New video of Chandhok driving at Korea

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A new video of the “Circuit Run” event at the Korean International Circuit on Saturday shows more of F1’s latest new venue.

It includes more footage of Karun Chandhok’s demonstration run and reveals more of the state of completion of the venue less than eight weeks before it is due to hold the Korean Grand Prix.

Korean International Circuit

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11 comments on “New video of Chandhok driving at Korea”

  1. The walls round that track are strange, and strangley positioned. Hmm, overtaking anyone? I think it’ll be a good F-Duct track. A lot might depended on the direction of the wind.

    1. Wonder if those walls are deliberate saftey car triggers or due to a lack of run off. Maybe such things would help to run the track both ways.

  2. Seems they like Lotuses in Korea.

  3. Would love to find out how Chandhok thought the RedBull handled compare to the HRT!

    1. It was just their show car, which is an old model (2006?) mocked up to look like a RB6, so comparisons would be irrelevant.

      1. Your right, I think its an RB1 chassis modified to look like the RB6.

      2. But still, even with those demonstration tyres, it might actually have better driveability than the HRT car!

  4. Magnificent Geoffrey
    8th September 2010, 1:17

    When I think of Karun Chandhok, I too think instantly of Metallica.

  5. Does this mean that Chandhok is now the official lap record holder? (or was his time beaten by the Lotuses?)

    1. I think the time is only official in a race meeting, as the equipment / car has to be in compliance with the rules (the demo car does not).

  6. It looked to me like the circuit doesnt have my gradient or fast corners so it is probably quite similar to montreal to drive (especially with the walls). I think a driver that can hussle their car with as little downforce as possible might do well come the straights.

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