2010 Brazilian Grand Prix result

Brazilian Grand Prix result

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15Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault71
26Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault714.2434.243
38Fernando AlonsoFerrari716.8072.564
42Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes7114.6347.827
51Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes7115.5930.959
64Nico RosbergMercedes7135.32019.727
73Michael SchumacherMercedes7143.4568.136
810Nico HulkenbergWilliams-Cosworth701 lap1 lap
911Robert KubicaRenault701 lap1.178
1023Kamui KobayashiSauber-Ferrari701 lap0.471
1117Jaime AlguersuariToro Rosso-Ferrari701 lap7.367
1214Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes701 lap0.510
1316Sebastien BuemiToro Rosso-Ferrari701 lap12.796
149Rubens BarrichelloWilliams-Cosworth701 lap0.032
157Felipe MassaFerrari701 lap0.712
1612Vitaly PetrovRenault701 lap0.701
1722Nick HeidfeldSauber-Ferrari701 lap1.250
1819Heikki KovalainenLotus-Cosworth692 laps1 lap
1918Jarno TrulliLotus-Cosworth692 laps0.842
2024Timo GlockVirgin-Cosworth692 laps6.218
2121Bruno SennaHRT-Cosworth692 laps1.232
2220Christian KlienHRT-Cosworth656 laps4 laps
25Lucas di GrassiVirgin-Cosworth629 laps3 laps
15Vitantonio LiuzziForce India-Mercedes4922 laps13 laps

2010 Brazilian Grand Prix

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    59 comments on “2010 Brazilian Grand Prix result”

    1. Excellent example why new rules considering pitting during safety car period are hilariously stupid.

      Guess Rosberg had it coming his way though, with the amazing bad luck last race.

      1. I found it to be amazing he managed to pit not once, but twice and not even lose out to his team mate in the process.

        1. I agree, I kept thinking there was some sort of timing mistake.

      2. Not just bad luck last race, but the last two. Suzuka was his retirement after the wheel nut fell off. He was due a bit of luck, and it was great to see Schumacher do the right thing of his own accord. Some other teams could learn from that example. We’ll see how they behave with each other next year though if the car comes good. He might not be so willing to let Rosberg by.

    2. Alonso now only needs second next race to win WDC. Webber did not look too happy, I wonder if RedBull would be so equal opportunities if roles were reversed.

      1. No there werent. I was wondering the same

        1. Alonso needs to come 6th for Vettle to win the title. What moron at Redbull decided that was an aceptable risk. With their reliability, how can they think a 1-2 is assured at Abu Dhabi.

          I can’t belive the risk there running it is incomprehensible.

          1. Actually even a 5th for Alonso wouldn’t be enough to stop Vettel. That would put Vettel, Webber, and Alonso all tied on points. Webber would be out with only 4 race wins, Vettel and Alonso would each have 5, they’d also each have 2 second place finishes, and 3 third place finishes. The tie breaker would be fourth place finishes, Vettel with 3, Alonso with only 2, championship goes to Vettel.

            I see your point though, with Red Bull’s reliability it’s certainly a huge risk for them especially since Alonso will have a relatively fresh engine. I’m sure they’re hoping Hamilton will be strong at Abu Dhabi again as he was last year and maybe take some points off Alonso. It’ll be very interesting. It certainly doesn’t look like Alonso will win it by more than the all-important 7 points though at this point, unless he manages to take pole and win at Abu Dhabi.

      2. I would suppose they would do so, not to have Webber retaliate Alonso 2007 style. But they would probably not do it as happily as now.

        That said, if they get a 1-2 next time round, it is all set for Seb to hand it to Mark (repaying him for Turkey I suppose).

        1. oh wow, how much is turkey hurting now for red bull? ouch

          1. Turkey, and Bahrain, and Australia, and Valencia, and Silverstone. There’s been plenty hurt for Red Bull this year, not just at Turkey.

      3. If Vettel won and Webber 2nd and Alonso 3rd:
        Alonso 261
        Vettel 256
        Webber 256

        1. In that situation imagine a Red Bull swap:
          Webber 263
          Alonso 261
          Vettel 249

          1. Yeah and I suppose thats the plan. They will see where Alonso is before making the decision.

            That said, It is now Red bulls championship to lose. If all goes to plan, Webber will win and Alonso second. So Alonso is going to require a lot of luck in Abu.

            1. Nope, Alonso can be 2nd and win the title anyway. He needs to be 3rd, with Webber 1st.

        2. If Vettel wins, Webber 2, Alonso 3rd, all are on 256 points!

          Vettel and Alonso are teid for 5 wins, 2 2nd and 3 3rd place finishes. What happens then?

          1. Clockwork Kitty
            7th November 2010, 20:38

            Vettel 1st, one more 4P than Alonso. Webber 3rd (one less win)

          2. You mean Vettel wins, Webber 2nd, and Alonso 5th. If he’s 3rd he still wins, which is why Vettel will yield to Webber if they’re running 1-2-3.

    3. And this is how Red Bull lost the drivers championship.

      No way they’re gonna get it.

      1. It just seems so pointless as well, I don’t understand their logic at all. Sure Vettle deserves this title more than Mark but why throw away a title if you can have one. Didn’t Schumacher pull over for Irvine?

        Well I guess the constructors is something, how will they feel when Alonso wins the title that really matters?

        Ah well, it’s good to know that there are enough warring factions in Redbull to do them some damage eventually. If I was Materschitz, I wouldn’t let Marko anywhere near my race team.

        1. Like Horner said after the race (not a direct quote, but close)

          To take one of our guys out of the championship artificially would not have been right when they have been so close at the front all year

          And then he all but confirmed Vettel would move over next time as a good team player.

          1. Doesn’t make it any less mind bogglingly stupid. Play around with the championship calculator for a bit and you’ll see the massive risk Redbull have decided to run.

            If Redbull had put Mark in front all they would have needed was for Mark to beat Alonso in a car clearly faster than the one Ferrari have, but they effectivley decided to make there title hopes in Abu Dhabi reliant on a 1-2 finish and this is motorsport! How can you possibly hope to acheive that 100%! Answer no way in hell you can. So they let Vettle’s and Helmut Marko’s pride ruin the whole teams chances of capturing both titles in a car that should have won it two races back. There is just no meanigfull justification for such idiocy.

            1. mind boggling logic to be sure. Red Bull may well rue this decision.

        2. I don’t think Vettel does deserve it more that vettel, I mean, yeah he has had a lot of mechanical failures, but also think how many mistakes he made himself, and then compare to Webber. He’s also shown that he has very few overtaking skills, yes he can lead from the front, but when he has to overtake someone he often panics. Even at Silverstone, which everyone said was his best drive, he still had to barge some drivers out of the way, most notably Sutil. I guess, though, the one who eventually wins it will be most deserving (unless Alonso wins by less that 7 points!). :)

          1. Vettle deserves this title more than Mark because his car has failed in the lead three times. He’s also lost points in Bahrain Spain and I think other due to circumstances outside of his controll.

            Doesn’t change the fact that Mark was the one with the real chance of making the title somewhat safer for Abu Dhabi and they threw it away in an act of brazen stupidity.

            If Alonso wins this title hit’ll be because Redbull shot themselves in the foot and he timed his run for that.

            1. I’m not disputing that, I just think that Webber has raced better overall this season.
              Not by much, though, they’ve both raced brilliantly! :)

            2. Fair enough, Vettle has lost 85-100 points from mechanical failures this year though. Thats an extreme amount of bad luck.

            3. Sorry for double post but that shows how lucky we’ve been to have had the season we’ve had.

          2. the thing about Hockeneim the way I see it is that Alonso was much faster than Massa anyway and would have got past..

            1. Uh huh. He was so much faster they had to tell Massa to turn his engine down so Alonso could be “faster.” That sure was an impressive race for Alonso. ;-)

          3. “unless Alonso wins by less that 7 points!”

            lol so true. I was talking about it this morning with some friends and my brothers. we basically summarized ‘whoever wins the championship deserves it, except alonso’

      2. I don’t think so. Read my above comment.

    4. So if Redbull Vet Web in Abu Dhabi. Alonso can win the title from 5th. They are mad men, I’m almost certain they’ve thrown away this title.

      Alonso can win the title from second regardless of other outcomes, Redbull must one two, with Webber in front of Vettle to win the title. I can’t belive they’ve shot themselves in the foot like this. What idiots.

      1. How is that, Horner clearly said, that they felt it was Vettels right to win here, but next time he would hand it to Webber to take the title.
        So there will not be a Vettel win with Webber second to hand Alonso the title.

        1. Sure, thats true, but the stat remains. I’m just using it to illustrate how much harder Redbull have made things for themselves.

          Regardless, Webber must now beat Alonso by two positions if he wins and at least four if he doesn’t. Why do this to yourself?

          1. Scratch that, Webber must have three cars inbetween himself and Alonso to win the title if he doesn’t win.

    5. Horner said in an interview after the race that if it comes to the situation in Abu Dhabi where Webber is 2nd and Vettel is 1st they will ask Vettel to move over for Webber, but it doesnt make any sense why they didn’t do that here, because that would have given Webber a MUCH better change for WDC, now they basically NEED a one-two

      1. Very well said. They will do team orders at Abu Dhabi but not in Brazil?

    6. As for the situation concerning Webber I do have alot of sympathy. It does look as if his biggest chance to be world champion has come and gone, but there is more to it I think than that.
      I don’t feel comfortable with team orders, even if it did make perfect sense for Red Bull to support Webber more than Vettel. I did not support Ferrari’s actions at Hockenheim so how can one support them from a different team at Brazil.
      I think, like Ferrari, Red Bull have long since made their decision as to which driver they want as world champion. Unlike Ferrari, Red Bull appear prepared to sacrifice a championship rather than aid Webber.
      As much as I admire Webber for his straight talking no nonsense approach, deep down I think that has rubbed some at Red Bull up the wrong way. We saw this at Silverstone when Webber publically made his feelings known towards the team with his now famous ‘second driver’ comment on his victory lap. Earlier this week, he again criticised Red Bull for supporting Vettel more than him this season.
      Now many will say, why not? Why not let the world know that you are being shafted? Alonso did in 2007, but one should remember, it cost him his job ultimately at McLaren.
      These teams I believe don’t relish having their dirty linen aired in public. Webber has two choices to make, either keep quiet or leave the team for pastures new. Unless there is a regime change at Red Bull, then the team will always favour the German over the Australian.

      1. “I don’t feel comfortable with team orders, even if it did make perfect sense for Red Bull to support Webber more than Vettel. I did not support Ferrari’s actions at Hockenheim so how can one support them from a different team at Brazil.”

        Unfortunately not many see it the same way as you. They all happily threw stones at Ferrari when they did it, but now they are hoping RedBull do the same, because apparently its the right thing to do now. Its double standards at its best.

        All I can say is that I’m glad Ferrari swapped their two drivers when they did, or else the picture could be very different at the moment and the championship could have been won today by a Bull driver.

        1. Gotta say, I disagree with you on that one.
          Thought about that myself, how come they hate Ferrari for letting Alonso pass Massa, and now they are calling Red Bull stupid for not doing it?
          But the big difference is: Ferrari did it in the middle of the season. Neither of their drivers looked to be in the championship battle (yeh, hindsight is always 20/20, but tbh we all laughed at Alonso’s “We’re still fighting for the championship” comment in Silverstone, right?).
          Most of us agreed that team orders in the last race or couple of races, when one driver is out of the title hunt or has just a theoretical change then it’s “What’s best for the team” over “What’s best for the driver”.
          Plus, it’s Ferrari, half the world loves them… the other half probably hates them though ;)

          Oh, and another thing: I’m not really a Vettel fan myself (Mika Salo… best driver ever :P). But please stop the “Vettel can’t overtake for his life and thus shouldn’t be world champion” comments. I agree he looked a bit, well, clumsy in some situations and still he was up there until Korea. In a lot of races he didn’t had to overtake, surely that’s not bad, getting pole and drive into the distance? Not wanting to beat a dead horse, but if it wasn’t Button he crashed in Spa, noone would flame him that much (well, at least not so many British guys that is :P). Neither Web, Vet nor Alo were flawless this season (quite the opposite tbh), and in the end you can’t be “not worthy to be world champion” in my book. :S If only he stopped showing us the finger every time he won sth and/or the “Oh yes, baby, that’s what I’m talking about” pit radios, I might even root for him.

        2. Oh and Keith, don’t think no one saw the “Alonso clinches 3rd championship” post shortly after the race :P

      2. Agree with Steve. Its amazing how many bloggers came out to trash Ferrari after Hockenheim, and the very same people are now discussing about how Red Bull have blown it by not letting Mark win this race. I feel that Felipe had as much of a chance of winning the WDC in Hockenheim, as Vettel did before this race, so why start supporting team orders all of a sudden???

        Honestly, I do not know how The Limit symapthises with Mark Webber. Driving a 100% reliable RB6 all year, and he still hasn’t sealed the championship?!? Mark has himself to blame for all the frank opinions he has been making in the press off late. Its definitely not getting him any brownie points from his team boss and teammate. Right now, his teammate is a class above him on raw pace, and he isn’t too fond of him either.

        I would be very disappointed if Webber gets handed the win in Abu Dhabi. I rather see Alonso win with 7 gifted points, instead of Webber win with 7 gifted points. If you cant win a title with a ridiculously reliable RB6 fair and square, you do not deserve to be a champ.

        1. A class above him? so 1 tenth and identical race pace is a class above?…

        2. oh yeh, and webber has had his fair share of problems too. remember the absolutely dismal strategies by red bull in Australia and China. We can’t forget the potential victory in Turkey and don’t forget the gearbox change after qualy in Canada which effectively negated his advantage of starting on the hard tyres.

          So it’s not as if he’s been cruising around in the best car out there making heaps of errors and ruining his champinship. I think all 4 drivers at the front have had similar pace and been similarly consistent. It’s just that they’ve all had their problems along the way, some driver related, some car related and some team related. I think whoever wins the championship deserves it however they win at this stage.

        3. Todford makes it sounds like that all a RB driver needs to do to win a title is to show up for a few hours each saturday and sunday

          1. Well… lets just put it this way. If it was either Alonso, Hamilton, Kubica, or Rosberg driving Webber’s RB6, the WDC would definitely be over by Singapore. So I guess we have to thank Mark, as well as the 70 points Vettel lost due to reliability issues, because without them we wouldn’t have the WDC race that we are having now.

    7. I’m sure Keith is busy like a bee crunching up the numbers on this very issue, but have to ask why Hamilton didn’t follow suit to Button and make an early stop. That stint behind Hulk was a disaster and almost cost him a spot to Button, who leapt from 13th to 5th by pitting early. It would have given him a shot at pursuing Alonso as well, as his race pace on the primes seemed to be good.

    8. If Vettel win the next race and Weber second he will be wold champion, but i don’t think Weber will stay ahead Alonso if he don’t get pass Vettel then the only thing to Weber is letting Alonso pass so game is over for Vettel

    9. Could somobe please explain the rules re the safety car? Didn’t Vettel get penalised earlier this season for dropping more then 10 car lengths behind? on the lap the safety car went in Vettel slowed right down and got quite a distance behind, why was this scenario different?


      1. You have to stay within 10 car lengths of the car you are following (F1 car..NOT safety car). If the safety car is coming in that lap, it is allowed to bottle up the drivers behind, and let the safety car get closer to the pit entrance.

        1. ah I see! Thank you!

    10. Am amazed how the some people who tore up Ferrari for team orders are tearing up Redbull for no team orders, whats with that? I respect the Redbull brand and team now much more than before, and that means i shall consume those RB cans, with more gusto & trust than before, and at the some time i trust less those Ferarri, Mubaddala, and Santander products, fellow F1nanains, from a marketing and biz perspective , RB are still the winners….for the record am a Mclaren and Chealsea fan,,,& thats how my weekend has cracked

      1. Kenneth:
        Just curious, would you have considered Hamilton a worthy champion in 2007? After all, the team he was driving for was guilty of using stolen materials from Ferrari. Isn’t that much worse than team orders?

        1. Brian, No I would not. not with such unsporting competitive actions like industrial espionage, but I wonder if it was Hamilton’s decision to steal industrial secrets, or McLaren, am told though this stuff goes on in all industries, rule is DONT GET CAUGHT

    11. OK, here’s a scenario… RB’s team orders are for MW to take out FA. Seb wins and RB has their preferred winner. The only way Vettel cab win is for both Webber and Alonso to effectively finish outside the points. If there are no team orders then Webber has to win and Alonso no higher than 3rd for RB to get the championship. Actually Red Bull would have to be the dumbest team I have ever seen. They have clearly been biased in their support of Vettel throughout the year (silverstone is but one example) even when Webber has had a clear championship lead and are continuing that trend to put the second title at extreme risk. I’d be firing their strategist.

    12. I’ve just made my calculations and the option where the three WC fighters score the same points is : VET 1st, WEB 2nd and ALO 5th.

      So each one gets 256 points but VET wins the WC title because he made 3x4th and ALO only 2x4th.


      Beware of the McLaren boys, they could decide the championship for VET (3rd & 4th)

      1. Beware of the McLaren boys, they could decide the championship for VET (3rd & 4th)

        Not on today’s form they won’t.

      2. i’m getting the feeling vettel will need an alonso DNF to win the title just because if Alonso finishes, he will score decent points (that is, higher than 5th). It’s interesting to note that before Brazil, webber and alonso were the only 2 that could win the championship irrespective of other’s finishing positions. now alonso’s the only one who can do that. webber really needed to win.

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