Alonso: “We got 100% out of the car”

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Fernando Alonso said he’d got everything he could out of his car after taking pole position for the Singapore Grand Prix:

Obviously it was not easy qualifying. We had very little running in dry conditions in practice and it seems to remain damp in some parts of the circuit.

So we arrived in qualifying not 100% confident in the car in some corners. We built up confidence in Q1 and Q2 and tried to push the limit in Q3.

Both attempts were similar in terms of lap time but obviously in the car we don’t know what others are doing.

I think we got 100% out of the car today and that was the aim for us.
Fernando Alonso

Team mate Felipe Massa will start from last on the grid after suffering a car failure in Q1.

Alonso later radioed the team to say he felt strange behaviour from the engine. He said the team had changed the engine maps on his car to play it safe:

We tried to understand Felipe’s problem but obviously until we get the car back and look at the telemetry we don’t know.

We made some changes to our car to avoid risk. We ran with some experimental things here and after Felipe’s problem we went back to the standard ones. In Q3 with the right maps the car felt better.
Fernando Alonso

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    14 comments on “Alonso: “We got 100% out of the car””

    1. If he keeps doing this, he might get to deserve winning this after all.

      1. Funny, i was thinking on that too anyway despite being a ferrari fan redbull deserve this for last year for all jaguar years and sponsoring years with sauber and afterwards they show how new teams can prevail on f1 and maybe better than auto companys like toyota bmw honda that entered the champ with loads of money but no major success

        1. and maybe more important web started with minardi 2002 i belive, and i remenber of cheering jumping etc at 4 am because mark webber was going to finish in 5th on his maiden gp with a minardi and also because a toyota that was going to overtake him spun great memories

      2. IF he wins it by more than 7 points…

    2. As long as it then is by a lot more than those 7 points then :p

    3. Unbeleiveable! The Red Bulls seemed untouchable all throughout the practice sessions, and yet Fernando managed to pull out a pole position. What a way to silence the critics and haters.

    4. Not an alonso fan but you have to be impressed with that performance. It looks as though the pressure is getting to webber

    5. Like I mentioned in one of my previous comments, Alonso does his best work when he knows that the entire team is behind him and him alone.

      Since Hockenhiem, he has by far, been the best driver on the grid.

      1. Yup, on the other hand when yout team principal says they’re racing against you things do get a bit harder.

    6. I seem to recall webber has always been off it a little here though.

    7. Ferrari *so* should print shirts for next season with the quote: “Alonso… is faster… than you!” – especially if he manages to pull out the WDC. My son would be really happy.

      i think it will all come down to turn 1 tonight. After being passed off the start last race, he will be looking to get a good start. Vettel will be aggressive. who knows, after turn 1, only Webber, Hamilton, and Button could be left fighting for the WDC! (^_^)

      1. I don’t think Ferrari will be printing those.. Red Bull fans maybe :)

    8. The guy looks more confident then Monza, that’s what a good race win does to a driver like Alonso. The engine problem is something the whole team needs to look after so that they don’t have any trouble with it.

    9. ‘then we pushed it in to the run off road..’

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