2011 F1 statistics: Championship points

Drivers Points
Drivers Chart
Teams Points
Teams Chart

Drivers Points

Sebastian Vettel3922525182525251825181218252525152525018
Jenson Button270818128151525800251518182512181515
Mark Webber2581012151812121515151510180151215121225
Fernando Alonso25712861510180182518151215121810151812
Lewis Hamilton22718425121880121225120121010186250
Felipe Massa1186108000810101084826801010
Nico Rosberg89001010600686280614886
Michael Schumacher7602408012024010100801060
Adrian Sutil422000060208060400248
Vitaly Petrov37150240010001020020001
Nick Heidfeld34015064401400
Kamui Kobayashi3006111106002000000012
Paul di Resta271100000000604801024
Jaime Alguersuari260000004410106006400
Sebastien Buemi154002011000401002000
Sergio Perez14000020060000140100
Rubens Barrichello40000022000000000000
Bruno Senna202000000
Pastor Maldonado10000000000010000000
Pedro de la Rosa00
Jarno Trulli0000000000000000000
Heikki Kovalainen00000000000000000000
Vitantonio Liuzzi0000000000000000000
Jerome D’Ambrosio00000000000000000000
Timo Glock00000000000000000000
Narain Karthikeyan0000000000
Daniel Ricciardo000000000000
Karun Chandhok00

This chart shows drivers’ scores throughout the season. Use the controls below to show/hide different drivers.


Sebastian Vettel25506893118143161186204216234259284309324349374374392
Jenson Button82638466176101109109109134149167185210222240255270
Mark Webber10223755677994109124139149167167182194209221233258
Fernando Alonso1220264151696987112130145157172184202212227245257
Lewis Hamilton1822475977858597109134146146158168178196202227227
Felipe Massa616242424243242526270748284909898108118
Nico Rosberg001020262626324046485656626367758389
Michael Schumacher0266141426262832324252526060707676
Adrian Sutil2222288101018182424282828303442
Vitaly Petrov15151721212131313132323434343636363637
Nick Heidfeld0151521252929303434343434343434343434
Kamui Kobayashi067891925252527272727272727272830
Paul di Resta12222222228812202021212327
Jaime Alguersuari0000004899101016161622262626
Sebastien Buemi4446678888121213131315151515
Sergio Perez000022228888891313141414
Rubens Barrichello0000024444444444444
Bruno Senna0000000000002222222
Pastor Maldonado0000000000011111111
Pedro de la Rosa0000000000000000000
Jarno Trulli0000000000000000000
Heikki Kovalainen0000000000000000000
Vitantonio Liuzzi0000000000000000000
Jerome d’Ambrosio0000000000000000000
Timo Glock0000000000000000000
Narain Karthikeyan0000000000000000000
Daniel Ricciardo0000000000000000000
Karun Chandhok0000000000000000000

Teams points

Red Bull65035373343373733403327284325402740371243
Force India69310006020866412012612
Toro Rosso414002015410507008400

This chart shows teams’ scores throughout the season. Use the controls below to show/hide different teams.

Teams chart


Red Bull3572105148185222255295328355383426451491518558595607650
Force India344441010121220263236484849515769
Toro Rosso44466712161717222229292937414141

24 comments on “2011 F1 statistics: Championship points”

  1. What about doing the points scored as a bar chart? With a differenct colour for each race so the coloured bar would show who gained where?

    1. Would get too tedious as the season progresses I believe

  2. great page! the graph of drivers points is a must have.

  3. You ought really to credit Kobayashi with his 1 point today too…
    Not to mention Rosbergs well deserved 10 points and yes, even Schumy can have 4 points today.
    7 out of 10 for effort.. lol.

  4. Ok guys, I have a question: based on what we´ve seen so far this season, and the seasons before, is it possible for anyone else to challenge Vettel this season? Just curious to know everyone´s opinion.

    and awesome page Keith!

    1. Quite a late response but possible, yes, I think it will mainly depend on how much the banning of the EBD effects the red bull. We don’t know why it is so fast for short bursts but not so much over a race distance but one theory is that it is due to an engine map/EBD crossover, so the ban might have a large effect on RBR.

  5. Vinicius Antunes
    13th June 2011, 18:34

    Intestesing how the graph shows (as of 06/13/11) 4 well defined groups of drivers:
    1) Vettel
    2) Top dogs who have been trying to beat Vettel
    3) Midfielders
    4) Back makers

    This is not a judgement of the driver, but of his performance so far – and is interesting to compare against our own assessment of the drivers to tell who’s been unlucky this season.

    1. Also interesting since the first race there have been no changes in team positions in the top four teams! And since race 3 no changes in the top 6 (although it gets kinda difficult to see in the graph at that stage and I’m too lazy to do the sums myself).

    2. In terms of the teams it looks like the closest fight will be Renault v Mercedes (and secondly who can rise out of the backmarkers).

      One can only wonder if Kubica was there would he be one of the “top dogs”.

      1. If FI can maintain the pace they seem to have found and Di Resta stops having bad races, they might get close to Sauber for head of the midfield too.

    3. One has to wonder how on earth Massa is a midfielder.

  6. Great website, thanks Keith. I have been keeping graphs like this each year for 5 years now. It’s great that you have taken it and made it public.

  7. It’s such an awesome chart if you only include Webber, Alonso, Hamilton and Button. A great championship battle!

  8. Vettel appart, Webber continues to be the most consistent!

  9. Excellent work
    I think it shows that Williams made a big mistake leaving Hulkenburg ….. Maldonado position is not promising till now
    They may have to wait until the next season to touch some good results
    And i wonder why Ferrari will make a test drive for Perez vs. Bianchi but not Kobayashi?

    1. But Barrichello only has 4 points too, and one of those two occasions was thanks to Maldonado clash with Hamilton. Maldonado also has had a lot of unreliability – just as Barrichello had of late.

      The car and team just aren’t there too often when it counts, that’s why they are at the back of the midfield on points, some bit off of STR and FI.

  10. Would be great to see a comparison chart to points scored at teh same time last year. also the points in the old scoring system.

    1. For the points, see https://www.racefans.net/2010/07/25/hamilton-retains-championship-lead-points-in-full/ (yes, including Bahrain, true).

      Apart from hussling the names, and the exact positions behind the leader, to get there cull about 25% of Vettel’s points (on average, vary it a bit per race; and make Webber’s result also more variable while at it, but same total). HAM was there (157), the other four were around the 130 range as the “other” four are now, with one trailing a bit (2010: Vettel; 2011: Button).

      Behind them it was a lot closer grouped thanks to Rosberg, Kubica and Massa (~89p) picking up podiums that Vettel and the others left around, and remaining regular points scorers in other races, instead of the current bigger gap to Massa, then Rosberg some way behind him.

      MSC, Heidfeld, Petrov (who picked up part of what Heidfeld left) and Kobayashi are at the level MSC, Sutil and Barrichello (!) had (~35p) last year.

      Behind that it is actually not too different.

  11. Great work here. Makes season progress and analysis so much easier. Thanks!

  12. Is their a reason the teams get 0 points and the drivers get a blank for no points? I find it easier to read when the 0s are in there.

    1. @puquak This has been done now (except for where a driver did not compete in a race).

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