Kubica to have final surgery on Wednesday

2011 F1 season

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Renault have issued a further update on Robert Kubica’s progress following speculation that his condition had deteriorated.

A statement issued by the team said: “The latest update on Robert is that his condition remains positive.

“He will stay in intensive care for the next couple of days to allow a complete check-up and to avoid another change of department before his final operation.

“His good general condition means that the final surgery (on the elbow) is scheduled for Wednesday.”

Robert Kubica rally crash

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    48 comments on “Kubica to have final surgery on Wednesday”

    1. Thankfully, I think we can safely say that the only thing about Kubica that is deteriorating is his hairline.

        1. I don’t see Kubica in that picture….hehe

          1. haha…class comment! i have the same effect.

            1. pervs :P

        2. Kubica’s got the same sunglasses as me.

          Oakley XX’s, he’s got good tastes.

          I don’t see Kubica in that picture….hehe

          HURR HURR!

        3. Is that his nurse?

      1. I would say his patience is likely what is deteriorating

    2. I think we are going to loose out on one of the contenders for wdc 2011. I hope Kubica returns back to F1 asap.

      1. I’d rather he sit out 2011 totally and make sure he’s completely right and able to make a proper challenge on 2012, rather than rushing back early before he’s properly ready.

        1. My thoughts as well. I sent something to similar effect to the email James Allen posted for well wishings to Kubica.


    3. I believe it was his fiancee that had been quoted as saying that his condition has deteriorated somewhat…

      A lot of surgery to have though – good man!

      1. She probably said something different, as the TVN24 tv station which spread the news was kicked out of the hospital.

        1. They were!? Excellent! Their reporters and morning studio crew are SO obnoxious.

        2. Where’d you hear that about TVN24, Cyclops?

          1. I tried to fing better source (not from Poland) but found only this one:

            1. http://f1.pl/Artykul.82+M5c8b0791ccb.0.html

              The last sentence of the article reads as follows: Z uwagi na podawanie nieprawdziwych informacji władze szpitala podjęły decyzję o usunięciu z terenu placówki ekipy kanału TVN24., in English “As a result of spreading false information, the management of the hospital decided to expell the TVN24 news crew from the premises “

            2. Thanks for that.

      2. The now apparently false news about his condition having deteriorated was brought up in all Polish media today morning.
        It’s gone now.
        There was even a supposed quote from Robert’s surgeon saying something to the effect of “I’m worried that we kind of overdid it with the 10 hour long surgery”.

        That’s why it’s always better to wait for official reports.

        1. Thank goodness the TVN24 lot got thrown out – we don’t need to be worried by completely false information and it’s a nuisance the Kubica family and hospital authorities need even less.

    4. If we can’t see him under the chequered flag in Bahrain I really hope he can wave it!

      1. I think that might be wishful thinking as he’s going to need a lot of rest to allow his leg and arm to heal.

        I can’t help but wonder as well whether some of the mis-reporting that’s going on is due to things getting lost in translation when the (probably sports) reporters are dealing with medical terminology…

        1. If youre talking about polish reporters that were kicked out by the police – dont call them sports reporters :( So many years has passed and here in Poland they still cant tell the difference between F1 driver and rally driver; for example: the day RK had his accident there were news in main information program of some tv station, and they said – as the background to the story – that Robert is experienced rally driver because he started karting when he was very young (!) – they didnt even – probably- knew he did some rallies last year…
          There are some good motorsport reporters in Poland, but you can count them with fingers of one hand.
          This misreporting is simply due to poor standards.

          1. Poor Kubicas body and mind must be exhausted,no matter how fit he was before all of this.One side of him has virtually been rebuilt.
            This is going to take a long time,you cannot hurry nature.

          2. Stop moaning (alternatively: cry my a river), Chaostheory, your complaints have nothing to do with the topic, really.

            Some reporters seek news, others create news. That’s universal in all countries.

            1. Why? All this was started by TVN24 reporters – their lack of professionalism is exactly what I am witnessing in polish media when it comes to F1, Kubica and so on. So, just be aware of polish sources for news.

            2. Hey cut the guy some slack – I don’t remember there being very stringent rules around here for sticking with ‘the topic’. At the same time you’re right – shoddy reporting does happen everywhere – the other day CNN International were talking about Kubica’s potential replacement etc. and for about five minutes they were showing a loop of Renault testing runs…. from 2006.

            3. In this particular situation, the most reliable source in Poland is Mikołaj Sokół, sports journalist, former commentantor, privately Kubica’s friend. He writes for Rzeczpospolita newspaper and f1.pl portal.

            4. Maciek, I’d speculate that it’s all they had on file somewhere. At least they tried.

            5. @Cyclops_PL
              Sokół maybe Kubica’s friend but F1.pl is one of the worst formula 1 webpages I have ever seen. Huge mistakes in translation, false information and very bad journalism.
              I tried to fix their errors many times by clarifying the information in the comments but they just keep deleting them.
              Polish F1 sites are sadly in 90% garbage. Sometimes I read a post or two on f1talks.pl but I honestly prefer British and Italian sites.

            6. @summers

              You forgot about f1wm.pl They’re good.

      2. I suppose it would be better to wait a while for antother GP.
        Even if he would be able to stand up in Bahrain aleady and hold the flag in his hand to wave it, it would be better not to do to much unneciccary travelling.

        Wait for Monza or something.

        1. @ BasCB – I disagree completely with everything you say.

          1. MagillaGorilla
            15th February 2011, 17:13


            So I see you’re either doing the same troll routine or you actually have a stalker the same one that just changed their name. Either way this is asinine…

    5. Get well Robert!

    6. I really hope he gets well soon! He’s one of the 4 best to watch!

    7. As the doctors looked at Kubica on the operating table, they said “We have the technology. We can rebuild him, faster and stronger!”

      In 2012, look for Robert Kubica, the Six-Million-Dollar F1 Driver!

      Seriously though, I hope his recovery is short and painless as possible.

      1. Nice one dsob, Kubica already confirmed it himself, he will return better than ever!

    8. Far too many posts on this site mistake “loose” with “lose” Too help keep it firm in your head just remember that if you use two O’s when referring to loss, you are a “loser” and you probably go grab a drink and get “looser”.

      Kubica is having so many surgeries that it is making me nervous… There is more and more chance that he will get mrsa or another hospital infection from these. Man I hope that doesn’t happen. My fiancee is an ICU nurse in her in the States and I hear a lot about these things. Keep your fingers crossed!

    9. Ruben Barrichello on twitter today: guess from who I received a call today??Robert Kubica…tks GOD he is ok ,talking normally…I was so happy…
      14 minutes ago via web
      Retweeted by 100+ people

      1. Congratulating him with the good time, probably fishing a bit for information on tyres and fuel loads!
        Good too see, Kubica is really in the game, I bet Nick Heidfeld and Boullier were also briefing him the moment the test ended.

    10. Mark Webber was the latest driver to visit Robert. Good to see the camaraderie between some of the top drivers.

    11. Wonder how he will feel in the Renault is a monster and Heidfeld gets the title.

    12. Best prophet in Poland – called Krzysztof Jackowski – sad that RK will be back in 60 days. After that he will drive as fast as he can do… and Poland will be proud of him 2 times this year but.. there is something wrong… Robert must be aware about – “beeing indestructible”.

      Krzysztof Jackowski has thousends of documents signed by police, that he helped find bodies and missing people. He also was working with police in England few times. He predicted polish president death, banks bankrupcy (people was laughing few years ago about his prediction), he predicted collapse of Europe Union (people was laughing too – now they dont) and he sad that in EU will be two diferent currency – long time ego – people sad that it was impossible.

      1. Promoting a scam artist in this context is abhorrent.

    13. Yes, the all brutal truth about the Polish or better to say anti-Polish media is that they just hate any positive development of Polish nationals no matter Kubica or anybody else. I am reading some news from the Polish internet web sites, newspapers, radio and TV stations on daily basis and must state, that there is no patriotic mood at all to protect or at least accept in any way a vitory or any success of Polish national, and this counts not just for sportsmen or sportswomen. The country is occupied by “aliens” who own 80-90% of the public media.

    14. Very critical situation a final surgery

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