Force India fall behind Williams in teams’ title

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Force India have fallen behind Williams in the constructors’ championship with one race remaining.

Adrian Sutil Vitantonio Liuzzi
Qualifying position 22 16
Qualifying time comparison (Q1) 1’20.830 (+0.238) 1’20.592
Race position 12
Laps 70/71 49/71
Pit stops 1 1

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Adrian Sutil

Force India have been having a difficult enough time getting through qualifying at the moment without their drivers making it harder for themselves. That’s exactly what happened in Brazil, as Liuzzi went off at Mergulho and came back on the track in front of Sutil, spoiling his lap.

That left Sutil 18th which became 22nd when his five-place penalty from Korea was added (gaining one place because Sebastien Buemi was also penalised).

Starting so low down Sutil used the harder tyres for his first stint. He ran longer than any other driver, staying out until lap 50, by which time he had risen to seventh with a train of cars behind him.

His pit stop dropped him to 13th and he was then passed by Felipe Massa – though Ferrari driver went off shortly afterwards, handing Sutil’s place back.

He ended the race 12th after a wheel-banging pass around the outside of Buemi at the Senna S.

Compare Adrian Sutil’s form against his team mate in 2010

Vitantonio Liuzzi

Had a generally unremarkable race, running at the tail of the midfield pack, before crashing heavily at the Senna S on lap 50:

Unfortunately I had been struggling with the brakes all race and then going into the second corner something on the car let go and I couldn’t turn in. The car just went straight on and into the barriers.
Vitantonio Liuzzi

Compare Vitantonio Liuzzi’s form against his team mate in 2010

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    17 comments on “Force India fall behind Williams in teams’ title”

    1. I think whatever momentum Force India had last year has gone. Liuzzi should probably be swapped out ASAP and Sutil seems to be bouncing between good and bad from race to race.

      1. They seem to have too much momentum when they get to the corners! Sutil had brake problems in Korea, now Liuzzi. What’s going on?

      2. I wonder if they are feeling the effect of key joining Sauber and some other memebers of the design team joining Lotus.

        Sauber have definatly improved with Key’s arrival.

        1. I don’t think their downturn in form has much to do with Key’s departure. Rather, I think they just settled for two drivers of middling ability when they could have attracted others if they’d tried.

          1. dyslexicbunny
            8th November 2010, 14:38

            I honestly don’t think Sutil is really middling. He’s not top talent but I think he’s above a good bit of the pack.

            I really think they’ve just had some development problems this season. If next season tanks too, then we’ll all remember last year as a fluke.

    2. Force India made a bad tactical error with their pit stop. They were still on the lead lap, ahead of Schumacher, Kubica and Hülkenberg. The latter two were lapped by Vettel just before safety car, but Schumacher stayed unlapped.

      Sutil made a pit stop as soon as safety car was deployed and that pit stop dropped him one lap down. Had the team waited until they had catched the field, Sutil could have easily stayed on 8th position, and Force India would still be ahead of Williams in the constructors’ championship by five points (+4 for FI, -2 for Williams)

    3. Force India are a good team….

      but the momentum as seen from last four five races, is with williams..

      but i think if FI’s qulifying performance improves a little bit, then they can overtake(in constructors) williams in the last race..

      1. I think Sutil has to pull something out of the bag to secure FI the 6th spot. As of right now, the Williams looks like the quicker car.

    4. what happens if both Williams and FI are tied on points at the end of abudhabi?

      1. Wouldn’t the tie be broken by best placed finish?

        Barichello’s 4th at Valencia should put Williams on top.

    5. They’ve really disappointed this year. The main issue is lack of consistency it seems, with one week not getting through Q3 and then top ten finishesthe next. I don’t really ever know where they are on pace compared with other cars. Plus Liuzzi has really let them down.

    6. Sutil came back to his old days, erratic and sometimes frustrating.

      And Liuzzi. He’s been dissapointing all year, so it’s no surprise.

      Im glad they dropped behind Williams because it was too unfair they were still ahead at this stage of the season!

    7. So if Force India are level on points with Williams, Williams would win because of Barrichello’s 4th place in Europe, depending on Sunday’s results.

      1. I think it’s safe to say neither FI will be finishing 4th or better on Sunday.

    8. Even though ive supported FI a lot, im very happy that Williams is ahead. Both Hulkenberg and Barichello have done a fine job, complemented each other well and the team has been quite good with the tech updates.

      I really think that Liuzzi should be dropped in favor of Di Resta, whom although I havent seen race, Ive heard is one to watch out for.

      1. I actually dont think they should give chance to Di Reasta. You never know whether Sutil is good at building car to take next step which Rubens is doing with Willims. They should get somebody like Nick.

        1. bring back FISI

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