2011 Chinese Grand Prix championship points

2011 Chinese Grand Prix

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Drivers’ championship

1 Sebastian Vettel 68
2 Lewis Hamilton 47
3 Jenson Button 38
4 Mark Webber 37
5 Fernando Alonso 26
6 Felipe Massa 24
7 Vitaly Petrov 17
8 Nick Heidfeld 15
9 Nico Rosberg 10
10 Kamui Kobayashi 7
11 Michael Schumacher 6
12 Sebastien Buemi 4
13 Adrian Sutil 2
14 Paul di Resta 2
15 Jaime Alguersuari 0
16 Jarno Trulli 0
17 Rubens Barrichello 0
18 Jerome d’Ambrosio 0
19 Heikki Kovalainen 0
20 Timo Glock 0
21 Sergio Perez 0
22 Pastor Maldonado 0
23 Vitantonio Liuzzi 0
24 Narain Karthikeyan 0

Constructors’ championship

Position Team Points
1 Red Bull 105
2 McLaren 85
3 Ferrari 50
4 Renault 32
5 Mercedes 16
6 Sauber 7
7 Toro Rosso 4
8 Force India 4
9 Lotus 0
10 Williams 0
11 Virgin 0
12 HRT 0

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2011 Chinese Grand Prix

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    36 comments on “2011 Chinese Grand Prix championship points”

    1. Massa did really solid race. Alonso was also good. but 2 stop was mistake. Anyway I’m happy with no-vettel-win race!

      1. As an Alonso fan, I can admit that he was terrible today. Probably one of his poorest performances since he has joined Ferrari. Massa was a whole lot better, and if the tyres had a little more life in them, I’m sure he could have finished on the podium.

        Webber was the driver of the race for me. Unbelievable race pace. Congratulations to Lewis, I’m not a huge fan of his, but I’m just glad to see someone else take a win.

        1. I can’t understand Ferrari’s pit strategy. When you have two drivers fighting for top5 positions why don’t you put them on different strategies to check its usefulness. How did they come to a conclusion that 2-stop was the way to go.

          I mean they were a little faster than Rosberg n the first stint and then Rosberg pitted and took 2s of a single lap. They should have pitted Alonso when he lost two positions in a single lap to the Maccas. Also Alonso fight with Schumi cost him a lot of time to make the two stop work.

          The mechanics at the pit-stop also seem lethargic. I guess Ferrari have the slowest pit-stop of the top5 teams.

          Doesn’t take a genius to identify that they are losing 4-8 seconds in pit-stop issues itself.

          The last time they did a brilliant pit-stop was for Alonso at Monza 2010!

          1. After the race Martin Whitmarsh said that McLaren was going to do a 2-stop strategy as well. So I expect that from their calculations it was the fastest way to attack the race. The tyres must have degraded a lot faster than expected, so they switched.

            Back in the days it was usually a Ross Brawn thing to simply change the strategy on the fly as quick as possible. Kudos to McLaren for making this work. Ferrari apparently missed the train. I can see how they thought it might work out for Massa…

    2. Vettel is stretching his lead

      1. He’s had it reduced

      2. Oh yeah, he “stretched” his lead from 24 points “up” to 21…

        1. now now don’t be mean, not many people know the meaning of simple words like stretch…

          1. Hmmm was totally delirious with excitement over the result I didnt really compute the math behind it….sorry guys :-P

    3. Didn’t Alonso, at some point, use DRS at the wrong part of the track?

      1. Oops, wrong thread, I suppose, but the question still stands.

        1. Yes. Caught red-handed on the TV.

          1. Found it on YouTube, if someone didn’t catch it on TV:

          2. Hardly his fault, it’s up to the FIA to regulate it’s use and the teams aren’t able to consciously circumvent it.

        2. He did, we’ll see what happens with that.
          “Thread” – lol. We’re not on a forum. These are articles :)

      2. DRS acvitation system looks like incompleted. Barichello experienced he was within 1s but race control doesn’t allow him.(because system failure)

        1. You can’t activate the DRS unless race contol activates it, after the straight when you break it goes off and even if you press the button it shouldn’t work.

          Therefore it can’t be Alonso’s fault, thats a glitch somewhere.

          1. I mean Alonso could activate it because of glitch and Barichello couldn’t activate because of glitch. You can find article about it in Melbourne.

            ‘Allow’ is my mistake.

          2. Very true. I am sure he did it out of desperation and it looked like the heaven’s granted his wish:-)

            It is a glitch and should be taken care of by FIA. We don’t know how many have tried to activate DRS when stuck behind traffic this season.

            On a happier note, Massa is back and is giving Alonso a tough time. But Alonso seems to have got rid of the Petrov curse. He is able to pass him quickly.

            Looking forward to their updates for the Turkish GP. Massa will be on song if the updates work. Hope Alonso joins the party.

            1. Good update+Turkey should be good for Massa.

          3. Yes it was momentary, not enough for an overtake attempt.

    4. I am alonso fan.Yes and gain andvantage.i see penalty and it’s right

      1. It depends. I don’t like the guy but if he didn’t push the button and the wing just open by itself then there is no reason for him to get a penalty. If he actually tried to take advantage of the software problem and he did press the button then yes he should get one.

        1. That depends as well.
          If the thing got up because of the car malfunctioning it’s a team mess up. Similar to when they run the car underweight. It’s not the driver’s fault, but he will receive a penalty.
          I seriously don’t see the need for a penalty here, though. If he overtook Schumacher… Then yes. But please stop the random penalties. The one for Hamilton in Malaysia was ridicolous and even the penalty for Alonso was way too harsh for such a little mistake.

    5. Mercedes making progress today, I wonder if they can keep this up, especially because they now have three weeks to solve those DRS gremlins.

      1. Mercedes seemed at least equally fast as Mclaren, and easily better than Ferrari.

        The fact that Schumi nearly passed Alonso at the end says it all, hopefully they keep it up ;)

        1. I don’t think they’re easily better than Ferrari. Ferrari’s 2 stop strategy was mistake.

          1. The pecking order is not yet proven. RB are ahead by miles followed by Macca. Ferrari vs Merc vs Renault seems to be confusing. With further upgrades coming on the way to Turkish GP, things could be more clear.

            I have a feeling Ferrari is just ahead of MercGP looking at their first stint with Qualifying tires and full load.

            1. I think pace is pretty much as per the constructors championship order.

              Turkey upgrades will make big differance.
              I suppose it’s whether McLaren can make more time on their new concept to RBR’s development of their wel understood concept.

              Also gremlin fixes.

    6. Unseen by anyone, Kobayashi did manage to score a point for Sauber again.

      1. I still wonder where in the race he gave his nose that new air cooling system.
        I noticed his performance though. He had an awesome overtake at the first few laps too.

      2. I noticed that Kobayashi passed Di Resta in the last few laps for the point, though unfortunately FOM didn’t show it.

        1. Oh, and yet another great performance from Kobayashi.

    7. Team Lotus have jumped Williams. Oh dear oh dear oh dear…..sad times indeed for the third most successful team in F1.

      1. But at least Williams got to the end in this race, so that must be considered an improvement. Lotus got ahead last time round when they actually finished.

    8. I’d like to think Mercedes were ranking higher than they are…but when I look at it I don’t see how they could do much better than at least beating Renault!

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