Alonso urges calm after qualifying tenth

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Fernando Alonso played down concerns over his fifth row grid position for tomorrow’s Belgian Grand Prix.

The Ferrari driver said:

Obviously, I can’t be pleased with this result, but it has to be said that if there is one track where grid position is less critical than others, then it is this one, both because of the track characteristics and because the weather can be very changeable: in some cases the right decision at the right time can see you make up an advantage of a minute, therefore we will have to be clever and make the most of every opportunity.

In Q3, I only had one set of new soft tyres left and I used it on my second run when, unfortunately, there was a bit of rain.

There’s no point in making a drama over this tenth place: we must stay calm and concentrated, because qualifying is one thing and the race is quite another when the points are given out, not today.
Fernando Alonso

Team mate Felipe Massa, who qualified sixth, said the late rain also spoiled his qualifying effort:

On my first run in Q3 I got a good lap, but maybe it could have been a couple of tenths quicker, while on the second one, I immediately had rain at Turn 1 and I locked the wheels and I decided to pit without completing the lap, because I would not have been able to improve my lap time.

If we have a track that is only slightly damp but not too wet, it could be a problem because the rain tyres get destroyed very quickly and it will be necessary to manage them very carefully.
Felipe Massa

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    14 comments on “Alonso urges calm after qualifying tenth”

    1. Will Alonso be starting on the hards? Since he didn’t better his first time. Or was his first run on worn softs?

      Also what happens if it rains and someone stays out on slicks for the entire race without pitting? I’m guessing that would be allowed.

      1. His first run was also on softs.

        1. If they were worn softs for his faster lap, does he have to start on the same set, or just the same type of tyres?

          1. The exact same tyres.

      2. I think the rule is “if you need to change to wet-weather tyres”. Either that or they track has to be declared wet, and you wouldn’t stay out on softs anyway.

    2. Disaster for Alonso, behind his teammate and both Willams cars. He going to need a monster start and some rain to have any chance. Massa is starting where Raikkonen did last year oddly enough.

      1. Massa doesn’t have KERS though,

        1. and he can’t overtake off track on the first corner

          1. If two people crash right ahead of him he can overtake them no matter what detour he needs to take.

    3. How many positions ahead of Alonso does Massa have to be to avoid having to give a place to Alonso? Assuming there are not mainly title contenders between them, say, a couple Williamses and a Force India

      1. Just you wait, he’ll be on the radio saying he’s faster than Barrichello who will say “Don’t make me laugh”

    4. Oh Fernando! What happened today?

    5. It's Hammer Time
      28th August 2010, 22:04

      We were at the track today. Just about to tuck in for the night as we have ‘red-neck’ standing tickets and are getting up super early to get a good spot for the race. Alonso has been smooth and fast all weekend. Alonso starting tenth felt as good as a pole would have for the Mclaren.

      There was an enormous cheer when Lewis bettered his position to 2nd in the rain on slicks when everyone else couldn’t (inc the mighty bulls). Go Mclaren!…

    6. The race today will be very interesting, Alonso can make up places with the Williams & Force India who don’t have a better car then him. He may even get help from Massa but the rest 5 cars especially Kubica who have nothing to loose will be very difficult to pass on. & the weather may still play in his hand.

      As for Massa he needs to clear Button & make sure he forget about Alonso behind & keep his concentration for the podium. I also hope that Ferrari don’t ask him to drive slow if he pass Button so that Alonso can catch him. HE needs to be all his own today.

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