Vettel expects RB6 to be strong at Suzuka

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Sebastian Vettel confirmed pre-race expectations that the Red Bull RB6 will be the car to beat around Suzuka.

Looking ahead to next week’s Japanese Grand Prix he also acknowledged the growing threat posed by Ferrari:

Suzuka should suit our car, but we still have to go there and prove it. I think we have a very competitive car this year on all circuits, so we can be confident.

Last year was very good and I think we should get a good result again. Ferrari has made a step forward in the last couple of races, so they will be strong and don’t forget McLaren.
Sebastian Vettel

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    15 comments on “Vettel expects RB6 to be strong at Suzuka”

    1. I’m looking forward to a Vettel win in Suzuka. If he finishes behind Mark, he would most definitely be forced to play second fiddle to Mark in the remaining races, and this would hamper both Alonso’s and Hamilton’s chances to take it down to the wire.

    2. Hamilton will win ;)

      1. Nah, I’m saying Vettel!

        1. Are you arguing with yourself here? :-)

    3. Realistically Vettel has to win here or at least beat Webber. He’s 21 points behind already, he can’t afford another 7 with three races to go. Clawing it to 14 or at least under 20 would do his chances the world of good.

      1. I think Vettel has the hardest task to overcome the points deficit. He has the problem that Webber will be competitive every time he is. Not to mention that the stats suggest he is harder on the car too.

        1. Furthermore, comparing if the race finishes Webber-Vettel-Alonso-Hamilton to Vettel-Webber-etc, the standings would look like this:

          WEB 227|||||WEB 220
          ALO 206|||||ALO 206
          VET 199|||||VET 206
          HAM 194|||||HAM 194

          In short: everyone needs Vettel to beat Webber!

    4. Alonso and Ferrari have the momentum and the upgrade they bringing to Suzuka, im quite sure will make them much more of a threat. i hope massa is competitive enough to block for his teammate and take points off his rivals. its gonna be a good race!

      1. Yeah, I think Ferrari will take pole & win here. Alonso did it in 2008 right after winning in Singapore. He’ll do it again, for sure.

        1. That was in Fuji though.

          1. In a Renault……

        2. Seriously? Ferrari where making worried noises about this one, I think this is the one track left on the calender that doesn’t entirley suit their car.

          Mclarens quickened pace plus car characteristics make them a drak horse and curiously unmentioned contender for this race.

          1. I expect RB to be favourite here as the circuit calls for aero efficiency. Ferrari and McLaren should follow in that order though perhaps a little closer than in Singapore due to some of the long straightaways at Suzuka.

    5. The McLarens will be fighting over 5th place here. This should be Vettel’s race with Alonso 2nd, Massa 3rd and Webber 4th.

    6. They are the team to beat on this circuit & Vettel needs to win this race as he is still some distance behind Alonso & Webber.

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