Pirelli “on target” after first test session

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Pirelli has completed its first test session at Mugello this week and has announced it is on target to return to Formula One for the 2011 season.

Nick Heidfeld spent two days at the wheel of Toyota’s 2009 TF109, evaluating prototype versions of the new Pirelli Pzero F1 tyre, which will be used by all teams from next season under a three-year agreement with the FIA.

Pirelli’s Motorsport Director Paul Hembery said: "This was the first step of our return to Formula One and we are very satisfied with how the tyres performed and the information we were able to collect.

"We concentrated on finalising the profile and the construction of the front and rear tyres, which is a process that we will continue over the next few tests that we carry out.

"Mugello has quite an abrasive surface with long and medium-high-speed corners as well as hairpins and quick changes of direction so it is quite a good proving ground. We are on target and we come away from this test with lots of data to analyse, which is exactly the situation we hoped to be in."

Hembery added that he is grateful to Toyota and Heidfeld for their assistance:

A lot of people have made a big commitment to get to where we are today in a very short period of time, and the effort really has been incredible.

The Toyota team has also been very professional and provided a good, reliable car.

We are also all very happy to begin our relationship with Nick, who gave us a lot of good feedback and suggestions.
Paul Hembery

Pirelli will continue its Formula One tyre development programme later this month.

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24 comments on “Pirelli “on target” after first test session”

  1. Great to hear their satisfied, now lets hope they make tyres that are not to the tast of the teams, i.e. are unpredictable!

    It seems both Toyota and Heidfeld are willing to do a lot of work to convince potential interested parties of their worth for next year!

    1. Probably true. There is a good chance of Heidfeld getting a seat in 2001, and HRT using a lot off the old Toyota team’s property.

      1. There is a good chance of Heidfeld getting a seat in 2001, and HRT using a lot off the old Toyota team’s property.

        Sorry, my mistake there. Should read 2011.

  2. Oh i forgot to mention, what I read somewhere yesterday, that they did 65 laps yesterday. Not too much, but maybe it took a while to get the car started in the first place and Heidfeld fitted in.
    Especially as Heidfeld was reported to have been delayed because of the birh of his 3rd child and the closure of Florence airport.

  3. Their tyres are going to be even more terrible (from a fans perspective) than Bridgestone. I have no hope for Pirelli, so at the very least I can be a little surprised if things do turn out nice, which they won’t.

    They’re even using these same tyres for GP2. You guys need to realise how much of a stake they’re taking here. You really think they’ll make interesting tyres when they’re the sole provider for TWO high profile series?

    God…bring back the tyre war, something…anything.

    1. How can a tyre be terrible?
      What do you mean?

      1. Terrible as in good.

        Steezy, like many others, including myself, expect the new Pirelli tyres to last longer and be more durable than the Bridgestones, i.e to avoid embarrasing their own reputations.

        Looks like we’re in for more / worse than we have right now.

  4. @Steezy – as far as i’m aware, rather than F1 using the GP2 tyre, they are developing a tyre for F1 that the GP2 series will also use.

    Also, Keith, i’ve heard rumours on forums that this might have been the 2010 toyota (or at least a 2009 car that looks suspiciously different). Not sure whether there is any truth about this – can anyone comfirm the car?

    1. http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2010/8/11146.html

      top picture, it’s plain white, for a start

      1. and not long enough, I think, to be the 2010 Toyota.

        1. that may be because, bosyber, they used the 2009 toyota

  5. Great that there is an independent chassis available and praise for M.Todt that nothing like the Bridgestone/Ferrari relationship is happening this time.
    Much of his previous experience is being used to avoid historic problems and give us a better deal

  6. I understand that they were also testing the GP2 2011 car, which appeared to have a few problems. Heidfeld was not driving this.

    The rear wing of the Toyota does look like their 2010 one, but apparently they brought an early design of this in back at Germany ’09, so i’d assume this is it.

  7. I don’t understand these people who want tyres to be so flimsy they fall apart after 10 laps. This is RACING not some economical test, we want drivers to be pushing all the time and on the limit, not taking it easy. I don’t understand some people

    1. When the tyres last too long, it creates a very difficult situation for overtaking.

      Drivers will never drive on the limit the entire time, even with the long lasting tyres this year they clearly don’t.

      1. When Goodyear had a monopoly and produced very hard, very long lasting tyres we had some fantastic racing. 99% of the time in an overtaking situation both drivers are on very similar tyres so it makes little differance. That’s why on the very few times there is a differance people talk about it. The tyres have a huge influence on lap times, but very little on the quality of racing other than in exceptional circumstances.

    2. Completely agree. I’d say we need the hardest tyres that give low grip, but which allow the drivers to push them like hell and not be worried about damaging them.

      For instance, when Button got stuck behind Schumacher (in Spain I think it was) he ruined his tyres after a few laps of closely following.

      Weak tyres simply don’t allow for racing.

  8. I still don’t think tyres should be made where they suit smooth drivers like button,compared to the likes of schumacer, who likes to throw the car around

  9. Well good start but I don’t see what else was expected. it’s basically just to get data and improve.

    The tracks pretty abrasive but Nick has a gentle(ish) driving style so maybe that’s a good compromise or perhaps they should really have hammered the tyres.

    I’m really looking forward to Pirelli though. It’s something new and good see some strategy. It’s bound to shake up the order a little too

  10. Why all F1 tyre manufacture manufacturer name their F1 tyres starting with the letter “P”?Bridgestone-Potenza, Michelin-Pilot & now Pirelli’s PZero!

    1. Coincidence. Each of these manufacturers has a premium line of street tyres whose name begins with P

      Goodyear’s F1 tyres were called “Eagle”, so it’s not like all of them use names beginning with P

      1. Besides michelin never advertised on their tyres ther word ‘Pilot’ like Bridgestone did with ‘Potenza’

  11. I hope Pirelli make the worst tyres ever…to make F1 better….

  12. Aren’t Pirelli also supplying GP3? Are they going to be Pzeros too? Actually isn’t it strange that the manufactures are using the same branding for the F1 tyres as their normal road tyres, you would think they would be called ‘Formula’ or ‘GP’?
    Also, any news on what will be used to distinguish option tyres? Will it be the same boring green lines or would they do something (gulp) different?? :-)

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