Buemi handed grid penalty for crash

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Sebastien Buemi is the second driver to be handed a grid penalty for the Brazilian Grand Prix after his crash in today’s race in Korea.

Buemi collided with Timo Glock at turn three halfway through the race, taking both drivers out.

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    25 comments on “Buemi handed grid penalty for crash”

    1. As with Sutil, this is the right decision. It was a stupid move by Buemi and ruined what could have been a potentially decent finish for Glock and Virgin.

    2. It was a shame Buemi took Glock out. The German driver was in a good position – if he had finished the race, he may have even been able to help Virgin leapfrog Hispania … or, dare I say it, Lotus if he had picked up a point.

      1. Yeah he was on track to finish around 12th or 13th. Definitely would’ve leapfrogged HRT, and probably Lotus as well.

    3. Yep, both Buemi and Sutil could have had multiple accidents before their race enders due to frankly stupid overbraking. So much for Sutil’s renaissance this year or shaking off his destruction derby reputation.

      Alguersari looked far more composed than his teammate all weekend, too.

    4. I presume this was 5 places Keith, you didn’t say in the article?

      1. youre right. 5 places

    5. Also, if Sutil and Buemi qualify in quali 1 in lets say 15th and 16th in Brazil, would they then let 18th and 19th, lets say Trulli and Di Grassi, compete in quali 2?

      Or do they then let them go again and perhaps qualify in 9th and 10th in quali 2 and then let them go on in to quali 3?!

      1. Penalties apply to the final qualifying position so if they got through to Q2 they’d be allowed to compete in Q2

      2. No, grid penalties are always applied after qualifying. Which makes sense if you think about it, because if you get through Q1 it doesn’t matter whether you’re in P1 or P17, you haven’t actually got a grid position yet.

        1. Yea, it makes sense, but say you’re in 18th and you’re out after first qualifying, then somebody investiages the guy who set the 15th place time in that session and they decide to demote him later on, the guy in 18th can’t then continue in the second session to improve his position, which is why I wasn’t so sure.

    6. Good decision. The crash was nasty. That tyre came so close to Timo and he seemed to be having a decent race too.

    7. I am going against the flow a bit here, but he didn’t try to spear Glock. He simply moved off the dry(er/ish) line and discovered that his braking ability was compromised, at which point he had no hope of avoiding the inevitable impact. Of course it is a shame for Timo, but what could Buemi do? He was trying to overtake and made a mistake – it is stuff like Schumacher’s deliberate blocking antics that should be penalised, not people trying to have fun and make the racing exciting.

      1. I agree, because of the spray and the rain he couldn’t see enough which causes Buemi to see Glock too late and chrasing into Glock’s car. Buemi might have avoided the accident by slowing a bit down but at my opinion, it’s difficult to say if Buemi is guilty or not.

        1. But there was little he could do to slow it down! I personally don’t see why everyone is accusing him like this. If this is the precedent, why don’t we just give Kobayashi a grid drop in Malaysia for his front wing failure in Melbourne, or Webber for his clash with Hamilton in Singapore. Completely stupid in my opinion…

      2. If I’m honest I’m not sure whether he was even trying to overtake. To me it looked as though he just moved off line to avoid the spray, then locked up his wheels and slid into Glock.

        I thought it was an honest mistake (as bad as it was for glock)

        1. Of course it was an honest mistake! Are there people here that actually think he wanted to crash or something? *getting worried*

          1. I think one of the things that would have influenced the stewards is that it wasn’t the first time that either Buemi or Sutil had come close to taking someone out of the race.

            Leeway was given for a lot of drivers making genuine mistakes in atrocious conditions, but both those drivers were well out of shape on a number of occasions due to running out of talent.

            Sutil was also reprimanded by the stewards for his driving in the race despite knowing about a severe brake issue in his car, which in those conditions is downright irresponsible. At the very least he should have been backing off and not attempting wild overtakes in the first place (he was deliberatly putting his car in overtaking positions before the braking zones, so it’s not a case of just missing the braking point).

            1. I didn’t see Buemi make any mistakes up until the incident… Unless we were in a commercial break in Australia when he did. Apparently Trulli lost his front wing somewhere – what happened there, anyone?

            2. Trulli lost his wing when he hit Senna, or Senna closed the door or whatever.

            3. Buemi bundled Kovalainen off the track a couple of laps before taking Glock out. He was just reckless.

    8. Glock was doing until that collision.That was overambitious move from him.

      1. yeah, what a shame, at one time Glock was like 11th or so, front of the Saubers. Considering what happened afterwards, he really had chance to finish in points or at least challenge Lotus’ best finish last time (P12?)

    9. Overtaking should be stimulated. We don’t want to watch a pearl string driving around. Maybe the FIA should give an extra point for each overtaking a driver does on a driver of a different team.

    10. I don’t think Glock would have been in the points. He would have made the switch to inters as well, which would have dropped him back. So 13th was in his hands really, best within new teams. Especially when he was ahead of Kovalainen, who also got DT during the race.

    11. Megawatt_Herring
      24th October 2010, 20:07

      I’ve got to admit that as a Lotus fan I was secretly happy when glock retired meaning that 10th place is all assured for Lotus, however I do think that virgin deserve 11th more than HRT as in my opinion thay have been a faster and more consistant team.

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