say Alguersuari has been the best Rookie this season. Petrov has been pretty good, but has made quite a few mistakes in the season as a whole let’s not forget.

          I seem to remember many writing Alguersuari off (including myself I think) but this season some of his overtaking has been first class, although it’s obviously harder to jusge on speed alone because his team mate is not a Robert Kubica.

          And the Hulk has been right up there!

    2. very close laptimes lol, very nice Petrov!

    3. It seems to me that Petrov did quite a good job indeed, including the fastest lap (new tyres with almost empty tank, I guess, but anyway, good job). Kubica was efficient but unable to move ahead on the grid.

    4. Kubica is the best, gentelmens, ihaaa

    5. Kubica was stuck behind Rosberg who in turn was stuck behind Schumacher, so the lapimes don’t mean much.

    6. chaostheory
      1st June 2010, 0:13

      I would hold on with judging Petrov performance for now, cause he knows Turkey very well – he won GP2 there last year if im not mistaken. But I hope he will improve – he’s fast, he knows how to start a race, but made too many mistakes (far more mistakes than bad luck I think).

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