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Today is Luca di Montezemolo’s birthday – the Ferrari president is 63 years old. What sort of present could you possibly buy for the man who has unrestricted access to any Ferrari he chooses? Anyway, happy birthday to him!

Here’s today’s round-up:


F1 teams to have more pre-season tests in 2011 (Reuters)

Martin Whitmarsh: “We’ve agreed there will be six tests during the winter and probably the last one will be in Bahrain but it hasn’t been quite agreed yet. We want to make sure that it’s cost effective for the small teams.”

Sebastian Vettel continues to mix the brilliant and best forgotten (The Guardian)

“In terms of sheer ability Vettel ranks with Hamilton and Fernando Alonso as the best of the current generation but he is currently being outperformed by the more mature man in the other Red Bull. Until the 23-year-old learns to focus his gifts at all times the brilliant will continue to be mixed with the best forgotten and he will have to wait to become Formula One’s second German world champion.”

Comment of the day

Easy way to get a COTD: reference a favourite television programme of mine. Yes, I know it’s not fair…

Yet the 10% they haven’t completed is the laying the tarmac on the track. Just a minor detail really

Reminds me of the scene in the West Wing where they’re testing ICBM interceptors, and the military insists the test was a success as they successfully achieved nine out of ten of the objectives of the test. But Bartlet points out the 10th target was to intercept the missile and they missed by several miles!

In Korea they’ve completed 90% of the venue but the whole purpose of the venue is to hold a Grand Prix and they haven’t provided much evidence that the circuit is anything but a dirt track with nice pit buildings at the moment.

From the forum

Here’s a thread with a difference – Steph wants your heartwarming F1 stories.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Liedra!

On this day in F1

Nelson Piquet took an important win in the Dutch Grand Prix 30 years ago today. Title rival Alan Jones failed to score after breaking one of the ground effects ‘skirts’ on his car earlier in the race.

Here are Carlos Reutemann and Mario Andretti racing wheel-to-wheel around the famous Tarzan corner during the race:

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46 comments on “F1 Fanatic round-up: 31/8/2010”

  1. I think all Luca di montezemolo wants for his birthday is a good result for ferarri next week at the wmsc. Must tell him not to get his hopes up though

    1. Maybe buy him a Red Bull, or a Renault or maybe a McLaren.

      He might learn something from it.

    2. Well my birthday is on the 8th, and Im wishing for a SEVERE punishment for Ferrari in the WMSC hearing :)

  2. We will have to see the photos from Chandok’s upcoming event at the circuit. That should tell us if it’s definitely going ahead or not.

  3. Ooh, I have the same birthday as the Ferrari president? Neato!

    Thanks for the wishes :D

    1. Best wishes from me as well Liedra!

      I am sure a day of access to those Ferrari’s would be a pretty nice present for you, if not for Monti.

  4. If teams want more testing, but the FIA wants to cut costs, why not have limited pre-season testing, and one 3-day spring test and one fall test, immediately after the Grand Prix in e.g. Spain respectively Italy.

    1. Ahh but you see, you used common sense didn’t you? yeah don’t worry about it. it catches a few people out…

    2. In reality the exact scope of the ban on testing is an agreement between the FOTA teams. But it has to be unanimous, so it will always be a compromise between those wanting to test and those who can’t afford to.

    3. That does seem like it would make it a bit more affordable for the smaller teams.

  5. I’d like to see no pre-season testing at any track that’s currently on the F1 calendar. Look how boring Barcelona usually is because the teams know it like the back of their hands.

    Ideally, we’d have one test at Valencia, one at Portimao, with the final test being in Dubai, before heading off to Bahrain or Melbourne. I’d also like to see any genuinely new team be given near-unlimited testing (so long as they can afford it, and no more than three days out of every week) prior to December 23rd after being accepted, to help them get up to speed.

    1. I agree with you that teams shouldn’t be allowed to test on tracks which are in the calender, but I think the Spain example is invalid, because it’s simply such a boring track. I think if they tested at Montreal for example , I don’t think the race would be a procession.

      About new teams? I think allow unlimited testing to the teams which are new to the sport(3 or less years) and haven’t scored any points during the previous season.
      I think this would be sensible rule and good for the sport as it would make the competition more competitive, and for teams that come to the sport for the first year, which don’t comply with the second part of the rule, well for them its not a problem as they can barely make a car ready for the official pre-season tests, because we now how late the FIA usually makes decisions but thats a different story.

      1. Well, it might be slightly less boring!

    2. Unlimited testing for new teams is a great idea!

  6. Even if it would not have been with a reference to that TV show, that COTD was a very good comparison by Ads21. Fully agree with it.

  7. *we know (comment to short)

    1. Damn, I couldn’t make more mistakes if I tried.

  8. Mid season testing should be good for some of the team who will have a bad start in the beginning of the season. But I hope they have some good rules which will give the team’s third driver to do some testing.

    Luca will want a home victory for Ferrari & good news on 8th of next month.

  9. A little bit of hithro unsuspected awesomeness from Timo Glock, wish he’d join Renault also.
    Yay feels good to be posting on the site again

    1. The Hundredth Idiot
      31st August 2010, 14:19

      I love this video – I remember finding this video in my F1 deprived state during the winter after last season! Reaffirmed the fact that I’ve always liked Glock – though unfortunately I don’t think he’s joining Renault, he mentioned in the BBC F1 forum on Sunday that he’s committed to his long term contract with Virgin for next year…

  10. Mid season testing should be good for some of the team who will have a bad start in the beginning of the season. But I hope they have some good rules which will give the team’s third driver to do some testing.

    Luca can hope that the team wins the Italian GP & something good happens with him on 8th August.

  11. With all the chaos and questions of Vettel/Rubens getting penalties. The Mass jumping the start line has been completely forgotten. He was lucky to get away with it, he was massively over the line! – http://bit.ly/bIDmzr

  12. I am really surprised that none of the other teams have asked Ferrari if they can borrow their test track for a session or two…… :-)

  13. I really agree with a lot of folks here who think mid-season testing would be a good thing. Perhaps the best way (cost effective that is) to approach this is to ensure that the teams will NOT need a Testing staff. How to do this? Simply schedule them during breaks, and in locations that are in Europe. The immediate ones that comes to mind are the new circuit in Portugal that is FIA compliant, also the old site of the French GP, just to keep it neutral.

    Heck, in US College Football neutral sites are used all the time :)

  14. Bit of a problem here, Keith. Every time I go to a new article it logs me out of my account and I have to sign back in to make a comment. I’m using Chrome and haven’t done anything to my cookies, etc.

    1. I’ve just upgraded the caching plugin and it seems to have caused a glitch. If it appears you’ve been logged out try refreshing the page, it may ‘discover’ you’re actually logged in. I’m looking for a proper fix.

      1. also I’ve been able to vote twice in the rate the race article (could probably do more if i wanted, which i don’t of course). I haven’t done anything with cookies either…

        1. HounslowBusGarage
          31st August 2010, 22:06

          Curious that I found I was able to vote twice as well, Sato 113.
          But I have also just realised that the site is not ‘remembering’ me as being signed in. That is to say, it asks me to type in username and email address each time I want to make a comment.
          Nothing has changed at my end; has anyone else observed the same problem?

      2. That’s exactly what’s happening. Thanks as always :)

  15. Found this, footage of Massa starting too far forward: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kChqJVjp9U&feature=player_embedded

    I still want to know what happened in the pit lane with Alonso and Vettel!

    1. Oh yeah I forgot about the pitlane with Alo and Vet. Is it hjust me or does it seem like we’re missing quite a bit of action at times this season? We saw only the front runners in Bahrain, ok Spa was hectic but we missed Alo overtaking Bue and a few other passes I think. Monaco was also useless but that’s done by different people so that can be excused.

      1. There probably was too much happening in Spa for them to show everything.

  16. If FIA want to make sure Ferrari never break the team order rule again then DQ from Monza would hit them where it hurts; Renault got exclusion from a race last year because a wheel fell off, although this was later over turned because it was too harsh, I truthfully feel it would a strong enough penalty, however there is a chance of having 5 guys going for the title, and FIA may want to make sure Alonso has a chance to keep fighting in order to make the final showdown exciting…

    1. Disqualifying them for Monza would indeed be a good way of hitting them where it hurts but is it worth it? It would effectively take Alo out of the title and punish the drivers when it was msotly the team at fault. Not only that but do you see Ferrari taking it lying down? Ferrari shouldn’t rule the roost but the fact is they’re a very powerful name and Monza will be empty if Ferrari aren’t there and could lead to a bigger row. Some say Ferrari would deserve it but I believe Jean Todt is a believer in the motto “only fight the battles you know you can win” so I’m not sure he would want to start a war. If only Max was still in charge…

  17. west wing west wing west wing west wing

    1. Thanks Becken. Really looking forward to see this movie.

  18. Cheers for the COTD I was very surprised. I’ll clearly have to drop in the West Wing references more often

    Also Happy Birthday to Mr Di Montezemelo

  19. I wonder if Max sent Luca a present? I’m sure if he was president he’d arrange something at the WMSC meeting :P just kidding!

    Keith I think Hartley’s joined Twitter https://twitter.com/Brendonhartley

  20. With all the respect to your favourite TV series Keith this was a bad comment chosen as your COTD as it seems like it came from someone who doesn’t know anything about construction and just wants to insult the circuit builders. I know a little about that, and IF the basement is laid down then the tarmac is the easiest part of all and should be completed in less than a week for the whole 5.5 km of the circuit.

    Overall I find the european media attitude towards this subject really pathetic. Have you forgotten that in 1991 Circuit de Catalunya was completed just 2(yes TWO) days before friday’s practice?! Nobody made such a big fuss about it then. Says it all really…

    1. I have to add I’m not impressed with the endless “Korea won’t be built in time” stories that have appeared on other sites with dubious justification and I’m sure you’ve noticed there haven’t been any of them here.

    2. lol Alex I was actually persuaded yesterday that Korea probably would be ready and I was going for the cheap laugh more than anything. I’m sure that in ’91 there were plenty of jokes around that circuit not being ready like there were loads of gags about Athens not being ready for the Olympics. Like I said the headline just reminded me of the West Wing scene.

      Also if you saw my other comments on the Korea article you see I was sticking up for the idea of Korea having a grand prix so I wasn’t trying to be part of any European patronising attitude towards the project.

      1. Uh ok I’m sorry. Didn’t have time to read anything apart from the round up yesterday, guess I shouldn’t have posted this before reading a bit more :)

        Also thanks to Keith about clarifying your position, and more thanks about not posting those kind of stories here. That’s precisely why I like this website.

        About Barcelona 1991: I wasn’t watching F1 at the time(started in 1994), but I read a lot about the 1991 season and watched lots of video footage. What I gather is that there were some jokes and some comments about the Spanish work ethics , but nothing of the magnitude Korea circuit has received. Maybe it’s the sign of the times.

        1. The thing is that nowadays there are so many websites that need to be filled on a daily basis. So every little bit of gossip or information gets milked to the fullest.

          A worker saying that progress is behind schedule is big news even if the same worker says that the schedule was to have the circuit finished a month ahead of the race and the delay in no way endangers the finishing of the track on time for the race.

  21. Yes its not remembering my name or email address either.

    Vettel has a flaw as all drivers do, unfortunately that flaw is overtaking. Hes not a racer, hes a very quick driver of a car. Lewis and Alonso are both and thats why Vettel will never be great. Hes top of the 2nd stream that includes Button, Webber, Rosberg and Kubica.

    1. Yeah there seem to be a few different types of drivers.

      The qualifiers (fast on a single lap, but erratic in races): Vettel, Webber, Massa
      The racers (fast over the duration of a race and good at overtaking): Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen
      The consistent finishers (always making sure that they reach the finish): Heidfeld, Kubica, Rosberg, Schumacher

      Sometimes drivers will match several types though. Heidfeld for instance is a good overtaker too.

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